Sirtfood Diet Weight Loss Trends That is becoming more and more known

Sirtfood Diet Weight Loss Trends That is becoming more and more known
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Sirtfood Diet Weight Loss Trends That is becoming more and more known

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Of course, that weight loss is a story for slotxo women. Pay a lot of attention Nowadays, there are many trends to lose weight. One of them is the Sirtfood Diet, the current weight loss trend. Because celebrities have been using this method and seeing results Therefore making people turn their attention But what will this weight loss trend be like? Follow it in Hello, Doctor.

Get to know the Sirtfood Diet
The Sirtfood Diet is becoming a widely known diet trend. Besides being a favorite of celebrities and famous people in Europe as well. The inventor of this diet insists that it is not a fad. But is the key to fat loss And prevent disease

This kind of diet is based on research on Sirtuins (SIRTs), a group of seven proteins found in the body. These proteins have been shown to be able to regulate a wide range of functions. Including metabolism, inflammation, and longevity

Some natural plant compounds May increase protein levels in the body And foods that contain those ingredients are often given the size of the name "Sirtfood Diet". Foods that can be eaten are as follows.

Red wine
Extra virgin olive oil
Dark chocolate (Contains 85 percent cocoa)
Matcha Green Tea
Arugula Rocket
Bird's eye chili (bird's eye chili)
Date palm
Medjool dates
Red Chicory Vegetables
Eating foods like this can cause your body to produce higher levels of acetone. In addition, the inventor of this diet has said that Eating like this can lead to rapid weight loss. But at the same time it maintains muscle mass and protects you from chronic disease.

What can you eat Sirtfood Diet?
The diet program of the weight loss will be maintained very well. This will reduce the total number of calories of food. In fact, one of the book's authors said, Weight loss program with this diet. Can help you lose 3.2 kg in a week. But meal plans can be quite scary. This is because during the first 3 days a person who undergoes weight loss will consume only 1,000 calories per day. Which consists of a single meal And 2 bottles of green fruit juices.In addition, during the first week, the participants in this method of weight loss received 1,500 calories for 4 days, divided into 2 meals.

***spam*** programs in this weight loss diet are high in nutrients. In which the food that focuses on eating has a wide variety of items Whether it is kale Strawberries, onions, parsley, blueberries, and certain grains such as walnuts are available as coffee, green tea, matcha, and red wine.

What is the weight loss plan?
The weight loss plan is divided into 2 phases over 3 weeks, and ***spam*** of the ingredients are easy to find. Which ***spam*** diets of this kind of weight loss is Green juice Which you will have to do by yourself. And drink 1-3 times during the day, you will need to juice. And weigh the ingredients As has been stated The recipe for the drink is as follows

Green juice recipe

75 grams of kale
Arugula Rocket 30 gm.
5 grams parsley
2 celery stalks
1 centimeter of ginger
Half green apple
Half a lemon
Half a teaspoon of matcha green tea
Instruction: Take all ingredients except matcha powder and lemon. Mix in the morning together and pour into a glass. Squeezing lemon juice from your hands Then pour the matcha powder into it. Then stir all the ingredients of the juice well.

As said above There are two phases of this type of weight loss in which the 2 phases of weight loss plan must be performed as follows.

Phase 1 weight loss plan

In the first phase, it takes 7 days, you will have to limit calories and drink lots of green juice.

The purpose is to start losing your weight. By using this method it is claimed to lose 3.2 kg in just 7 days. In the first 3 days of Phase 1, the calorie intake is limited to 1000 calories by you. You need to drink 4 green juices a day, each day, you can choose a recipe which will be the main part of the meal. You can read books on this kind of weight loss, for example, tofu in miso soup, omelette, or shrimp fried with buckwheat noodles.

As for days 4-7 of Phase 1, calories are increased to 1,5000, which includes two green juices per day and two Sirtfood-rich foods. Choose from a book

Phase 2 weight loss plan

Phase 2 will take a total of 2 weeks, which in this phase is called. "Maintenance period" where you should have to lose weight continuously.

There is no calorie restriction in phase 2. But you have to eat 3 meals full of Sirtfood and one green juice per day, and of course the food will be chosen from the recipes featured in the book.

Does this Sirtfood Diet Diet have any drawbacks?
The hardest part of losing weight like this is the calorie restriction and dependence on green juice. Which may not be safe for certain groups of people

Tanya Freirich, a dietitian and nutritionist from New York, USA, says she doesn't recommend the diet for people taking certain medications, such as Coumadin®, a blood thinner. Or with health problems such as diabetes and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

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