10 life challenges That you should find a chance to do before you die

10 life challenges That you should find a chance to do before you die
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10 life challenges That you should find a chance to do before you die

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Life is short. It just takes time to study and throw it into 20 years before finishing university. After that, you have to spend your life at work, have a family, pay off the house, pay off the car, raise children. This life is a pattern. Along the way, try to find colors and fun to add to your life. I would like you to explore the following 10 topics: Have you ever done it or not? If not, it should be done before your body is unable to do so.

1. Go to a music festival Or go to your favorite band concert
Entering the area for live music for thousands of people Thousands of houses listen to it. It's not just about listening to music from your favorite artist. But the atmosphere of live music among like-minded people will become an unforgettable life experience. But if it is not convenient, will it crowded with someone during the epidemic Online concerts are no less interesting.

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2. Participate in a marathon race
It has been said that Life is not a hundred meters, it is a marathon. And of course, if at one time in your life you managed to overcome your limitations, get up to the end of a marathon, or even a half marathon, that means you have surpassed the limitations that were built in your mind.

3. Swimming with your naked body.
May be a little sexy. But having the body in contact with the water without any hindrance It's a feeling you have to try, but try it in a secret place. Not in public

4. Make your own family tree
Every person's life has a origin. Have their own ancestors Some people may never know where their grandparents came from. And above the level of your great-grandfather, where does your Tiet come from? Try making your own family tree. You will feel that life has more than just the name of the hospital where you were born.

5. Lost in a foreign country
Traveling is a lifestyle. The experience of getting lost in a big city abroad is a life experience that one should learn to survive. When you are surrounded by strangers in an unfamiliar place.

6. Go hiking
It doesn't have to be the highest peak in the world. But hiking will change your perspective of those around you. You will feel that being the center of your world is It's a damn idea.

7.One night in the stars in the sky
To see the stars as clear as possible, you need to be in a location with minimal or no light. Because the brilliance of the stars in the sky will let you know that we are not the only living things on the galaxy.

8. Travel alone
Traveling alone is about being on your own. Have learned to live without being dependent on anyone and above all Will get to know strangers along the way

9. Go see a sporting event finals.
Match for the finals Is the ***spam*** special Peak, all supporters Peak for all athletes Try to find a match for the finals. And avoid matches that are in the regular season

10. Drunk
In fact, there must have been many people already doing this. But it is recommended that you should not be drunk like this often. Once or twice in my life is enough. Because drinking until you are unconscious will cause the held subconscious to reveal your true self. But above all, we don't encourage drunk driving.

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