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Science of smell !! Technology companies are competing to develop "Electronic nose"

Posté : mer. 9 déc. 2020 12:59
par jiraporn66

Tech companies around the world are actively developing portable odor สล็อตxo detection devices as it will open the way to the development of new health, food products. Products related to cleanliness, personal and only security.

Rodg Snodgrass, a financier investor in hardware development start-ups, said: “Imagine if we had a mobile electronic nose. That detect odors Competently So I can tell what food you just ate? Or just drink something?

By analyzing the chemicals released from the body It is used to detect disease or detect fear of people who are about to terrorize.

He said scent is a key ingredient in many puzzles, but many tech companies abandon projects because they fail. It does not mean that new companies Have to give up, follow as well

Tristan Roussell of Grenoble-based Aryballe Technologies agrees with Snodgrass to keep trying. His company recently launched a prototype handheld odor detector called NeOse.

The device can detect up to 50 common odors together.

David Edwards, a chemical engineer at Harvard University, points out that the problem is that smell is a substance that is different from sound and noise, which is energy. The smell is, therefore, a completely different signal from emitting and noise. This means that odor detection requires a different sensor. As a result, the odor detectors are still bulky and have limited functionality. He gives an example of how coffee contains more than 600 different scents.

The French company Alpha MOS was the first to develop Electronic nose For use in some industrial applications But the project was suspended after failing to develop a smaller and more efficient sniffer device.

The same is true for the Boyd Sense company based in the US. Who gave up the project within one year After launching the prototype of the sniffer device And analyze the smell that can be used with mobile phones, smart phones

Now, start-ups are focusing on a narrower target. Regardless of whether it has to be a portable device, now Aromyx, located in the US state of California. It is partnering with a major food manufacturing company to create digital data on scents. Using a chip called EssenceChip

Chris Hanson, CEO of the company, pointed out that the chip is not a silicone chip as the name suggests. And still unable to carry around Because it is still bulky in size He said a portable odor detector or a tracking device. It still takes a long time for ten years to develop successfully.

Edwards of Harvard University says smell biology is a science involved in neuroscience. This keeps start-ups from setting too high goals, said Snodgrass, who financed a start-up company developing air quality monitoring devices.

He pointed out that the device is getting a lot of attention in China, and Nima raised US $ 9 million in May. To develop a device that can test food for proteins and chemicals Including gluten, peanuts, and milk

And the company pointed out that the original equipment is going to be released soon.

Although the development of odor detection technology is still a challenging task, Samsung Electronics has recently obtained a license to patent an odor detector that may be used on all types of devices, including mobile phones and smartphones. Until digital tattoos

Avery Gilbert, scent expert And author of a book on the science behind olfactory At the end of the report from Reuters that One day in the future Electronic sniffer devices are common. Because it will be developed to be compatible with various devices Common in daily life

He pointed out that it took time and there was no way we could develop it in the blink of an eye.

Re: Science of smell !! Technology companies are competing to develop "Electronic nose"

Posté : lun. 21 déc. 2020 17:46
par Tret34
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Re: Science of smell !! Technology companies are competing to develop "Electronic nose"

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