Include a solution to the mobile app freezing and crashing itself.

Include a solution to the mobile app freezing and crashing itself.
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Include a solution to the mobile app freezing and crashing itself.

Message par ritcha » mer. 20 janv. 2021 06:45


Today, the frustrating problem of the globalized mankind is that "mobile applications pop out". Whether it's Instagram, Twitter, or maybe other apps that affect the use of games, if you are a hot head, gamer, dad, then. You will certainly be angry and upset. If you are currently hitting a fort, the app pops out.

If you are tired of the app bouncing Today we are going to present you 5 solutions to problems using Mobile Apps and then bounce off.

1. Uninstall the problematic application and install it again.

This method is considered to be the easiest method that has it all. More than 90 percent of us humans encounter problems with the applications that we use, such as freezes and bounces. They mostly use a method to delete the app and reload it. In order to restore the application to its original condition in all respects, flawless, without any worries

2. Restart the new phone.

After trying to uninstall the application and then reinstalling it didn't work. The next method may be the next simpler: either restarting the phone or restarting the phone again. Because doing so can help solve this problem. Because the phone's internal value is waiting to restart or restart itself.

3. Delete unnecessary apps.

Sometimes the application in use has a problem, the app freezes, sometimes it is caused by the insufficient RAM or ROM space for the application that we are using. Or applications that we have installed Hence, clearing more memory space by deleting unnecessary applications. Or rarely used out May solve this problem


4. Restore factory settings for that phone.

Delete the app and reload it. Turn off the power again. Plus delete apps that you no longer use But the app still freezes and pops out anyway If this is the case, it must be a factory reset method for that phone. Or in English, it is called Factory Reset. It will clear all the memory of the machine as if it was just produced from the factory.

5. ***spam*** a new phone

If you follow the four previous methods and it still doesn't work We recommend that you ***spam*** a new phone instead. The cause may be from the duration of the phone that we use for a long time. Your phone's operating system may be out of date. So buying a new phone is the ultimate solution to this problem.

If you look carefully, how to solve all problems when there is an application crash. Or the app itself bounced off There are only ways that can be done by yourself. If you know how to do it, don't let it go to the phone repair shop again. Best wishes "I love it, so I tell it first"

You can follow more details on our website: joker123

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