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"Ann Thongprasom" casting himself wants to play by himself, A World of Married Couple Thai version

Posté : mer. 6 janv. 2021 10:39
par limited

The legendary Korean drama Dark Horse in 2020, A World of Married Couple, that has been strong since its debut until the end. The ***spam*** brutal ratings set a record for losing the championship to a high-rated series in history. Made many people into the story of Dr. G's life.

One of them is the heroine of the Thai entertainment industry, Ann Thongprasom, who opened her heart through the program Song About. Talked about this point And she seems to be in very heavy To the point of looking at himself as the character of Dr. Ji Until wanting to ask the Thai organizer to ***spam*** the copyright And myself will ask to play the role of Dr. G

And when asked about the other main characters Ann has revealed a list of casting actors in her heart. Suitable to play a role in the story together. For example, the role of Lee Tae Oh, the flirtatious husband who was responsible for สมัครสมาชิก slotxo the whole story, had to have Ken Theeradej play the role. Ken's acting power has every dimension to be able to play this character. And the role of the beautiful mistress, Yeo Da Kyung must be new, Davika with the charming beauty that shakes the house must be this person. As for the cherished son, Jun Young wishes to be Chao Khun Chak Phatra's son, Father J Jetrin

It is called an open issue that brings a lot of interest to many. Plus the casting that young Ann spoke up If actually gathered together, believe that this series will be so heavy that you must scream. ... But I don't know if A World of Married Couple will have a chance to be a Thai version for young Ann to play or not. Won the antee dream organizer Or else ***spam*** the rights to create it by yourself Play by yourself, mom!