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Tokyo-inspired. Have you been to Japan? #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/OiHBLc9CCV

'How to get past the fact that most people are annoying as shit'⠀ #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/wqpKbIUyjx

Art for an article about an unnecessary fear of criticism #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/uLTJ3KPt3y

Art for 'When you’re not feeling the creative spark…' ⠀ #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/9OcN1u27cz

New day, new dawn, new dollar, new drawing. Somebody stop me. #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/LcX0LJIe4h

'Ten ways to make life easier, by going big' ⠀ #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/SyC1XBrVHi

'Be the present-day embodiment of the person you want to be' #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/Z3QxjiTyA5

Art for 'Bored? Escape, or do this instead…'⠀ #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/MePIpgdVu1

Art for 'How to get more done, and get excited about doing it' #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/bEFgKve5Jl

The world sharpens when you give a moment to notice the small details in things. #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/5wYuVWoCpi

Art for “How to REALLY do what you love, and change your life doing it” #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/xf9MetHLxH

Art for ‘I almost quit making daily videos last week. These 8 reminders kept me on track.’ #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/ewexCdKJ8k

A re-exploration of my map-style work from years ago #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/lp2nCB3FTo

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