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GoodBrands is an ambitious project to build a new generation of digital first consumer brands, with modern values and distribution channels. We strive for a bold mission: to re-imagine the consumer industry, by bringing back information, inspiration and humanity. We are targeting the cosmetics, household products and food supplements industry for the first phase, under the brand of
Our mission is to reimagine the consumer industry, by bringing
back information, inspiration and humanity.

The consumer industry today is dominated by established brands, many of them built decades ago and owned by major consumer groups (such as L’Oreal, P&G, Unilever)
and are largely retailed through offline channels. However, the paradigm is shifting however: the new generation of customers is increasingly craving for authenticity, purpose, ethics, which the leading brands struggle to deliver.
At GoodBrands, we believe we can turn the industry on its head. We are building:
- A new kind of corporation, with better-aligned stakeholder interests. We see business as a positive changing force in the world, rather than to the sole benefits of the shareholder.
- A new kind of R&D and innovation process: we have a agile, rapid product launch cycle to capture new consumer demand
- A streamlined distribution: direct to consumer, digital first.
- A modern ton of voice, with transparency and authenticity at the centre of our communications.

Founded by the serial entrepreneur behind, GoodBrands is recruiting for its pre-launch team. We are looking for talented brand builders and e-commerce operators, with a desire for change and making an impact.

Today, we are hiring an Design Manager/Art Director.
For the design manager role, we are on the lookout for outstanding creative individual, and your Curriculum Vitae matters less than your passion for design. However, just as a guidance (but do not limit yourself to it), you are likely to be a creative individual, designer/art director/ creative director; in an agency, working as freelancer, or in a company with creative culture. You have a curious mind for new emerging trends in design/fashion/beauty worlds.
As design manager and the guardian of the brand ethos, you are in charge of keeping the ton of voice and developing creative that is consistent with the brand values.
In a small and agile team, you will have a large variety of tasks and design challenges across all touch points: digital, social media, packaging, mail order, advertisement campaigns, etc.
In a high growth environment your responsibility will inevitably evolve with the company, however at the initial phase, you will report to the founder (and to a Creative Director potentially at a second phase), your responsibilities are,
- Develop and substantiate brand ton of voice, brand guidelines
- Design and organise social media content production
- In collaboration with the e-commerce team, design web and mobile interfaces
- Packaging and mail order design and development
- Participate or initiate marketing campaigns, for advertising or social media channels

What you need to bring to the table:
- A eye for the detail and passion for design
- Good understand of social media
- Good understanding and affinity of customer experience

The really important stuff:
- Fantastic opportunity to make a difference: the cosmetics industry, the initial consumer market we are targeting, is huge (€200bn) but with little innovation.
We believe we are uniquely positioned to disrupt this industry with our proven disruptive experience and significant financial resources.
- GoodBrands is a start-up, and intends to keep the start-up culture: casual work attire, friendly, open-space work environment, and fast-paced decision-making. If you are feeling too comfortable with the corporate world, this is probably not for
- A package with both pay and equity compensation
- The initial office space is located at the Station F, a brand new and large start-up campus located in the 13eme arrondissement in Paris, which in addition to being a light and friendly place to work provides the access to various training and net-working opportunities.

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