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#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @Heineken: Heineken Unmissable by Publicis Srl bit.ly/2JioGCW

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @Nike China: Reactland by @WiedenKennedy Shanghai bit.ly/2E2SSO3

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @NBA2K: Everyone's On by @bssp bit.ly/2Q3By0m

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @Nike: React Bus Stop by @RGA bit.ly/2W1nf1S

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @ATT @DIRECTV: ALTUVE QUITS by @Dieste, Inc. bit.ly/30kTvfo

#ClioSports 2019 Shortlist - @GAIS_SE: The Fanager by @MilkReklambyra bit.ly/2WJN4QS

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @HennessyUS: Marshall "Major" Taylor by @BarnicleBros bit.ly/2VxODF2

#ClioSports 2019 Shortlist - @Nike: ILLUMINIKE by @SVA_News bit.ly/2LU8uKv

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @Toyota Motor Corporation: Good Odds by @WeAreSaatchi LA bit.ly/2Jl6poH

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @XGames: @ESPN X Games Design Rebrand by @BigBlockMedia bit.ly/2LIUPFY

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @FOXSports: World Becomes World Cup - Anthem by @wknyc bit.ly/2VDjVuf

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @ABInBev: @budweiserusa Celly SZN by @Anomaly bit.ly/2LKxALu

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @AIGinsurance: PRIDE JERSEY by @TBWA\HAKUHODO bit.ly/2vnHsjq

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @Toyota Motor Corporation: Runner by @WeAreSaatchi LA bit.ly/2WNxDYh

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @Gatorade: Everything Changes by @TBWAChiatLA bit.ly/2Q2TOaj

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @KraftHeinzCo: Mahomes 57 by @VMLYR bit.ly/2WPwxuI

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - Philadelphia Flyers: Gritty by @NHLFlyers bit.ly/2HpARur

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @Wimbledon: TAKE ON HISTORY by @mccannlondon bit.ly/2vXKxH6

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @Jumpman23: Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 by Falkon bit.ly/2Jilh7e

#ClioSports 2019 Shortlist - @abinbev: @budweiserusa Best Moments in Sports by @Anomaly bit.ly/2JjxKYr

#ClioSports 2019 Shortlist - Windsor Royals Branding by Buoy Marketing + Production bit.ly/2Jimw6i

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @Toyota Motor Corporation: Frozen by @WeAreSaatchi LA bit.ly/2VZkRsd

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @Toyota Motor Corporation: Thin Ice by @WeAreSaatchi bit.ly/2HgIww9

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @ASICSeurope: Blackout Track by @EdelmanUK bit.ly/2Yu2WaY

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @ufc: Breaking Barriers by UFC bit.ly/2W1wIWL

#ClioSports 2019 Shortlist - @Mastercard: Twitter Golf by @Mccann_mw New York bit.ly/2WHfCe5

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - radio.net: Footballpen by @HavasGermany bit.ly/2JhIQwT

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - Adidas: Runstastic x ASPCA by Student bit.ly/2EaijNV

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @Bumble: The Ball is in Her Court by Rock Paper Scissors bit.ly/2E75pQT

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @adidas: #CHANGETHERACE by heimat active GmbH bit.ly/2YyfspZ

Welcome to the #ClioSports Awards! Follow along as we announce tonight’s Grand Clio winners. @ClioAwards pic.twitter.com/XmaTKjBJv6

Welcome to the #ClioSports Awards! Follow along as we announce tonight’s grand winners. @ClioAwards pic.twitter.com/nNAPAjwZDE

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @budweiserusa / @abinbev: Lifting Las Vegas by @VaynerMedia bit.ly/2W0NmFY

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @AmericanExpress Jersey Assurance by @MomentumWW bit.ly/2LQrl8S

#ClioSports 2019 Bronze Winner - @ATT: Just Ok Announcer by @BBDONY bit.ly/2WH8ezj

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @Nike: Nike China HBL Team Identities by Plugin B&V bit.ly/2W1z5sD

#ClioSports 2019 Silver Winner - @WellsFargo: America For Mexico! by @BBDOSF bit.ly/2Q4zwgv

#ClioSports 2019 Shortlist - Brahma Beer | @abinbev Nº1 Broadcast by Lápis Raro bit.ly/2VklKaw

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @adidasrunning: Here to Create Legend by @thisisgrow bit.ly/2HjkMX4

#ClioSports 2019 Gold Winner - @Adidas: Billie Jean King Your Shoes by @TBWAChiatNY bit.ly/2HjlK5E

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