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Posters for homeless charity @DepaulUK use corner sites for a different perspective on issues bit.ly/1P28Oih pic.twitter.com/cLztBZnEz3

How Mat Whitecross and Andy Serkis turned Coldplay into chimps bit.ly/1Ihyrvo pic.twitter.com/BCSNbg4DYN

Farewell, Ultra Violet: Living Coral is Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2019 bit.ly/2BSD0wY pic.twitter.com/vHOCvCrVrF

Will never look at brickwork the same again RT @presentcorrect Officially Incredible pic.twitter.com/rGNH2Fk81R

The story of #wearehere – artist Jeremy Deller’s moving memorial to soldiers of the Somme bit.ly/29bpkBR pic.twitter.com/EKZz9y4fT8

Everything you need to know about what's happened to football in one image bit.ly/1j9Lg7Y pic.twitter.com/XyV3SJZFcG

By Richard Jolley RT @northernsoul54 Oh I love this. RT @SimonNRicketts Private Eye cartoon. Simple, but lovely pic.twitter.com/2wba324597

The great Massimo Vignelli is very ill and will be spending his last days at home. He'd like you to write to him crmag.co.uk/1g2Kgrq

Norway's lovely new banknotes ft. pixellated images of a coastline whipped by the wind bit.ly/1saqUEd pic.twitter.com/4jxpauXEGJ

Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2015: Marsala (as in wine, not chicken tikka) bit.ly/1tKvDdp pic.twitter.com/p5Aqe88ixp

Illustrators and cartoonists respond to the horrific attack at Charlie Hebdo #JeSuisCharlie bit.ly/1tQgM7b pic.twitter.com/r6ERv3PFRg

A look at the full artwork for Aphex Twin's forthcoming album, Syro, by The Designers Republic bit.ly/1x5lG0L pic.twitter.com/gj6iuRn8Tk

Mastercard reveals new logo and identity system designed by @pentagram bit.ly/29EOzXg pic.twitter.com/noS6Lr8KNN

Street artists create murals around East London to promote youth homeless charity Depaul UK crmag.co.uk/ODZaaO pic.twitter.com/m3e8AZbYkI

Greenpeace launches scathing new ad urging Lego to end its partnership with Shell bit.ly/1mur9H2 pic.twitter.com/nNNDO8ZN2v

Check out this Land Rover Topographic Calendar from TBWA Istanbul bit.ly/1int5fS pic.twitter.com/odJS4fj9Ab

Twelve of @TomGauld's Guardian cartoons are now available to buy, incl. this pithy beauty bit.ly/1pVGgw5 pic.twitter.com/7EFpJ5SxKR

RIP the brilliant Storm Thorgerson who died today m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-222103…

Airbnb launches floating house on the Thames, designed by TBWA's Steve & Nick Tidball bit.ly/1cKNZc1 pic.twitter.com/D6qwZdY5sG

These new TfL posters for the Tour de France caught our attention bit.ly/1iB0oMk pic.twitter.com/4qKCzaksBP

The best typographic Christmas cards we've received this year bit.ly/1YvUFMq (@belford_paul's shown) pic.twitter.com/udRak6bNwz

Smallfilms, creators of Bagpuss and The Clangers, finally get the visual history they deserve bit.ly/1reHQFZ pic.twitter.com/b9XMfeA5E2

How the graphic artists on @HighRise_movie recreated the 1970s, incl. an entire supermarket bit.ly/1Y10nag pic.twitter.com/yuSNpz2dtS

Wear your favourite font on your face with Type glasses bit.ly/1L7sLiE pic.twitter.com/UOTFi9VTSC

So you want to design a World Cup kit? Better comply with FIFA's 92-pages of rules bit.ly/1tHoCcM pic.twitter.com/Z9bQc24Wjc

Graphic designer Peter Chadwick to launch photographic archive of brutalist architecture crmag.co.uk/N3eSLo pic.twitter.com/lmRxbVICoy

Berlin's Buchstabenmuseum of rescued lettering is a must for the typophile visitor crmag.co.uk/1kwls87 pic.twitter.com/4tkSTJwFfZ

Google Maps has added a #PacMan option. Just played a couple of games north of Oxford St. And now a couple more. pic.twitter.com/KvsZ2qNzH9

Cinematic new Dulux ad from BBH London imagines a life without colour crmag.co.uk/1hqf96F pic.twitter.com/jqXzFLFUZ7

Skittles gives up its famous rainbow in support of #prideinlondon bit.ly/28U4KnX pic.twitter.com/JdXb3N5BJc

Thundercat’s third album Drunk, has some magically weird album art by @zackfox bit.ly/2n8ZmTv pic.twitter.com/boCCpxsaBP

Photoshop is 25 today. Here's a great film featuring its founders from when it turned 20 bit.ly/dv80qF pic.twitter.com/gI0DniMLsP

A haunting series of photographs by Danila Tkachenko documenting Soviet ruins bit.ly/2axSusW pic.twitter.com/SAPVkwXWkX

How mainstream media's knee-jerk reaction to new logo design is damaging the profession bit.ly/1TDdMEV pic.twitter.com/GsUdABndHS

From Alien to Prometheus, via Aphex Twin – artist HR Giger remembered crmag.co.uk/RTZP9I pic.twitter.com/VLuLGKAf7z

Also in Ads of the Week is this amusing Carlsburg ad in response to the Protein World furore bit.ly/1Q6n7Su pic.twitter.com/c6SD4ADOXw

From silliness to sadness – a great new show by Quentin Blake opens the House of Illustration bit.ly/1z9NGyI pic.twitter.com/eYzk5N72zO

Charming Google Doodle today celebrating the first day of spring crmag.co.uk/1lS3JJw pic.twitter.com/COl8K4RdHO

Keep coming back to this beauty – by KingsleyZissou / reddit.com: crmag.co.uk/1gvz1YN @RedditDesign pic.twitter.com/BeoUFbM5pC

Sad news from the US – the great designer Massimo Vignelli died this morning at the age of 83 crmag.co.uk/1tiRuIb pic.twitter.com/DZ5AW1vvDU

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