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Singer music group Apply for remedies to the state - to suspend payment From the order to close the entertainment venue

Posté : ven. 8 janv. 2021 11:32
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Professional singer Independent musician (Night work group) led by Mr. Skill Silpa Udomchai, who is in the 28 provinces of the highest control. Has traveled to submit a letter to General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, because several 10,000 independent singers and musicians were affected. Because the workplace is closed Because it is an area vulnerable to the spread of new สล็อตxo COVID-19, it can not work. No daily income from 2 Jan 64
By asking the government to remedy 5,000 baht for a period of 2 months, but if the situation began to resolve within 2 months and the singer-music group was able to return to work according to public health measures, they would not apply for the remedy. But if the 2-month period, the outbreak is still present and work is not possible. Asked the government to provide an additional treatment for 1 month for a total of 3 months, which the group believes that the government will be able to control the epidemic in this 3 month period

At the same time, the request for the suspension of various debts, including car finance, housing, mortgage, condos, and various condos by asking the government to issue a certificate to be an emergency person without income. Due to being ordered not to work Because the workplace is an area vulnerable to disease transmission Therefore it was closed and able to talk to the place of rent. To request a reduction in housing rental prices By agreeing to both parties, both the tenant and the lessor. By government certification measures Which if the epidemic situation improves Requesting a relaxation of a music performance license of an establishment to a restaurant Able to perform music in strict accordance with the Ministry of Public Health's disease control measures

Finally, the government is asked to help in hiring for professional groups of singers and musicians. Which specializes in musical performances with organizations or executives interested in bringing music performances to promote their products in online channels. Whether it is a business organization selling products Various stores Or government agencies Including the use of music in support or campaigning on various matters