5 How to take care of the 'Washing Machine' to extend its service life

5 How to take care of the 'Washing Machine' to extend its service life
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5 How to take care of the 'Washing Machine' to extend its service life

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Know before use! Reveal 5 tips on how to take care of the 'washing machine' to prolong its service life.
Washing clothes is one of the daily activities of everyone. It can be considered a heavily used item. On average at least once a week Careless use May cause the washing machine to deteriorate. And has a shorter service life than it should

Not taking good care of the washing machine Also causes mold And an unpleasant smell That may lead to disease again, LG has recommended 5 tips that will help extend the life of the washing machine. Allowing consumers to easily follow each other To prevent wasting time And unnecessary repair costs

1. Wash the amount of laundry suitable for the washing tub capacity. Check the instruction manual for the appropriate amount of laundry for the drum capacity per load. If wearing an excessive amount of clothing This will cause the operation of the washing machine to lose balance and deteriorate faster.

2. Do not wash clothes more than 2 times a day to prevent the washing machine from working too hard. But if you need to use the washing machine more than 2 times a day, allow the washing machine to rest for a while Before use in the next round

3. Leave the door of the washing machine open after every wash. So that the air can circulate into the drum easily. While helping to drain moisture and odors away This also prevents the formation of mold that may adhere to clothing. Which is the cause of many types of skin diseases such as ringworm

4.Clean the detergent and fabric softener dispenser with warm water before the next wash. After each wash We often encounter problems with undissolved detergent and fabric softener residue. If you leave it for a long time The detergent will combine with the stains from the clothes and form mold. Therefore should be thoroughly cleaned by washing in warm water

5. Clean the filter regularly. To remove things that can clog the drain filter, such as hair, receipts or debris that may have been forgotten from pocket and pants before washing, for example, this will increase the efficiency of draining the water. Better machine

6. The drum should be washed every 1-2 months for front load washing machines and every 2 weeks for top loading washing machines. To eliminate germs, stains, detergent, stains, fabric softener And various impurities That may cause stains on the clothes after washing

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