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The air is getting frosty. Try creating this blue Winter scene in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2B5tBCd pic.twitter.com/9tIhEoW96e


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 heure

Loïe Fuller, the pioneering…

Loïe Fuller, the pioneering dancer who brought Art Nouveau to life: bit.ly/2AdhFet pic.twitter.com/yZlGZqanWh

toshihiko shibuya celebrates the snow with his tenth 'snow pallet' in a hotel's courtyard designboom.com/art/toshihiko-… pic.twitter.com/xGZCs2gtLE

Gorgeously illustrated book cover designs from 1920s–1970s buff.ly/2B54P5a #design #history pic.twitter.com/0C6HthOSpl

An inspiring yogi contorts her body into incredible poses to promote inner peace trib.al/Xcqzatf pic.twitter.com/8yLdv5mDgc

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 1 heure


"Can Your TV Do That?" @Amazon puts futuristic capability at cornerstone of new campaign: bit.ly/2AuNKm9 pic.twitter.com/bMJPIhmAKU

Contemple by @ccccontemple - Site of the Day @cssawards bit.ly/2B9HtvX #SOTD #onepage #webdesign #css pic.twitter.com/nSq7Shx4hC

Bisazza Launches Tonal Collection by David Rockwell for Bisazza Cementiles bit.ly/2nS6FBB pic.twitter.com/kWkP5XcQjW

The big money behind naming a “color of the year” buff.ly/2BARAu6 pic.twitter.com/CEOs3lRzSq

see new images of the hybrid…

see new images of the hybrid timber tower shigeru ban has planned for vancouver designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/nqx8YDbqxK

Sexism in design: “I have been cowed, intimidated and embarrassed”: bit.ly/2yoaUWr pic.twitter.com/9htD1feaXu

The Winning Illustration for Last Week's Topic of WEALTH by Gary Alphonso! bit.ly/2iRxzEr pic.twitter.com/z1leHExtdE

are sock sneakers the BIGGEST shoe of 2017? designboom.com/design/acne-tr… pic.twitter.com/3l4lAe2WeN

A Wonderful Life: How Postwar Christmas Embraced Spaceships, Nukes, Cellophane buff.ly/2B6SzkZ #illustration pic.twitter.com/3AKJKVG9F0

Cutting The Edges: new swatch book showcases latest collections by Arctic Paper bit.ly/2iTzcVB pic.twitter.com/y8d7VgzGAM

Photos from space show the magnitude of California's tragic wildfires - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/pho… pic.twitter.com/e0siO7RvgN

This viral hit about smoko-breaks is the most Aussie banger you've never heard - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/vir… pic.twitter.com/jp8SpjZftr


INSPIX @inspix,
il y a 2 heures

One Perfect Cubic bit.ly/1KgpP3I…

One Perfect Cubic bit.ly/1KgpP3I Please share! pic.twitter.com/cSnFfYYTtg

Y&R North America has worked with the United States Navy to create a new brand identity > goo.gl/tTzGDG pic.twitter.com/7vMA6EsNUn

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