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Japanese man has mastered the gravity-defying art of stacking coins trib.al/nz1exLJ @thumb_tani pic.twitter.com/XpwiBdDBpd

Fuku-chan "the praying cat" of Takashima sankei.com/photo/photojou… pic.twitter.com/Q6HwuASjwg

Lovely Horizon Zero Dawn Fan Art by Sarayu Ruangvesh! #ArtStationHQ #Aloy artstation.com/artwork/z46BD pic.twitter.com/ryyFiSfDDp

Dreamy collages erupt from the mind of Hüseyin Sahin: bit.ly/2n070MU pic.twitter.com/j8ctGsUcGC

Clever paper cutouts will change the way you look at famous landmarks from around the world: bit.ly/2mQA3Cn pic.twitter.com/xRDlyJcRig

69 new emojis announced,…

69 new emojis announced, including breastfeeding woman and woman with headscarf: bit.ly/2os8IYE pic.twitter.com/dLbaYjr9QP

#NationalPuppyDay: These…

#NationalPuppyDay: These are photos of puppies learning to swim. That is all buff.ly/2ngxDR5 (from 2014) pic.twitter.com/nBesKH3qI8

Stop what you’re doing and let this little clay person overwhelm you with feelings: bit.ly/2mxaQ4J pic.twitter.com/gPMyv5x9I8

Nostalgic Lofree Keyboard…

Nostalgic Lofree Keyboard Brings Back the Touch and Sound of Typewriters bit.ly/2mWxwH2 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/gYO5Pkh6PM

Watch a supercut that pairs…

Watch a supercut that pairs the first and final frames of 55 films: bit.ly/2oq3gFF pic.twitter.com/sQIWlxWPjE

The struggle is real... pic.twitter.com/LKPTi4ScBA

Minimally Painted Wood Sculptures…

Minimally Painted Wood Sculptures That Highlight Environmental Decay by Willy Verginer thisiscolossal.com/2017/03/minima… pic.twitter.com/lMPJk0Jpmd

Seibu Railway has a series of ukiyo-e inspired manner posters. pic.twitter.com/O5xvnzA8r1

Colorful Cubist Tattoos Inked…

Colorful Cubist Tattoos Inked by Mike Boyd thisiscolossal.com/2017/03/colorf… pic.twitter.com/jIUH2peFnI

Bridges for animals to safely cross freeways are popping up around the world trib.al/6C82Bmo pic.twitter.com/4CRRdv88xA

Paper Cutouts by ‘Paperboyo’…

Paper Cutouts by ‘Paperboyo’ Transform World Landmarks into Quirky Scenes thisiscolossal.com/2017/03/paper-… pic.twitter.com/dBgzCmaoyO

Check out this Zbrush Masterpiece by Mars มาร์ 3d! #X23 #ArtStationHQ #Logan artstation.com/artwork/RBbgO pic.twitter.com/8LwgYQUumC

The security guards are on high alert (photos by museum staff) pic.twitter.com/3KBTVfu49Q

Inspiring Character! "Janus" by Frankie Perez. #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/DoXGR pic.twitter.com/PaoP26V2MB

Horizon Zero Dawn - Meridian Early Concept Art by Yohann Schepacz. #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/4vBL1 pic.twitter.com/0H1q94PjNY

Fantastic Artwork by Charly Crank !! #art #streetart #arteurbano pic.twitter.com/5zhQ6BuCcS


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

11 women who pioneered Minimalism:…

11 women who pioneered Minimalism: bit.ly/2mA2yZG pic.twitter.com/NOUOwIrtHb

A mural is purposely painted upside down to reflect right side up in the water trib.al/Ra1G8Vk pic.twitter.com/ume3yI5eOU

How "Ghost in the Shell" VFX artists brought manga to the big screen: bit.ly/2mzsuF3 pic.twitter.com/1RyT6lsGkH

Teela Cunningham shares how to create watercolor textures in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2mxmn3X pic.twitter.com/BhJbxkVUhJ

Hundreds of vintage posters are now available to download and print 100% free at this site: bit.ly/2mVV9iU pic.twitter.com/3iyatEeob0

Abstract Aerial Photographs…

Abstract Aerial Photographs of Southern African by Zack Seckler thisiscolossal.com/2017/03/abstra… pic.twitter.com/nlCg2t0QZI

Gorillaz, everyone's favourite virtual band, are back, with a brilliant new video bit.ly/2mxzjHb pic.twitter.com/bNuqwYVcv5

[NSFW] @aposaintclair's sexual ink illustrations will make you blush: bit.ly/2oqcaTt pic.twitter.com/EKIxbEZxon

Poster Artwork by Nicholas Kole for the upcoming game, Hob. #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/P5yon pic.twitter.com/N1ewUJIq7A

Check out @beesandbombs' amazing geometric GIFs: bit.ly/2opV1sU pic.twitter.com/jpmYGRbkZJ

Fantastic 3D sculpt! "Samurai Girl" by Pietro Licini. #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/4vLJ4 pic.twitter.com/a3ax7k7Xir

Hollow Figurative Sculptures…

Hollow Figurative Sculptures by Park Ki Pyung thisiscolossal.com/2017/03/hollow… pic.twitter.com/TiaC4mOter

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