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Shuffle Your Belongings in Society6’s Newly Launched Duffle Bags bit.ly/2yuOo1e pic.twitter.com/RrwqJyeHJg

Some hot new Pop Art to brighten up your Thursday: ow.ly/3M3v30fZVK3 pic.twitter.com/S3gn7ve7U1

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 1 jour


"Digital first" is a dangerous phrase, if it means brand second. bit.ly/2zmYrSK pic.twitter.com/8p0Wpy605R

Justin Tindall: my 'bored with diversity' comment was wrong buff.ly/2x8fUO0 @JTindall_ pic.twitter.com/MpJMkceKid

On the joy of a creative scrapbook, and how it can be vital to creativity bit.ly/2yytiwx pic.twitter.com/NKAYHOyKLL

When design is dangerous: In-car technology is distracting us all buff.ly/2wYtRhF pic.twitter.com/Qa4gnIW50F

Herbert Bayer, World Geo-graphic Atlas, Chicago, 1953 pic.twitter.com/iobJJz3ogi

Desert Palisades Guardhouse…

Desert Palisades Guardhouse by Studio AR+D Architects bit.ly/2yyxmj3 pic.twitter.com/ILV7FxW4pJ

Ethereal embroidery designs stitched into tulle look like they’re floating in mid-air trib.al/JQPnCp2 pic.twitter.com/dO5WCLejqw

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 15 heures

.@Microsoft will be the first…

.@Microsoft will be the first marketer to air six-second ads in @AMC_TV's @WalkingDead_AMC bit.ly/2gxBrg2twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

A stray dog boldly crashes a wedding, finds a forever home with the newlyweds trib.al/HKKtrW3 pic.twitter.com/bMaUDKxyG2

jean-pascal flavien's life-size…

jean-pascal flavien's life-size house installation at the esther schipper gallery designboom.com/art/jean-pasca… pic.twitter.com/qhKqtumgUf

Illustrators Ben Kopp and Keith Shore work with David Lynch to create the Twin Peaks beer > goo.gl/EbgZ9d pic.twitter.com/VnTi79doTO

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 23 heures

Here are the best voice search…

Here are the best voice search strategy for brands

Holographic recipes that cook along with you? Looks delicious buff.ly/2yzz7vo pic.twitter.com/pVZFaOzmUM

Citizens Killed by Police in 2017. Chart designed by Danne Woo buff.ly/2yt1XMn pic.twitter.com/aBmHD6lSeY

This photographer shot the same people on their way to work over 9 years buff.ly/2gvs5S6 pic.twitter.com/mEEYu8sQ7W

Are designers unprepared to work with AI? Readers respond buff.ly/2xQ4PRB pic.twitter.com/aNlybh2si4

“A Design Take On Blade Runner: Dreamscape Meets Cityscape” buff.ly/2xOFlnu pic.twitter.com/anreoCIwD4

Ce spot coup de poing de @BurgerKingUK va vous faire réfléchir

the @Lamborghini LM002 is a luxury SUV racer designboom.com/technology/lam… pic.twitter.com/TBEvns2ImR

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 2 jours

Protesting @NFL players won't…

Protesting @NFL players won't face sanctions (and ad revenue is way up) bit.ly/2hNNeU7 pic.twitter.com/4yNjfudUJ5

Who’s afraid of AI? Senior creatives, mostly buff.ly/2x5CZBc pic.twitter.com/krqZBtHITA


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

The Dutch Golden Age gave…

The Dutch Golden Age gave us artists and dealers as we know them today: bit.ly/2hOZx2D pic.twitter.com/4VgCR2x8bN

construction update: kengo kuma's @VADundee vision takes shape designboom.com/architecture/k… pic.twitter.com/8TnG5Yo3gg

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 2 jours

.@BradJakeman is leaving…

.@BradJakeman is leaving PepsiCo to start a consultancy bit.ly/2kYi9SD pic.twitter.com/eMywCq5GB9

deutsche post launch testing of PostBOT to assist mail carriers designboom.com/design/deutsch… pic.twitter.com/T3FzSRg09f

adland ®

adland ® @adland,
il y a 2 jours

Bud Light aims to impress…

Bud Light aims to impress millennials with a lifestyle ad that mocks lifestyle ads. adland.tv/commercials/bu… pic.twitter.com/PVY2OjWG4i

GANDIABLASCO Launches a New Approach to Outdoor Furniture with DIABLA bit.ly/2yroziQ pic.twitter.com/4aM3xK0SCL

The most compelling character…

The most compelling character in “@bladerunner 2049?” The UI buff.ly/2gwJWIk pic.twitter.com/3Ajmz9l5Kz

These stamps are from countries…

These stamps are from countries that no longer exist buff.ly/2xQCRF7 pic.twitter.com/4QS1J9Jqyz

Lush commissions Caterina Bianchini to portray “the art of bathing” > goo.gl/5KYHa7 pic.twitter.com/ROoPvOhM07

Personality by Design: 5 Stunning #Brand Identities Today buff.ly/2yrWhUh pic.twitter.com/rWRtH4fxB9

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