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Origami Animals Bound Across…

Origami Animals Bound Across Walls in Murals by ‘Annatomix’ thisiscolossal.com/2017/08/origam… pic.twitter.com/fBDG7ZRH0w

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms herself into mind-bending optical illusions trib.al/9EnaRQ3 pic.twitter.com/MQQrmRCzwx


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 16 heures

Wassily Kandinsky and the…

Wassily Kandinsky and the birth of non-objective painting: bit.ly/2ieE8Ub pic.twitter.com/jDuRJcxCG3


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 4 heures

Figures From Hieronymus Bosch’s…

Figures From Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings recreated as sculptural piñatas (via @Colossal): bit.ly/2idHDu1 pic.twitter.com/SaqTlzIYIq

"Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain" by Joshua Brian Smith #LeagueofLegends #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/LwAOK pic.twitter.com/mhGtaZQMcv

Artistic dad continues to transform his sons’ drawings into expert-level anime trib.al/zwuC48H pic.twitter.com/HCCu9bqI4Q

There is so much to learn from Naoki Higashida, Japanese autistic poet & writer time.com/4856602/autism… pic.twitter.com/kXf9HAp07f

Design your own custom, typography illustration with the Mesh Tool: adobe.ly/2wqyqng pic.twitter.com/CD9OFdlyEc


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

A man who bought 60,000 ceramic…

A man who bought 60,000 ceramic tiles from Dalí is finally ready to sell them: bit.ly/2icaWNk pic.twitter.com/OtQyYDw3x0

The new reality: Mercedes-Maybach unveils the super-luxury electric car of tomorrow’s world wlpr.co/Osd2Zu pic.twitter.com/IHt0CxGW91


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

How to be an artist, according…

How to be an artist, according to Wassily Kandinsky: bit.ly/2t2ijvG pic.twitter.com/riMQXvn60p

Beware: Shooting the sun…

Beware: Shooting the sun without a filter can melt your DSLR: petapixel.com/2017/08/19/sho… pic.twitter.com/z9X0iRczcP

Illustrator perfectly captures the overlooked joys of living alone trib.al/HeeaAH3 pic.twitter.com/avpgTAbnA3

Advertising legend George Lois on creating some of Esquire magazine's most memorable covers bit.ly/2vD2FXm pic.twitter.com/kky1dbRiir

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations are finally reissued trib.al/LwfMDMD pic.twitter.com/SmZzwlzpjh


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

.@Pantone announces new purple…

.@Pantone announces new purple shade in honor of Prince (via @Guardian): bit.ly/2i9Eds9 pic.twitter.com/0u3sz8tXbm

Watch six artists and designers…

Watch six artists and designers as they draw in virtual reality buff.ly/2v3C7fl (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/YQJp53RqJQ

"Earthworm Jim" by Massimiliano Lai, based on a concept by Alberto Camara #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/An10W pic.twitter.com/dJmk9WzCCb

Salavat Fidai carves the tip of a pencil into a detailed microsculpture of the Eiffel Tower trib.al/J0AXX1q pic.twitter.com/nmwvcJsluP

What should a designer keep in mind for a good book cover? bit.ly/2hOg5ea pic.twitter.com/yMh5xNxOOu


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 23 heures

A brief history of Polaroids…

A brief history of Polaroids in art, from Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol: bit.ly/2t7jk5T pic.twitter.com/Wtpm74NNmH


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

Do gallerists pick artists…

Do gallerists pick artists for their personality or their talent? bit.ly/2vaIw8O pic.twitter.com/WQlB5sY5Ni

Designers and Illustrators…

Designers and Illustrators Protest Racism and Hate with Political Art bit.ly/2iiEusO pic.twitter.com/QP5m4pxSuO

Tigers – Street Artists contribute Farid Rueda More artworks here: streetart360.net/2017/08/20/wwf… #streetart #tigers pic.twitter.com/MMgcpaPKoa


Colossal @Colossal,
il y a 5 heures

Illustrator Guy Larsen creates…

Illustrator Guy Larsen creates portraits from the shadows of crumpled paper. Watch: thisiscolossal.com/2017/08/drawin… pic.twitter.com/tMFz09o5sN


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

Meet the artist behind those…

Meet the artist behind those viral Trump illustrations: bit.ly/2fS3IgH pic.twitter.com/mSMY5k640h

"John Lennon" By Andrey Palval Izyum, Ukraine #JohnLennon #streetart streetart360.net pic.twitter.com/rHGvqVZX6A

jill bliss forages flora…

jill bliss forages flora to form magical mushroom medleys. goo.gl/1x43Ts pic.twitter.com/YWPEjAOrzz

A for Architecture Transforms a Cottage into a Two-Story Home bit.ly/2wj7vdQ #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/rseDCUMusd

This is how designers visualized the last full eclipse 99 years ago buff.ly/2w8LhuX pic.twitter.com/VCGUdcfzgk

Society6 Launches Backpacks! bit.ly/2fPKUin pic.twitter.com/lgkfpaDfRe

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