NASA astronaut Jessica Meir on how VR can help space missions.

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir on how VR can help space missions.
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NASA astronaut Jessica Meir on how VR can help space missions.

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Sitting in the window-filled dome of the International Space Station, looking out at สมัครสมาชิกสล็อต Earth's curved horizon, then down the impossibly carpet of planets sliding through, made me feel like I was in space, but I did. No, I'm watching a 360-degree VR documentary, Space Explorers in Oculus Quest, sent my kid a headset.VR is not a perfect space simulator. Not with a long shot. But it's also a tool that is more valuable than you might think.Space Explorers is a multi-part VR documentary created by Felix & Paul Studios, led by Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël.The VR production company has created a VR documentary featuring Cirque du Soleil, President Barack Obama, and has created Traveling While Black, where Received an award Their collaboration with NASA continues, starting with a training program and continuing with documentary filming in VR aboard the International Space Station.

Felix & Paul plans to take VR outside the International Space Station this summer using specially adapted cameras. And after that, all images will be used to create an immersive walking experience in a tour exhibition that will allow visitors to explore the 3D reconstruction of the ISS and watch 360-degree 3D videos projected around it. For themselves, TV documentaries that share the same picture are also in the works.But in many ways, the ISS VR experience feels like it's just the beginning of a bigger relationship between space and VR.VR can be used to record more distant missions: the Moon or Mars. Or use it for long distance transmission Or to help astronauts feel more at home while in space.NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, featured in the documentary, spoke to me via Zoom how it was on the International Space Station and what it was like to shoot in VR, Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael also shared thoughts about Things that are headed

Another camera in the sea of ​​cameras

We were already familiar with that as astronauts: we were always under the microscope, and we had other cameras on the space station throughout our work day, often recording what we were doing there," Meir said. Filming in VR in space, "it gives us a way to share our experiences, which is very difficult to talk about for anyone who has never experienced this before.The 8K VR cameras used by Felix and Paul for the ISS Experience have been modified.The Federal Communications Commission and the space-certified Z-Cam V1 Pro ensure that the thermal and electromagnetic properties are consistent with space and optics. Such will not be broken. Production had two VR cameras on the International Space Station, and one could be used for filming at any time.Meir felt that being in the documentary was not uncommon, especially when the International Space Station was already loaded with cameras.

But the possibilities of VR as a documentary's memory are unique: "The other astronauts in our office, when they saw the ISS experience, now feel like we're back at the space station once." The first place I put it on, I felt like I was back there, as it was where you were before, you know everything and you. It was sent there, it was incredible.VR cameras on the ISS are quite large and are used to continuously record certain parts of the space station.I was there for 205 days, and because when I arrived at the space station, the ISS Experience was fully recorded," Meir said. Felix & Paul saw the low-resolution footage through women. M to get an idea of ​​what was shot But all the files are brought down to Earth during the mission.We'll be there to talk to the camera and we'll have some recommendations to talk about.

But we can really talk about what we want. "For her, it serves as a memory of space, although not all footage was originally used for VR documentaries at first." It is our own wealth of taking notes on camera.his image can be used to improve training for future missions as well. "I think almost every astronauts who have experienced so far have immediately noticed that saying this will be a powerful tool for training - because we can't simulate and train in every aspect of the space we need to do." Can fly in space Without gravity, without really three-dimensional volumetric space, ”Meir said.There's really everything on the space station," she continues. "There's cables coming out of every way, and it's very different to what our workshop looks like, being realistic in terms of being able to look around. Around you and behind you, I think there's a lot that can be done. Proposed in terms of astronaut training

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