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Cosy geladas & luminous squid: Wildlife Photographer of the Year @NHM_London @AntoniaEmilyW bit.ly/1pAIm0g pic.twitter.com/6tu0AVCt1d

Bob Mazzer has spent 40 years taking pictures on the tube – see slideshow at @DazedMagazine crmag.co.uk/1vzE3Ym pic.twitter.com/cChXxHfG8U

We talk to the designer of the chilling posters created for strange new film, The Lobster bit.ly/1Fp2GPh pic.twitter.com/b9wZ25pP8V

The new Honda ad is a feat of technical wizardry bit.ly/1GKFbOB pic.twitter.com/EEiOKG8nik

Great round-up of the best film posters from 2014 on @notebookMUBI ft. Frank by P+A Studio bit.ly/13pCEtV pic.twitter.com/kCACbQXsXp

Five short films by @RedBeeMedia and @Aardman will accompany the BBC's World Cup coverage crmag.co.uk/1oIm9Oh pic.twitter.com/PsvUCmamfS

New illustrators: a Q&A with Alex Tait, Paul Imrie, Jordan Carter & Joe Waldron crmag.co.uk/PPwzQL pic.twitter.com/KG4txYfmmA

A 'panic' of account managers? Creatures of Adland suggests collective nouns for ad biz crmag.co.uk/1o2Nglh pic.twitter.com/phfGtQrmaa

Here are winners of the World Illustration Awards 2016 bit.ly/2aUaEV5 pic.twitter.com/PhH5MON9Nn

78% of graphic designers work more hours than they are paid to says @GDand_ survey bit.ly/1P7JJ26 pic.twitter.com/Uu7PtyMKgs

ICYMI: @Kantar @infobeautiful awards chart disease, death and how to build a human bit.ly/1O5A3oL pic.twitter.com/JlDDqAhiow

A physical show for the digital age – we visit #AiWeiwei @AiWW at @RoyalAcademy (opens today) bit.ly/1NJuVeB pic.twitter.com/9dZR3RNEdN

Sarah Hyndman explores our emotional response to typography in new book The Type Taster bit.ly/1Ch7C3A pic.twitter.com/K8pFmCScBi

What's On: protest posters in NY, vintage ads in Helsinki, street art in London bit.ly/WIqgBI @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/8I6jDzPY9G

The New English Landscape: Q&A with photographer Jason Orton crmag.co.uk/1eMvbma @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/NYjTKKXtjT

Amazing that this is all done with ballpoint pens, too. @KaiandSunny at @StolenSpaceLDN bit.ly/1TqOomM pic.twitter.com/dfSz4PLEjs

Artists embrace the analogue era for International Teletext Art Festival in Berlin bit.ly/1z7CFxM pic.twitter.com/XPNpqT9nkO

The new 3 spot leads our ad round-up this week. But is it as good as the dancing pony? crmag.co.uk/1hdMY8Z pic.twitter.com/PKUwtlGOCJ

Designer vs Developer: how Google is trying to bring them together bit.ly/2mMKTdF pic.twitter.com/rOfXQlU4rR

Warning: design porn. The Paper Book from @ArjoCreatives . bit.ly/1Fw0SkZ pic.twitter.com/VIcYlFdLwq

Documenting life from 1896 to 1976 @BritishPathe uploads 85,000 films to YouTube crmag.co.uk/1nssZqE pic.twitter.com/UYOfDm4pxe

For the love of print: Subscribe to CR in Feb & get a free Magma sketchbook! crmag.co.uk/1f0Zzdb pic.twitter.com/SzONZu9xx4

Pes has created an incredible stop-motion film for Honda, made all in paper bit.ly/1MGf0xC pic.twitter.com/QDZIg4Cd6N

Amon Tobin's new EP, packaged in futuristic all-white vinyl inspired by space travel bit.ly/1EyMhni pic.twitter.com/EzKBfnBIFJ

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - "an unmissable & moving exhibition" @V_and_A bit.ly/1GzcjGU @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/BxgKXSVsWh

A great start to #OFFSET2015 day two with photographer Aisha Zeijpveld. Check out her work at bit.ly/1Mhoc8m pic.twitter.com/bQL1cofViN

Our latest pick of great new type, including Sawdust's skeletal letters for Men's Health bit.ly/1uVQMFz pic.twitter.com/IT3wogFlSz

RIP Arturo Vega, the 'fifth Ramone' and designer of the band's famous seal logo crmag.co.uk/12Bb7UU

Why Instagram did away with their iconic camera and rainbow logo bit.ly/1TA2KwI pic.twitter.com/X0Dx1Gqaue

Manuja Waldia made 40 illustrations for the new-look Pelican Shakespeare series bit.ly/1RqNG7r pic.twitter.com/SvjeX9Fcp0

David Bowie's ★ – we talk to @Barnbrook about designing a visual language for the new album bit.ly/1lLJDWY pic.twitter.com/LzGoJbkb0e

ICYMI: 12 things to do and see at the London Design Festival @L_D_F bit.ly/1Fgylma pic.twitter.com/oTreY8ZCYo

Ordnance Survey launches new identity to attract younger audience & reflect digital services bit.ly/1DwsqWQ pic.twitter.com/cqYkZOOteW

#SaveTheBees campaign launches from @BarnesandWebb with an exhibition of bee-themed art bit.ly/1p3N6em pic.twitter.com/jpL8tapVeK

Geometric perfection: Beautiful photography from Carl Kleiner for @HermanMiller crmag.co.uk/OaTKUy pic.twitter.com/cmqivP3ydW

Nadav Kander shoots simple but powerful new Samaritans campaign bit.ly/1oEJ03m pic.twitter.com/ZWTpZctzCO

How Artfelt is working with Yorkshire artists to transform Sheffield Children's Hospital bit.ly/1SbKJcY pic.twitter.com/sCPPHGANvs

Barnbrook’s design for Bowie’s Blackstar nominated for @DesignMuseum's Designs of the Year bit.ly/2bGQsUU pic.twitter.com/DD8hAvAoNM

Saul Steinberg chairs (c.1950) – 1 of our 10 things to see at the Eames show @BarbicanCentre bit.ly/1ZWysug pic.twitter.com/obcFfCQFtw

Oreo's eclipse of the Sun is the top spot in our latest Ads of the Week round up... bit.ly/1EABQjj pic.twitter.com/HvSlLz4nre

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