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.@MilesJohnston's surreal…

.@MilesJohnston's surreal pencil drawings look like how repressing your emotions feels: bit.ly/2rJ5OBh pic.twitter.com/msgw8egJOf

10 Vertical Gardens That Bring Greenery to Boring Walls bit.ly/2q5fZ1A #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/4X64ML24PQ

Learn about kintsugi—the centuries-old art of repairing broken pottery with gold trib.al/h8IKjwG pic.twitter.com/5gACMrvyHX

New artwork by Obey Giant - Sunset Bvd #streetart #art @OBEYGIANT pic.twitter.com/fRQ3XF0Q9X

Street Art Masterpiece by sabotajealmontaje in #Spain #streetart and #graffiti pic.twitter.com/3cSQre3hea

Young Jarus street art and graffiti masterpiece #StreetArt Streetart360.net pic.twitter.com/YXOHrwLkUm

street art masterpiece by Rone #streetart #art Discover Rone artwork here: streetart360.net/2017/01/27/ron… pic.twitter.com/C2NCliqjLR

What if iconic art history subjects were young modern people in the city? trib.al/p8127Hf pic.twitter.com/A2KXw1kNfA

YouTube releases its first own-brand font, YouTube Sans, inspired by the play button > goo.gl/yYzMhLtwitter.com/i/web/status/8…

"Birth of Femto" by Alessandro Baldasseroni #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/gd5Xe pic.twitter.com/JBxXb3OucW


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

These photographers captured…

These photographers captured Blondie, Joan Jett, and the women of punk: bit.ly/2qOkKRg pic.twitter.com/NHb55csBlt

Le Refuge: The Most Instagrammed…

Le Refuge: The Most Instagrammed Thing at Milan Design Week bit.ly/2q90dCZ #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/enN8LaEl4l

Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky on how to make a great villain: bit.ly/2rCzoIh pic.twitter.com/AmKw9tWI74

Canon 200mm f/1.8: A legendary…

Canon 200mm f/1.8: A legendary lens known as the 'Eye of Sauron': petapixel.com/2017/05/20/can… pic.twitter.com/i47IBB0YkX

Peter Mitchell’s photographs of Leeds from 1979 published for the first time > goo.gl/Ev9qFJ pic.twitter.com/1H5jhrbWnu

this floral designer transforms…

this floral designer transforms NYC trash cans into bountiful bin bouquets designboom.com/art/lewis-mill… pic.twitter.com/3g79DB5QZM


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 18 heures

Happy Birthday to Impressionist…

Happy Birthday to Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt, born on this day in 1844: bit.ly/2rHNBnp pic.twitter.com/4thZejYCqs

Nighttime is beautiful in a series of moody city snapshots: bit.ly/2r3L6ik pic.twitter.com/mOlFZOPYNT

.Louboutin on the wall #streetart #art #louboutin @LouboutinWorld pic.twitter.com/LojIkD0sst

New artwork by DFace in Paris Discover Paris Street Art Guide: streetart360.net/2017/03/19/str… #streetart in #paris pic.twitter.com/uTJwpE3tD0


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

Happy Birthday to Renaissance…

Happy Birthday to Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer, born on this day in 1471: bit.ly/2qTaO8Z pic.twitter.com/0cguJnrMeU

The latest use of @Google’s @projecttango? Innovating graffiti buff.ly/2rzOK0l pic.twitter.com/U5bxmnfb7R

Personal camera drones don't…

Personal camera drones don't need to be registered with the FAA anymore: petapixel.com/2017/05/20/per… pic.twitter.com/DayZ54RJOn

MVRDV's elevated skygarden…

MVRDV's elevated skygarden opens on former highway in seoul @MVRDV designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/3qsyLB3ACN

One of the 20th century’s coolest art movements gets the GIF treatment buff.ly/2qE1BjA pic.twitter.com/KKNq0BBq45


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

What makes “bad” art…

What makes “bad” art good? bit.ly/2qZWZFW pic.twitter.com/5vLjy9C9nH

DIWANI Sculptural Rocker by AE Superlab bit.ly/2ropEUV #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/XdpLXMy64Q

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 12 heures

Is there room for new ad…

Is there room for new ad standards? There better be -- DigitalNext by @UponitMedia bit.ly/2qGn3Vs pic.twitter.com/S0mMY9mi1K

50,000 lights turn a giant…

50,000 lights turn a giant Japanese forest into a glowing wonderland: bit.ly/2rIys5e pic.twitter.com/ZXT5ba3K48

Why experience design matters more than ever before buff.ly/2qzB2fu pic.twitter.com/nFOVsSjlCq

These modern blackout curtains turn windows into penthouse views of a city at night trib.al/QI86WRL pic.twitter.com/8482sxUW3e

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