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She’s illustrated the Pope, the Queen and lots of pop stars: meet Twitter’s emoji designer bit.ly/2a8HqAo pic.twitter.com/ng6v2HeTCi

Tired of mindful adult colouring books? How about some mindless violence bit.ly/1TJt2x6 pic.twitter.com/u1Lck6GT1J

“There’s a pride involved in it, doing something that everybody’s going to use” bit.ly/23E3iZF pic.twitter.com/Mg50ZKtW8U

Five of Beatrix Potter's children's books will receive a 21st century makeover this summer bit.ly/1V0ITMS pic.twitter.com/CvjmRK45Wi

Happy Mondays: Lazy Oaf launches a clothing line based on Don't Hug Me I'm Scared bit.ly/1Jc1MYM pic.twitter.com/pvOQftEnFb

Also Shot on iPhone 6. Great spoof Apple campaign in SF bit.ly/1xy33nn pic.twitter.com/qKFvcZRyd6

Highlights from the AOI Illustration Awards 2014 bit.ly/1vnI5Uk @theaoi @SomersetHouse @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/gCsJDt6Ljw

ESPN launches series of World Cup posters. Here's Brazil crmag.co.uk/1r0HszA pic.twitter.com/TDwgQxwwQV

Some really great papercraft stop-motion in this new video for Shugo Tokumaru youtube.com/watch?v=Q-WM-x…

We talk to Manchester Council's in-house creative studio about designing for local authorities bit.ly/1QQC9fs pic.twitter.com/5Tuywzlqh6

Hackney car life in the 1980s, as captured in a new book by photographer Chris Dorley-Brown bit.ly/1ziQEo5 pic.twitter.com/AKyr6d91rN

We take a look at what the @PENTAWARDS tell us about trends in food packaging design worldwide bit.ly/1BzEZy8 pic.twitter.com/GE442uVW2g

Sport England's new campaign is refreshing, but will it inspire women to be more active? bit.ly/1BWAn6k pic.twitter.com/PsosnfGXYk

New site Patatap lets you create music and animations with your computer keyboard crmag.co.uk/P8OZLx pic.twitter.com/RDIZrlJDIz

ITV is to air the first "all-Lego" ad break featuring Lego remakes of commercials for Premier Inn, BT and more crmag.co.uk/1lFBW2Q

Noma Bar's new ad for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital uses animation to explain immunotherapy bit.ly/1nSsFqN pic.twitter.com/L3keIy4vgD

Wordplay: typographic installations from @Monotype for Clerkenwell Design Week bit.ly/1LsS3K4 pic.twitter.com/srmQvQxeKI

The pencils of Sir Paul Smith and Stephen Fry, as featured in a new photo project bit.ly/1bCYu0d pic.twitter.com/kylFAVIeYd

A look at Andy Murray's new logo - and how it compares to his competitors bit.ly/1yfW0zh pic.twitter.com/LYQkzdOTUw

8 of the best festive window displays from London, Paris & New York bit.ly/1v9UqKM pic.twitter.com/GeuTt3ZmPN

How @Pelican_Books created one of the best online reading experiences out there bit.ly/1xEC8mP pic.twitter.com/2hcTZr2Jzd

First published in 1902, @Monotype magazine The Recorder is back – redesigned by @LukeTonge bit.ly/1yC9jWd pic.twitter.com/KajfFdFbpu

Airfix Ruins: @Thom_Atkinson's thought-provoking images of bomb-damaged model buildings crmag.co.uk/1deQTji pic.twitter.com/ewTyRxu7As

Is failing a healthy part of the creative process? Photographer Erik Kessels explores ... bit.ly/1Tf9bHY pic.twitter.com/FBA6uM1FO9

New exhibition celebrates the work of lettering artist, teacher and engraver Michael Harvey bit.ly/1SGn835 pic.twitter.com/pJ43B2JFof

Inside Prof Stephen Hawking's Head, film by Will Studd @aardman for @BBCRadio4 bit.ly/1UgHY7b pic.twitter.com/eFaojCGWuI

Ahead of Anzac day a tableau vivant #UnforgottenSoldiers is touring NZ bit.ly/1GbSadT (Pic: @DDBNewZealand) pic.twitter.com/gOpha5MeVq

There's also a 'making of' film with more details on @ViktoriaModesta's amazing prosthetics bit.ly/1vZsZFm pic.twitter.com/Mtqzmu9U6s

The Rubik's Cube @Mark_Lundin made for today's Google Doodle is as fiendish as the original. Via @SamGilbey #threejs pic.twitter.com/fIxfACK41E

Yoni Alter talks to CR about his solo show at Kemistry Gallery and work for London Live crmag.co.uk/Q8OUbp pic.twitter.com/iZ7SKDwPoO

Royal Mail releases cute Animail stamps by Osborne Ross bit.ly/1OMBrh2 pic.twitter.com/ZvkkzCvvsL

hat-trick has designed a lovely new set of WWI stamps for Royal Mail. See the full set here bit.ly/1e32JUA pic.twitter.com/eIfwEwT5Me

To make the world's largest animated gif @INSAland used a car park and a pair of satellites bit.ly/1Cc50Fk pic.twitter.com/igT1Kn3ovs

Björk's new album Vulnicura has just been released. Check out the artwork by M/M Paris bit.ly/1uoPsgm pic.twitter.com/oOAqQDC5ob

Fabric that changes colour according to the breeze? Science + Magick from @_seetheunseen bit.ly/1zZhiy5 pic.twitter.com/GTXOB3pYSN

Designer Michael Johnson of @johnsonbanks on India's unique emerging design voice bit.ly/1kaWsrM pic.twitter.com/31bjOouDh4

Classic film posters get a Muppets makeover in the latest issue of Little White Lies crmag.co.uk/1kJ8RlK pic.twitter.com/vFVvfHg3KD

Elastic creates another great double exposure title sequence for True Detective season 2: bit.ly/1BJPa7E pic.twitter.com/xwRxqkttiT

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