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Zaha Hadid architects creates world’s largest single-building airport terminal in Beijing. trib.al/iagkTtT pic.twitter.com/sznSnGBkGc

Street photographer captures the solitude of urban life through light and shadow. trib.al/h6ltrm6 pic.twitter.com/S9U31307AP

Gravity-defying photos of determined dogs catching frisbees in mid-air. trib.al/gnORO0L pic.twitter.com/sfq7UMN2tr

Architect designs a minimalist modern house inside a giant ancient rock. trib.al/Uj7Toee pic.twitter.com/0EKmHJPHFL

Architecture firm transforms unused space into vibrant children’s library. trib.al/6pWUa1A pic.twitter.com/uW4o73bY4I

Architect designs modern prism-shaped treehouses nestled in the forest. trib.al/5PZRRwU pic.twitter.com/6UTyP0Lf3p

Food artist gets kids to eat healthy by turning meals into pop culture masterpieces. trib.al/Jbzsu24 pic.twitter.com/bC1HgiZkch

Photographer travels the world documenting Burning Man festivals. trib.al/8ITi1ll pic.twitter.com/tBagNbb780

This artist creates incredible drawings of the room he’s in from his perspective. trib.al/ifLpspX pic.twitter.com/VOCBtoowrV

Imaginative exhibit lets you step into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss.

Graffiti artist creates amazing street art illusions using only spray paint. trib.al/7wVusDm pic.twitter.com/XtzOnIEGED

Artist transforms Victorian portraits into modern pop culture trading cards. trib.al/a8hdFuC pic.twitter.com/5N106Hh0jd

Have endless fun exploring outer space with these infinite jigsaw puzzles.

Designer invents peddle-powered knitting machine to make waiting for a train more fun. trib.al/gyW76Nx pic.twitter.com/rTihwYm2A9

Vintage Fiat 500 transformed into modern electric vehicle.

Vibrant Illustrations pay homage to Armenia’s Soviet modernist architecture. trib.al/6uyJg98 pic.twitter.com/sYlGuYNn2y

Street artists revive Spanish village with murals celebrating local tradition. trib.al/zEXo5cp pic.twitter.com/B6Nuq5oq4c

Kenya Develops Solar-Powered Plant That Turns Ocean Saltwater Into Clean Drinking Water. trib.al/fe0ZeZf pic.twitter.com/7e2yGyFDSZ

Handmade wood and resin “dragon eggs” glimmer and change color in the light.

Minimalist decor suspends delicate flora in polygonal wireframes.

Colorful glamping pods let you spend a night of luxury in a South Korean forest.

10+ Creative Baby Yoda Gifts That’ll Honor “The Child” of Star Wars. trib.al/wmXQap1 #TheMandalorian pic.twitter.com/nL12HXOQ9d

Eco-friendly travel trailer has luxury design for cozy full-time nomadic living. trib.al/vFF50VN pic.twitter.com/dz3s7ic3dW

These gorgeous glamping sites are available to book around the world! ✨ trib.al/7pCFCUU pic.twitter.com/lHbovPhtJV

Elusive ‘wrap-around spiders’ seamlessly camouflage into their surroundings.

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