Why is Russian hacking so important and why it approaches the worst?

Why is Russian hacking so important and why it approaches the worst?
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Why is Russian hacking so important and why it approaches the worst?

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It's not often that the Department of the Treasury and the Iowa State University are grappling with the same security issue.That's the breadth of the so-called SolarWinds hack, named after the Texas-based company, which has been used as the setting ground for espionage campaigns so widely that experts say we're just beginning to understand who. Affected and what is stolen The Treasury tried to figure out how many high-ranking officials' email accounts were reviewed. The state of Iowa has canceled servers to check if hackers have entered.Around the world, at least hundreds of organizations. But there are thousands or tens of thousands of organizations, including corporations, schools, thought agencies and, notably, all major government agencies are working frantically to see if they have been affected by suspects. not Russia's hacking campaign and if so, how much access was it for the hackers?

It is not difficult for a company or government agency to experience a security breach. The slotxo campaign compared in part to the Chinese 2014 US Bureau of Personnel Administration hack, which collected the personal data of nearly all government employees, including undercover agents. But experts say the SolarWinds hack is unique to an extent, possibly the largest spy operation in US history, and that it went unnoticed for nine months.The problem is, we don't know how big this is, and at the same time it's probably the largest it has ever been," said Sergio Caltagirone, vice president of threat intelligence at cybersecurity company Dragos, which assists industrial and corporate companies. manufacture Deal with hacking and bad campaigns Few of the organizations, including FireEye, a cybersecurity company and three federal agencies - the Department of Commerce, Energy and Treasury - have admitted to being severely affected.

But the cybersecurity industry is aware of the compromise. "Just a little more than 200," Caltagirone said, with all. But guaranteed to grow ***spam*** organizations still lack basic visibility to assess whether they have been compromised or not," Caltagirone said. "We know we are inadequate victims here, we know that The campaign was very broad because hackers pulled texts. "Supply chain attacks" come out rather than penetrate into individual organizations, many of which have strong cybersecurity measures. Hackers are widely believed to be Russian SVR intelligence, although ***spam*** Trump officials have pointed the finger. But it violates SolarWinds, based in Austin, Texas, a company with a huge customer base.Unlike some of Russia's offensive entities, such as the FSB, which has been accused of poisoning Russia's dissident or GRU, which has hacked and leaked content to insult its Russian opponents, the SVR is known for taking action. Collect intelligence that is systematic in the long run.


SolarWinds provides software that helps large organizations manage their computer networks and thereby automatically allow them to be on them without sounding the alarm. In March, hackers embedded malicious code into the company's regular software updates, and a government investigation found that it created a potential backdoor for the company's tens of thousands of customers.While questions about those affected remain open, SolarWinds said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had notified 33,000 customer organizations that they were infected and could limit the number of suspected victims. Left only 18,000

While SolarWinds has released a software update, hackers' nine-month startup means they are likely to create more entry points on networks that they deem important, chief Neil Jenkins. Said an analyst at the Cyber ​​Threat Alliance, a cybersecurity industry group and a former senior cybersecurity officer at the Department of Homeland Security.As soon as you enter the network, you have to set up other possible back doors and entry methods in case you close the same way," Jenkins said. "Just because you shut down the SolarWinds invasion doesn't mean you've solved the problem."

The victim group extends beyond SolarWinds' vast customer base, the U.S. cybersecurity and infrastructure agency, or CISA, who has led the government's technical response to hacking campaigns, warning that the same hacker could have been a victim. Infected by other means Hackers 'waiting periods and extraordinary access mean that victims' organizations will have to choose between two undesirable alternatives: using large amounts of resources to hunt through computers in the hopes of eliminating that base. The hacker's stronghold or built a new network from scratch, said Suzanne Spaulding, the former head of CISA now and now director of the Democratic Institutional Defense Program at the Center for Stra.

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