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Storm Thorgerson: he raised the bar for graphic design 'and then set fire to it' crmag.co.uk/116ZkYe

Greenpeace releases a simple but powerful new ad campaign bit.ly/1RgHyhZ pic.twitter.com/R7ia9IetMQ

Great story behind how A2-Type & New North Press made a 3D-printed letterpress font bit.ly/ZemIs9 pic.twitter.com/3xn1BG081i

Angela Deane takes found photographs and turns the people in them into ghosts crmag.co.uk/1rEezXS pic.twitter.com/KG7bbgFCpY

We talk to Annie Atkins, lead graphic designer on Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel #dreamjob crmag.co.uk/1qsLOwC

Photographs made with the last 52 rolls of Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film bit.ly/29liYfo pic.twitter.com/R7ghCYqHFa

Monument Valley creators @ustwogames on new release Land's End and how to design games for VR bit.ly/1VtZIv4 pic.twitter.com/TtJIxhmEC1

Ikea responds to Balenciaga bag ‘homage’, with a humourous campaign bit.ly/2pgA1sD pic.twitter.com/9xYmqFOL4Q

Channel 5 has a new identity - but will it make people think differently about the brand? bit.ly/1Wbyivn pic.twitter.com/ULk3Z90Z4g

"The idea of a neon ice cream came to me around 5am." Tony Hung on his @Blurofficial LP cover bit.ly/1FuOLER pic.twitter.com/HQLlfYEQ8r

Vital Arts completes its transformation of Royal London Children's Hospital bit.ly/1Cg0g1b pic.twitter.com/UrOfkNOAra

A look at some of the best new children's picture books, from digging holes to dogs on stilts bit.ly/1xUIUVx pic.twitter.com/aRDfb6A0YH

Immersive 360° artwork Nimbes guides viewers through virtual universe bit.ly/1nE19Hj pic.twitter.com/gKJ8bVtgqD

Lovely poster for new film about the social media age – Men, Women & Children bit.ly/1lLnZ4e pic.twitter.com/scNDeiGwDe

The Grand Budapest Hotel on TripAdvisor (via @jkottke @PSFK) bit.ly/WJCU3N pic.twitter.com/0nqFZ9s5XS

Great cover by Daniel Streat/Barnbrook for The Sick Rose – the art of medical illustration out June @ThamesandHudson pic.twitter.com/BWdTenh5sh

Sony World Photography Awards - winners announced crmag.co.uk/1egBSBa @WorldPhotoOrg #SWPAWinners @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/Py7jRyVZBE

Chanel's Supermodel Supermarket: Paris show featured 500 lines of Chanel 'groceries' crmag.co.uk/1ijhzqP pic.twitter.com/EY28PZFsob

Mastercard’s logo has changed little since 1968. This is the first big redesign since bit.ly/29nTwFl pic.twitter.com/3zltozC32M

The London Underground typeface at 100 bit.ly/1R0Zn4y pic.twitter.com/ivfnXhQAtl

The 12 basic principles of animation – in gif form. By @centolodigiani crmag.co.uk/R7U87I pic.twitter.com/54TnYpJTn2

TBWA, Paul Belford & Rankin's powerful campaign to raise awareness of rare disease ataxia crmag.co.uk/QWOe9M pic.twitter.com/SMbPyAmgv6

Very sad to hear that Dick Bruna has died. (Image from Amsterdam Centraal by @IamBellyButton) pic.twitter.com/j0mtPEcS8d

The Underground's Johnston font is 100 years old – TfL has commissioned eleven new posters bit.ly/1SZl3ut pic.twitter.com/1IU1xRgpi8

Now these are lights, via MT @london24 The @OxfordStreetW1 Xmas lights are switched on tonight. Here they are in 1961 pic.twitter.com/GW986t0Ija

An RGB billboard for Ikea reveals different headlines according to colour of light shone on it crmag.co.uk/1fKKyQK pic.twitter.com/9pPMZdqP9o

10 best film posters from 2016 bit.ly/2iY4xSr pic.twitter.com/l24XTctMIo

The NASA Graphics Standards Manual Reissue is now available (*contains no meatballs) bit.ly/1VUeAq5 pic.twitter.com/56ez554fSd

"It's like a party on every page" – Canada's passport under UV light. Who knew? bit.ly/1upx2Xc pic.twitter.com/mP2sMZH9H2

It's Supernew Supergraphics from @UnitEditions bit.ly/1hS1I0l pic.twitter.com/fuOMH35TbE

The Guardian has published a powerful interactive piece on Bangladesh's clothing industry crmag.co.uk/1nqAmim pic.twitter.com/9rrpUYa121

NY Public Library releases treasure trove of 180k copyright free images bit.ly/1Kh6K1f @nypl @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/aP2r39i7sI

Should there be a Palme d'Or for film posters in Cannes? bit.ly/1SAar8E pic.twitter.com/pahSlI7KNU

Check out this brilliant new music video by @dasswassupdude for @mr20syl bit.ly/1jhk2gX pic.twitter.com/hhi14Oj2rv

Laurence King launches accessible illustrated monographs on Dali, Pollock & Warhol crmag.co.uk/1krzGXW pic.twitter.com/8wyPRaUewy

Cheer up, the Disappointments Diary is back. And it's Perpetual bit.ly/1x6blxA. New from @AsburyandAsbury pic.twitter.com/IfFFirnEOE

Designers Eley Kishimoto unveil pavement art outside Brixton tube station bit.ly/1De2kqE pic.twitter.com/lVlKbgoe2a

Nike launches the first film in its World Cup 2014 campaign, directed by Jonathan Glazer crmag.co.uk/Oam9tk pic.twitter.com/jZsaWR7LNQ

Pioneering work by UK's first female press photographer, Christina Broom, at @MuseumofLondon bit.ly/12MHwIh pic.twitter.com/3sd27DIwPS

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