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This new Magnum ad campaign puts me in the mood for summer bit.ly/2F0USUH pic.twitter.com/QQjMNReTC5

A range of satirical commemorative plates designed for the upcoming royal wedding bit.ly/2qoCz6B pic.twitter.com/5FN1blyTdD

Here are the souvenir plates @kkoutlet designed for Will & Kate bit.ly/2EBXk43 pic.twitter.com/hRjiHoYef1

Photographer B+ on working with DJ Shadow and creating the iconic cover for Endtroducing bit.ly/2IoaIuS pic.twitter.com/5dbi5Ddb5R

New London exhibition presents sets and puppets from #WesAnderson's @isleofdogsmovie bit.ly/2I1lxmy pic.twitter.com/ETu9fmVuqU

Breakdancing curtains and cushions? Must be the new Ikea ad bit.ly/2JQBg9E pic.twitter.com/QubjfuYpLC

What is it about Gill Sans Ultra Bold that makes it the typeface of choice for comedy films? bit.ly/2vlunKb pic.twitter.com/f8N1u90Pdd

Frith Kerr on founding Studio Frith, creating great brand identities and her dream client bit.ly/2pJpOTV pic.twitter.com/qsc96bLADs

Design studio @thisisTrueNorth creates new identity for the Boat Race bit.ly/2DOYngk pic.twitter.com/gumWKRoTr8

How I Got Here: Alice Tonge, Head of @4Creative on her journey through advertising bit.ly/2qHGNHM pic.twitter.com/I9Yu5V0c58

What is it about Gill Sans Ultra Bold that makes it the typeface of choice for comedy films? bit.ly/2vlunKb pic.twitter.com/yuT9HVKS0S

@gtypefoundry Good piece on that in our current issue pic.twitter.com/MrMqgA0S8x

@B_associates Thanks! remember this? pic.twitter.com/C0XmcbEQq0

Production Type creates new face of luxury for @LVMH bit.ly/2uthqxF pic.twitter.com/oNZG4lozdz

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