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bergen welcomes snøhetta-designed…

bergen welcomes snøhetta-designed faculty of fine art, music and design designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/mMJb08mOkg

These stamps are from countries that no longer exist buff.ly/2yaMq68 pic.twitter.com/zFJIbbjzfw

Polish Designers and Makers Come Together to Create the Autor Rooms Hotel bit.ly/2gwT50y pic.twitter.com/YjunC0EigI


Behance @Behance,
il y a 5 jours

Shine bright like a diamond:…

Shine bright like a diamond: go.be.net/nsf1iJ pic.twitter.com/bDoDEfAMKk

ROSSETTI redefines the arena…

ROSSETTI redefines the arena design with a revolutionary concept of high-tech engagement designboom.com/architecture/r… pic.twitter.com/9kEL6jjXND

In a creative rut? Try @medialab's Mad Libs for designers buff.ly/2yeGucj pic.twitter.com/E0PMjkYwm9

Special limited edition Johnnie Walker Black, created for Blade Runner 2049 bit.ly/2xudatR pic.twitter.com/c1jm9ACYwl

5 Illustrators Who Brought Edgar Allan Poe’s Works to Life buff.ly/2i5WfvB pic.twitter.com/G7TRrq5IFp


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 3 jours

Your kids will love these…

Your kids will love these children’s books illustrated by famous artists: bit.ly/2tjACNk pic.twitter.com/ey5HyHZbef

Cruz Novillo: Logos: Counter-Print launches its latest book to celebrate the design legend bit.ly/2gg7nWq pic.twitter.com/6MCGWU7C0x

Lego man costume made of…

Lego man costume made of cardboard: By The Q: goo.gl/rrtuSt pic.twitter.com/fL8o7psHsy

These modern blackout curtains turn windows into penthouse views of a city at night trib.al/17iJLcp pic.twitter.com/uvocm1yORm

Appealing to Orange Prints on Society6 bit.ly/2gzGTfo pic.twitter.com/6QgE1Yqynu

morphtopia proposes a reinterpretation…

morphtopia proposes a reinterpretation of classical facade by otto wagner in vienna designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/x2zj2bjxcD

Elyse Graham Launches Colorful Resin Vessels and Furniture bit.ly/2hBBO67 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/Pk7s0vG5j4

Inclusive design at work: Lovely objects for people with Alzheimer’s buff.ly/2xyLrII pic.twitter.com/b7tvKBXMz8

The Kozmophone Is a Holographic, Bluetooth Turntable bit.ly/2y884YL pic.twitter.com/k27IL4cPtB

How Futura became the most…

How Futura became the most ripped-off typeface in history buff.ly/2ytAgoO pic.twitter.com/hSRc5Lm9je

Street Art by Fintan Magee Discover his Artwork here: streetart360.net/2017/10/16/fin… #streetart pic.twitter.com/jeCQBcdwdM

A Modern Home in the Prenzlauer Berg District of Berlin bit.ly/2hHJnrM #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/p0YN7tONBk

Kids design the house of the future, and it’s chilling buff.ly/2gDgAVM pic.twitter.com/sKbhJ2BfQS

I shot aerial photos of Puerto…

I shot aerial photos of Puerto Rico in ruins after Hurricane Maria: petapixel.com/2017/10/14/sho… pic.twitter.com/KCqm2W1Jeq

Crop, full frame, and medium…

Crop, full frame, and medium format: Can you tell the difference? petapixel.com/2017/10/14/cro… pic.twitter.com/nuHM8PkGxM

Tomorrow's #FontSunday theme is fonts on riso print | Post your favourites from noon! pic.twitter.com/OLvD3eQUBL

Man takes a polaroid photo every day for 18 years until the day he dies trib.al/M3nJIxr pic.twitter.com/FjiNf0Xctf

By vincent fantauzzo - "cindy lauper" streetart360.net #streetart @cyndilauper pic.twitter.com/VgKtq6SxcE

Interview with Dan Kitchener “The light and shadow magician” streetart360.net/2017/10/13/dan… #StreetArt pic.twitter.com/xzLzyqt7ms

The Art of a New York Film Festival #Poster buff.ly/2xBsIMj pic.twitter.com/vDVcWVgjIx

We want to hear what you like to hear. #music #playlist pic.twitter.com/bpOP8XV8Lh

Kids can build their own furniture with this adorable erector set buff.ly/2wPWqhh pic.twitter.com/gwpt3iwBSG

Check out the incredible winners of the 2017 @NikonSmallWorld photomicrography competition

I was sentenced to 15 years…

I was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Egypt for taking pictures: petapixel.com/2017/10/10/sen… pic.twitter.com/5PjRpoFSQL

Daihatsu Debuts a Pair of…

Daihatsu Debuts a Pair of Weird and Wonderful Concepts for the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 bit.ly/2ymcF9F pic.twitter.com/aUpnEEjeWR

This incredibly simple packaging…

This incredibly simple packaging idea could reduce global emissions buff.ly/2xKBsoE pic.twitter.com/ZjvhYduA46

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 1 jour

Then and Now: The cost of…

Then and Now: The cost of 30 second ads for your favorite TV shows 20 years ago versus today bit.ly/2yJZZu2 pic.twitter.com/L2MpvnYIGx


Behance @Behance,
il y a 1 jour

Display eye candy by @rikoostenbroek:…

Display eye candy by @rikoostenbroek: go.be.net/miMLGl pic.twitter.com/Uuy2u1HzR2

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