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Complete line art for 'City of Ghosts'! 2017 #lineart #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/imFzUmW8IM

Chinese New Year, vector illustration for Dots game, 2017 #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/BKblE0arVa

This man has lost his keys. Ink, 2017 #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/uiFDGv7p8q

Art about how to REALLY do what you love, and change your life doing it #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/8HaaXdNrGB

'When you want to do everything, do this.' 2017 Medium post about career and productivity #lineart #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/PiJ4lcbeL2

A 2017 drawing I made for @ustwo mag about driverless car technology #lineart #inkart #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/nuWctwEre2

Drawing I made for a 2017 piece of short fiction: 'Bangkok Onsen. #lineart #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/Z8uRmPrjjW

Art for a 2017 Medium post: How not to be a victim and unlock new creativity #lineart #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/rKN1xq9VIs

'Wild Thyme.' A 2017 short story I wrote, inspired by an Iceland trip. #lineart #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/FJO6orJwuT

'Strip Before You Stop' - drawing for a short 2017 Medium article about giving up. #alexmathersart #lineart pic.twitter.com/SwJwCU5yNE

Quick line drawing of a creative machine, 2017 #alexmathersart #lineart pic.twitter.com/BXnlp1PfGT

Coming to a museum of contemporary art near you, soon... 'Shitty work' #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/19h8Yt9ZNR

Quick illustration for an article I posted on my LinkedIn called: 'The Cure for Passion.' #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/Vmcb3VZTUr

Series of art for an article 'Over 65 Ways to Make Money From Your Creative Skills.' #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/jqSNCzjomW

Ink illustrations for an article called '11 Things That Stop You Being a 1% Creative.' #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/h498NZAJtg

'Reflecting.' Ink on vector. Little (big) dude looking at the stars. 2017 #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/652rOjoC2U

Art about how showing up every day will change you #alexmathersart pic.twitter.com/ZHxbTMK5A0

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