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Here's what spinning vinyl looks like under a microscope: bit.ly/2lf65Zx pic.twitter.com/ppN986rcXA

Trump's potential NEA cuts would shut down arts groups to save every American 46¢: bit.ly/2lfWf9V pic.twitter.com/BQ9oneVi6t

What it's like to be @KimKardashian's…

What it's like to be @KimKardashian's personal emoji designer buff.ly/2l0utjd pic.twitter.com/dIR0wcPdln

37 politicians get a mural dedicated to their most shameful comments about women: bit.ly/2leWnXr pic.twitter.com/rbeBIDRVH0

Very sad to hear that Dick Bruna has died. (Image from Amsterdam Centraal by @IamBellyButton) pic.twitter.com/j0mtPEcS8d

Sweet Graphic Design: Mr…

Sweet Graphic Design: Mr Printables bit.ly/2lvf8rA #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/lqrfo8HpIV

Glass portraits are sliced incredibly like a loaf of bread trib.al/mMN1wff pic.twitter.com/wp0Gq1jcci

Street art and graffiti cats . My selection here streetart360.net/2017/01/19/str#streetart #graffiti #cats pic.twitter.com/4mV62i5Rpg


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

Kusama’s “Infinity”…

Kusama’s “Infinity” rooms are now accessible to people with disabilities at the @Hirshhorn: bit.ly/2kKgTwS pic.twitter.com/iJTtyk0PUO

#FontSunday alert | Tomorrow’s theme is #PopArt fonts. Post your fonts from 12 noon. pic.twitter.com/0bkGi0BIhy

"People are more likely to believe information set in Baskerville" bit.ly/2lVvveD #typography #dayoffacts pic.twitter.com/uHmxKO43y4

Learn how vector artist Orlando Arocena got a big break on @Behance: adobe.ly/2kxh8QX pic.twitter.com/6CHdM471im

Adrian Takano “Amerindian Street Art” streetart360.net/2017/02/18/adr… pic.twitter.com/NdcmvfdVJQ

anish kapoor will install…

anish kapoor will install this endless black whirlpool at brooklyn bridge park this may designboom.com/art/anish-kapo… pic.twitter.com/3JGNA2rFH4

A Moleskine Notebook for…

A Moleskine Notebook for Left and Right Brains bit.ly/2lvMEhu #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/nS7dMuNQht

A UFO Abduction on the Streets…

A UFO Abduction on the Streets of Dresden by OakOak thisiscolossal.com/2017/02/a-ufo-… pic.twitter.com/Q1VetcplQg

This Snapchat short film is like if David Lynch directed a mini "Black Mirror" episode: bit.ly/2leWphI pic.twitter.com/sptJ3gViLW

Today’s #FontSunday theme is #PopArt. Post your Pop Art fonts from noon pic.twitter.com/Kyc7QZUlwY

Discover my new article about Adrian Takano Artwork streetart360.net/2017/02/18/adr#streetart #graffiti #art in #mexico pic.twitter.com/HkvDS309UZ

Dynamic photos of ballet dancers in motion on the streets of Puerto Rico by @omarzrobles trib.al/xUuCm1M pic.twitter.com/m74Kc5eZlR

Cheone “When street art overflows the walls” streetart360.net/2017/02/15/che#StreetArt #graffiti pic.twitter.com/ugTNRBJ4E5

The Graphic Design Work of Henri Matisse bit.ly/2kGN6W7 pic.twitter.com/LFv5aMCG3x

Experimental Cutlery That…

Experimental Cutlery That Challenges Traditional Ideas of Usability thisiscolossal.com/2017/02/experi… pic.twitter.com/5HC09rDDBR

20+ National Park portraits celebrating the rainbow-colored lands of the U.S. trib.al/ZIlGHkN pic.twitter.com/1wmhbJUiYu

12 powerful posters of female scientists that every classroom needs buff.ly/2lcu385 pic.twitter.com/44frLNLY3K

A Sculptural Seat Designed for Daydreaming bit.ly/2m5UUl9 pic.twitter.com/6GtqhChVUk

Pixar is teaching a course on @khanacademy on the art of storytelling: bit.ly/2kLbPt8 pic.twitter.com/fRZOtFUraC

A Sculptural Seat Designed for Daydreaming bit.ly/2lrMBDR pic.twitter.com/z9NUcYnfdT

pejac's gravity-defying sneakers…

pejac's gravity-defying sneakers create surreal scenes on the streets of london designboom.com/art/pejac-down… pic.twitter.com/kbGHGaXaXX

adland ®

adland ® @adland,
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PewDiePie can teach us a…

PewDiePie can teach us a lot--about Youtube's corporate sleaze. adland.tv/adnews/pewdiep… pic.twitter.com/lSmTHTlszH

Cool CSS Background Gradients by @itmeohq webgradients.com pic.twitter.com/aEII3fFQgu

7 Apps for Designers &…

7 Apps for Designers & Creative Professionals bit.ly/2kzz2CJ pic.twitter.com/hoOojPHOQg

Objects Inspired by Japanese Tradition for the Modern Nomad bit.ly/2kvZDQM #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/K8Cq2ktRcd

Roundup: 10 Cool, Modern…

Roundup: 10 Cool, Modern Bookshelves bit.ly/2lw4wbQ #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/3gr5mMBif9


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

5 artists who revolutionized…

5 artists who revolutionized the use of light in art: bit.ly/2leGaBf pic.twitter.com/UJFe3YHLN2

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