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Ministry of Public Health emphasizes on control measures to limit the epidemic area to reduce the risk of widespread

Posté : jeu. 7 janv. 2021 12:23
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Ministry of Public Health emphasizes on control measures to limit the epidemic area to reduce the risk of widespread transmission.


Dr. Taweesup Sirapraphasiri, M.D. Songkhuvit, Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health Discusses the COVID-19 outbreak A new round in that country Data from 1 Dec 20 - 7 Jan 64 found that only เล่นสล็อต about 1 month ago The number of infected people in the country has increased considerably. Especially the new outbreak There are already 5,439 people infected.
Which causes the cuts so quickly and widely spread to many provinces across the country This is partly due to the outbreak that occurred in places with mass traffic such as markets, entertainment venues and gambling houses. And another part Come from those who live together as a group Or having mixed up in crowded residences, as in the case of migrant workers in Samut Sakhon Province

“The key issue that we will control this outbreak Therefore focus on controlling and limiting the outbreak area And thus this outbreak reduces the risk of people entering the risky place. And all kinds of risky activities "

Said Dr. Taweesup.
The new outbreak control measures It focuses on controlling places, businesses and activities that are highly infectious (Super spreading settings), searching for infection control in high-risk populations. In particular, migrant workers of all types, reduce the opportunity and avoid or refrain from activities that cause unprotected contact with people with asymptomatic infections. Including joint surveillance And alert when there are activities that increase the risk of an epidemic.

Dr. Opaskarn Kawinpong, MD. Director-General, Department of Disease Control Discussing the progress of Thai people getting vaccinated against COVID-19, the Thai vaccination will be divided into three phases: the first phase is aimed at reducing severe illness and death from COVID-19 The second phase is aimed at maintaining economic, social and national security while the third phase is aimed at building immunity at the population level. And restore the country back to normal

In which the target group will be vaccinated in the early stages (Feb. - Apr. 64) of 2 million doses (about 1 million people) consists of 4 groups:

Medical personnel and public health checkpoints Both public and private sectors, totaling 80,000 people
Officials involved in COVID control And had the opportunity to touch a total of 20,000 patients
People with underlying disease such as diabetes, pressure, cancer, heart and blood vessels, lungs, asthma totaling 9 hundred thousand people.
People aged 60 years and over