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Serenity and Rose Quartz: Pantone chooses its Colour(s) of the Year for 2016 bit.ly/1OJ19oq pic.twitter.com/mTsl6wXHQb

Brandalism uses Paris ad space and Twitter to target #COP21 Climate Talk sponsors bit.ly/1Qb3pX3 pic.twitter.com/0Bnd0NftYN

Women are removed from ads to highlight gender inequality in the #NotThere campaign bit.ly/1MpCJP7 pic.twitter.com/bp5LZozuwJ

Penguin Books launches Little Black Classics series to celebrate its 80th birthday bit.ly/1EadRYR pic.twitter.com/4q9S7UGMsd

Ever felt like a fraud? Imposter Syndrome is a trait common to many creative leaders bit.ly/2bPxFYL pic.twitter.com/Tj5udRmjYx

On @Jean_Jullien's Peace for Paris sign and the role of the imagemaker in times of tragedy bit.ly/1MR8hv4 pic.twitter.com/j5Ig7PlEiB

A type of blue – a look at Reid Miles' typographic sleeves for @BlueNoteRecords bit.ly/1v1hYCT pic.twitter.com/nXoSi7GULB

100 Leading Ladies: photographer Nancy Honey's new series celebrates inspirational older women bit.ly/1pofkQ6 pic.twitter.com/H0yiSYH1OP

Why brands are joining the new wave of feminism bit.ly/1iQB7np pic.twitter.com/eaoGaEC9ZS

My Feet: a mass "feet selfie" installation from Erik Kessels bit.ly/1kXBsnO @KesselsKramer @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/CxMcRAwSf7

Can anyone help? RT @gray Whatever happened to Jayne Fisher, the nine year-old @ladybirdbooks author? pic.twitter.com/qmXg2Qw74K

How Robert Green recovered the Doves Type from its watery grave (image by Sam Armstrong) bit.ly/1z8iQTo pic.twitter.com/hBgW4zUl0f

Women not laughing or eating salad: stock photo clichés may be thing of the past. Pic: Getty bit.ly/1nDGX8G pic.twitter.com/mu3JrCZ81g

When a ghost sign comes back to life – John Tann's locks & safes reborn crmag.co.uk/1uTTrOQ (image by @KatieHeart) pic.twitter.com/HjaWxLwIz0

...we also had a look at Ikea's new collections, including toys designed by children bit.ly/1HugwQP pic.twitter.com/MP1AB5q0SP

If you liked @ViktoriaModesta's #bornrisky promo, check out the making-of film bit.ly/1vZsZFm pic.twitter.com/Mtqzmu9U6s #XFactorFinal

Record sleeves of the month, feat. Tame Impala, Jaga Jazzist, Jamie xx & more bit.ly/1KSKWMG pic.twitter.com/fMjMnql2c6

Airbnb rebrands with new logo symbolising 'a sense of belonging' bit.ly/UcGzVU pic.twitter.com/Zu7MWpy8yl

Cartoon characters including Garfield and Snoopy go bald in this new cancer awareness campaign crmag.co.uk/1lyGKTy pic.twitter.com/liJYwPQ4gZ

Contemporary fire exit sign, noted via @Barnbrook, @mfhorne pic.twitter.com/dfVDEMERAU

If you enjoy looking at logo designs, prepare to lose a few hours with this new website bit.ly/2m29PR7 pic.twitter.com/8g2WhRZKOM

New type: our monthly pick of new fonts, type designs, projects and events bit.ly/1FMjzkl pic.twitter.com/MdVEetCO8g

Sick of all those mindful 'adult' colouring books? @ModernToss has an alternative bit.ly/1TJt2x6 pic.twitter.com/uQqDhnD3dW

The art quality gauge, from Grayson Perry's new book Playing to the Gallery bit.ly/1qwplhX pic.twitter.com/2folX66kYj

Becky & Joe, Aardman & Psyop create models of kids' imaginary friends for @MuseumChildhood bit.ly/1PJuSkR pic.twitter.com/4JqHeelZEX

Sony World Photography Awards: professional & overall winners crmag.co.uk/1mgXQWi @WorldPhotoOrg @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/0m4KGIspJA

Now a symbol for London itself, here's how the underground logo came to be bit.ly/2i94rGZ pic.twitter.com/Eh3jXgC2VW

Happy Tuesday: here's a brilliant perfume ad for Kenzo from Spike Jonze bit.ly/2bWMc7v pic.twitter.com/Jny5pGyZQG

Helen Musselwhite named overall winner at the V&A Illustration Awards bit.ly/S2OYtD pic.twitter.com/zEDvCFS4M5

The beauty of ship hulls: Q&A with photographer Frank Hallam Day crmag.co.uk/N9DlPa @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/4ok13AMqBj

Record sleeves of the month: our latest pick of beautiful, unusual and intriguing album art...crmag.co.uk/1fVlDJx pic.twitter.com/eJ9VuItdvf

Photographer Carl Kleiner makes magic with just a few sheets of paper and a great eye bit.ly/1rt7kSf pic.twitter.com/l3zBvGpNwS

First images of @DanTobinSmith's installation of unwanted objects – arranged by colour bit.ly/1oA94V1 pic.twitter.com/ra2OGPI2pI

Polaroid Originals launches, reviving the classic instant camera bit.ly/2f8qalS pic.twitter.com/Z6ftfUo53s

How the @TorontoSymphony Orchestra uses graphic design to guide audiences though its music bit.ly/1OPgmCW pic.twitter.com/SYWMv5FREw

The unexpected beauty of the humble manhole cover, @marinawiller for latest @pentagram Paper bit.ly/1Lo5nEb pic.twitter.com/4gPzncG0Ai

Ghostbusters is set to return in 2016 – we look at how one of the best logos in film was made bit.ly/1Awj38u pic.twitter.com/KRd34wN4K3

LCC 160 exhibition: 50 years of illustration, 100 years of graphic design & 10 years of badges bit.ly/1wHgL4Q pic.twitter.com/LoylKrcceq

British Red Cross launches graphic novel to promote Refugee Week bit.ly/1oXiL1Y pic.twitter.com/JgeI1q64t8

Shape: a charming film by Johnny Kelly on the difference good design can make crmag.co.uk/1ebisKU pic.twitter.com/TtZSFeSbvu

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