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26 time-management tricks I wish I'd known at 20: buff.ly/2ztKsfb pic.twitter.com/H7iFhUbgZH

7 whimsical ways to redesign…

7 whimsical ways to redesign the pencil buff.ly/2mrleva (from 2015) pic.twitter.com/ADKKrsJiRA

alessandro zambelli debuts…

alessandro zambelli debuts first collection and it is literally out of this world designboom.com/design/alessan… pic.twitter.com/j16YmwNKOz

10 Award-Winning Leaflets, Pamphlets & Brochures buff.ly/2AM8IIT pic.twitter.com/Rq1iFhJXjy

award-winning 'network of…

award-winning 'network of moles' guides explorers of the latvian coast designboom.com/architecture/w… pic.twitter.com/mNTKSpKyU5

2017 Gift Guide: Handmade bit.ly/2hGGMlR pic.twitter.com/jOdqKRgqLo

Monet's love for Camille is forever: ow.ly/Azgh30gESte pic.twitter.com/I5n0ySL2bI

National Endowment for the Arts, Federal Design Matters, 1975 pic.twitter.com/oYmUqRE2Cr

Hem’s New York City Pop-Up Store bit.ly/2hFuMkL pic.twitter.com/I2fE02uCal

This #Algorithm Writes Fake Artist Statements That Sound Real buff.ly/2mB0X6y pic.twitter.com/RCNqaTn0tS

PERIPHERIQUES designs a terracotta…

PERIPHERIQUES designs a terracotta cladding social housing + restaurant project in paris designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/YL8YhObKFs

50 best creative accounts to follow on Instagram in 2017 bit.ly/2AJGKhH pic.twitter.com/ae2kPbyGll

This is the world’s coolest…

This is the world’s coolest marble run buff.ly/2mmd2wi pic.twitter.com/vPIlenlDgp

Testing Sony's new Pixel…

Testing Sony's new Pixel Shift feature in the a7R III: petapixel.com/2017/11/18/tes… pic.twitter.com/gPOZxMvrTq

HOW Design

HOW Design @HOWbrand,
il y a 10 heures

20 Incredible #Illustration…

20 Incredible #Illustration Portfolio Examples You Should Bookmark buff.ly/2cUpnkX pic.twitter.com/UziRoDlnXd

Why @IKEAUSA asked 12,000 people what they want from AI buff.ly/2zc2y8y pic.twitter.com/cI68ddrHGt

7 Design Students with Crazy-Good…

7 Design Students with Crazy-Good Online Portfolios buff.ly/2hybzhf pic.twitter.com/Xs88kz0fa7

Trousdale Residence: A New Build at the Top of Beverly Hills by Mayes Office bit.ly/2hFSDR5 pic.twitter.com/7x7HJzNR6g

mecanoo presents 'subtle…

mecanoo presents 'subtle and clever' masterplan for the new york public library designboom.com/architecture/n… pic.twitter.com/7EnZHCu1rb

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 7 heures

60% of top 100 advertisers…

60% of top 100 advertisers plan to review their agencies in the next 12 months. bit.ly/2zb4KNN pic.twitter.com/JmfYpMgzLr

Dango: A Flexible Armchair…

Dango: A Flexible Armchair by Agnieszka Kowal bit.ly/2zLjTVD #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/lXcsGwEMA6

Artist Donal Sturt’s is on a quest to make the art world accessible > goo.gl/N4oBHH pic.twitter.com/7ikqVenj09

Miniature cardboard models that are photographed to look like the real thing bit.ly/2z4GrRt pic.twitter.com/vpKNkZVSdO

This bot gets revenge on…

This bot gets revenge on email scammers for your entertainment buff.ly/2zIM1bC pic.twitter.com/8exDabkLc0

Why the Golden Gate Bridge…

Why the Golden Gate Bridge is orange buff.ly/2mn5rxo (from 2015) pic.twitter.com/Vj3vjNYaeF

HOW Design

HOW Design @HOWbrand,
il y a 22 heures

Pricing Your Work: How and…

Pricing Your Work: How and When to Increase Your Rates as a Freelancer buff.ly/2hwAl0X #Freelance pic.twitter.com/sB30tQwj6w

The growing business of defensive urban design buff.ly/2zaW4al pic.twitter.com/mGpmc9lYkW

What Made a #Logo Great with Wally Krantz buff.ly/2z8s1A4 pic.twitter.com/L0YPvsAHco

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 3 heures

How much are agencies' ideas…

How much are agencies' ideas worth? Compensation is still a sore spot for brands and shops bit.ly/2hKka48 pic.twitter.com/YjtcirR755

Lasers in a Gallery: Rita McBride’s Particulates bit.ly/2hF31cb pic.twitter.com/9z73WAr2zD


BP&O @bpandopinion,
il y a 7 heures

#BPOBooks • Maven by @tokodesign…

#BPOBooks • Maven by @tokodesign • bit.ly/2yQ9xQnpic.twitter.com/cYcYjfFs3d

Dan Wilton photographs a flock of Swedish birdwatchers for this serenely beautiful book > goo.gl/JFhwW5 pic.twitter.com/Tex7vAY4QJ

In Vietnam, an Exhibition Reveals How Friendship Nourishes Artists hyperallergic.com/406087/in-viet… pic.twitter.com/yJV9FG6MR7

david lachapelle reveals…

david lachapelle reveals his final publications, 10 years in the making @TASCHEN designboom.com/art/david-lach… pic.twitter.com/SOvzk7XhAS

Photographer projects portraits…

Photographer projects portraits onto pieces of trash in Los Angeles: petapixel.com/2017/11/18/pho… pic.twitter.com/Z7duHnzcAm


Behance @Behance,
il y a 11 heures

Talk about bags under the…

Talk about bags under the eyes: go.be.net/MPt13R pic.twitter.com/gsbL6JfCpJ

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