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Artist transforms ordinary rooms into hypnotic optical illusions with repeating lines. trib.al/ur3dCKZ pic.twitter.com/AIJDswWaRg

This artist creates incredible drawings of the room he’s in from his perspective. trib.al/ZWylwpz pic.twitter.com/WreZ5BbEy4

Hyperrealistic oil paintings of fish trapped in glass bowls are metaphors for modern life. trib.al/UJ0786R pic.twitter.com/pzCMkeugN8

Stunning shapes and shadows on earth that can only be seen from above. trib.al/ujcSDly pic.twitter.com/CwI4CTus6b

Imaginative exhibit lets you step into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss.

Adorable ‘Neko Cup’ lets you create sleepy cat sculptures out of sand. trib.al/ygH2rH7 pic.twitter.com/aNOboJHuXb

Here’s what it looks like inside the handmade sketchbooks of a well-traveled artist. ✏️

Surreal photo mash-ups cleverly merge animals with food. trib.al/mbJaSA1 pic.twitter.com/RdjIdX70ZR

Spooky wall sculptures of Victorian ghosts emerging from a mirror. trib.al/DIWJtM5 pic.twitter.com/xDDXWAAETO

Artist transforms discarded aluminum cans into incredible hand-sculpted art. trib.al/TUTSo6L pic.twitter.com/kCgSY6NIbt

Artist uses her own body as a canvas for her detailed architecture sketches. trib.al/zZkeiNO pic.twitter.com/OX7MIh1WAe

Sony develops wearable air conditioner to keep you cool while on the move.

Grooms hold a joyous traditional ceremony in a Hindu temple. trib.al/iI8khuA pic.twitter.com/PIOWhYohUJ

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