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Stunning Architecture A’ Design Award Winners 2017 bit.ly/2ypCaqO pic.twitter.com/Q5uSVEE3E2

As told by @marcelo14silva, here are 5 mistakes designers can make: adobe.ly/2ytgV6w pic.twitter.com/bRQmycCW9H

How Futura became the most ripped-off typeface in history buff.ly/2ytAgoO pic.twitter.com/hSRc5Lm9je


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 6 jours

As young galleries seek alternatives…

As young galleries seek alternatives to art fairs, a promising solution has emerged: bit.ly/2sZnEnk pic.twitter.com/1kC2gqYEXm

A Venice, California Home Wrapped in Computer Cut Flowers bit.ly/2zECzmX #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/qqtpj1rnVm

Will Burtin, Visual Aspects of Science, 1962 pic.twitter.com/u2u2x86u9o

A for Architecture Transforms a Cottage into a Two-Story Home bit.ly/2hSwI5y #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/MzDCaRYUEa

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 3 jours


Why "digital first" is a dangerous phrase, if it means brand second. bit.ly/2yygkyJ pic.twitter.com/IxJRuIZmv4

Want a design-led company? Hire “people who are insanely curious.” buff.ly/2yu0YOo pic.twitter.com/5xeSmgzsua

Danilo Roots uses spray paint to create a giant lion mandala across two adjacent walls. trib.al/OLPF22X pic.twitter.com/JtsP66WCpY

the much anticipated yves…

the much anticipated yves saint laurent museum opens in marrakech designboom.com/architecture/y… pic.twitter.com/7c2tko9a7w

Ideo acquired Datascope in…

Ideo acquired Datascope in hopes of merging #MachineLearning and human-centered design. buff.ly/2xKUDK4 pic.twitter.com/YzZDB2eJ6b

Logos famosos transformados…

Logos famosos transformados en armas. Un ejercicio visual del artista @tomgalle tomgalle.online/Corp-Gear pic.twitter.com/XKttR2iFLO

How to combine drawing and writing into deeply personal art journals trib.al/dHCeXXQ pic.twitter.com/FqeVJHFjw0

research team at @ETH zürich…

research team at @ETH zürich crafts ultra-thin curved concrete roof designboom.com/technology/eth… pic.twitter.com/ywP0Wyp5f0

How the most iconic bus on…

How the most iconic bus on Earth got a modern makeover (video) buff.ly/2l7k1bT pic.twitter.com/TkqWytrguy

The best monitors for designers 2017 buff.ly/2yCyXl6 pic.twitter.com/Jy43Rb4gUZ

A Modern Hotel Hides Inside a Former Historic Music Conservatory in Amsterdam bit.ly/2yXizPutwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

3D-printed floors are surprisingly awesome buff.ly/2yBclSc pic.twitter.com/jtqJQDy5cX

A cheeky stop-motion animation using human skin and 3D stamps > goo.gl/9K84Gz pic.twitter.com/1LuLQ8FRN4

Pavilion Speaker Is Architectural Audio bit.ly/2yTpcCm #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/d2LOKwAGHE

Hi Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 lens…

Hi Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 lens is a bokeh beast that costs just $170: petapixel.com/2017/10/17/kam… pic.twitter.com/tGyDc1kvtM


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 6 jours

The joyous world of overlooked…

The joyous world of overlooked Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis: bit.ly/2sFHl38 pic.twitter.com/lPAQYfGOBW

#Design News: Redesigning prescription labels to make them easier and more functional. buff.ly/2ytT9bd pic.twitter.com/5LKqZthNDG


Behance @Behance,
il y a 6 jours

Party in my brain: go.be.net/EbBehL…

Party in my brain: go.be.net/EbBehL by @inastanimirova pic.twitter.com/Zjo9g4SSaZ

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 16 heures

Nielsen says it can now measure…

Nielsen says it can now measure Netflix streaming bit.ly/2zpI8Vk pic.twitter.com/2F3fR79i3O

Printed Pages AW17 is now available for pre-order! > goo.gl/Dz6UXb pic.twitter.com/QHwg3auNa9

Adobe: No, we're not killing…

Adobe: No, we're not killing Lightroom Classic: petapixel.com/2017/10/21/ado… pic.twitter.com/l5HTYaDq7y

Lessons from 200 years of failed New York City megaprojects buff.ly/2x78Wcf (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/4rCrAk1AM8

Shocking illustrations show…

Shocking illustrations show the world where animals switched places with humans: goo.gl/ZRR2tS pic.twitter.com/K3iXF8ZNWc

This charming cabin was built for $500 with repurposed windows trib.al/rOHw24O pic.twitter.com/7RtpISRe9v

sculpture by the sea: world's…

sculpture by the sea: world's largest open-air exhibition at bondi beach opens today designboom.com/art/sculpture-… pic.twitter.com/ZtcULrgWJI

adland ®

adland ® @adland,
il y a 4 jours

Worst Art Direction if the…

Worst Art Direction if the week pic.twitter.com/2s4ZeGmqiu

The history of hip-hop, ingeniously mapped like turntable circuitry buff.ly/2ypwLNW pic.twitter.com/9CkDsWrBjY

'Design needs to be in service of community & culture' - @AdjayeAssoc | Do you agree? bit.ly/2yvieAltwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 5 jours

Hey, Alexa: What's the best…

Hey, Alexa: What's the best voice strategy for brands? bit.ly/2kXQFwq pic.twitter.com/V7A9SFXrwq

How the “anxiety and disorder of our time” is changing design buff.ly/2gMe0Nd pic.twitter.com/D4VZUgsdUT

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