Keep your brain in shape by reading more books.

Keep your brain in shape by reading more books.
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Keep your brain in shape by reading more books.

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Reading can also train your brain and boost emotional intelligence. Despite this, many Americans don't read books very often and our overall reading time decreases.It's time to face this trend, especially now that many people are spending more time in their homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so pick up your books off the shelves, look at your local library, or turn e -A neglected reader, good exercise

Why should you hug the book?

Science has found that reading is essential for a healthy brain. We already know reading is good for developing children: A สล็อตออนไลน์ study of twins published by the Society for Research in Child Development found that children who started reading at a young age performed better on intelligence testing. Such as size vocabulary analysis.Other studies show that reading continues to improve the adult brain. One 2012 Stanford University study in which people read Jane Austen's messages while on MRI indicated that different types of reading exercise different parts of your brain. As you get older, recent studies suggest that reading may help slow down or stop cognitive decline.

The words on the page can improve your emotional intelligence. The overview of the issue in 2016 shows that fiction readers tend to have a better sense of what ***spam*** call the "psychologist". This is the ability to identify mental states to oneself and to others and to understand that other people may have different desires, emotions, and thoughts. As a result, the general reader shows more empathy.So not only books But help stretch your brain But also makes you a better person Now to dig in and read more.You have a busy schedule, sometimes you just can't find time to read. That is why you need to start small.When setting new goals, you should aim for concrete tasks that you can build on later. So, start your habit by reading, speaking, five pages of a book that interests you every day. Once you've hit five pages a day, try 10, then 20 and push your goal up.

It's important to focus on your own interests. Don't jump into The Brothers Karamazov just because it's serious literature.You will still benefit from the aforementioned brain benefits of your favorite science fiction novels. Reading your choice makes the activity more enjoyable than housework, so you're more likely to do it. (And if you have a yen for Dostoevsky, you can tackle that book when you regularly chew through the webpage.)When you start building this routine, be kind. Self-criticism, also known as "self-bullying," shows that you don't achieve your goals. So reduce your laziness, especially if you're starting from scratch. Even if you miss a day But keep in mind that sometimes we are all late at night, watching TV, or just forgetting. Be willing to spare yourself and honor your long-term commitment the next day.

To fit these five pages, it also helps keep your book, app, audiobook, or e-reader with you throughout the day. Then, when you have some free time, you are waiting for your friend to sleep on your commute or work that doesn't need your full attention. You can turn on messages instead of playing games on your favorite smartphone.This brings us to the great debate: screen vs. screen vs. sound. The paper remains the clear winner in the public opinion court. But science has yet to prove that physical books are inherently better than digital books.Much of the academic research is focused on preservation, that is, how many events you remember in a book after reading it. Although paper books can influence that score. But their advantage lies in the educational environment and context. The said Pro-Paper takes place in the laboratory: all students read the same text. But some people look at the words on paper and others view PDFs on the educational screen,

others watch the kids in the classroom reading books or iPads and find no meaningful differences between the two.Carrying an e-reader with you makes it easy to pivot through pages at all times. But which one should you choose? You can see who offers e-ink screens, look for the lowest prices, or are obsessed with the specs. Really, the main point to consider is the book you love to read. While you will find ***spam*** of the major publishers on all major e-reader platforms, Amazon's Kindle is the ***spam*** popular storefront for self-published books and niche tastes. If there is an author or genre that you are particularly interested in, do some research and see what stores they sell - Amazon, Rakuten's Kobo or Barnes and Noble's Nook before you ***spam***. And remember, you can always try out the app before investing in your device.

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