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14 artists react to refugee ban with compassionate illustrations trib.al/uf5QEw8 pic.twitter.com/dnalZ0rniR

Cats are tattooing other cats in surreal Japanese ink wash paintings trib.al/nHLA7bW pic.twitter.com/FB1TOtQICh

An indoor rainbow made of thread flows through the @ToledoMuseum bit.ly/2glD10b pic.twitter.com/PbCUHfT3r6

Beard Baubles: Let's decorate beards this Christmas bit.ly/1qwQtks pic.twitter.com/bjwIsyx76X

Pop Culture Icons Impressively Carved into Crayola Crayons mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/TxsLL8bL8W

Thousands of Swimming Fish Create Huge Underwater Spirals bit.ly/N6F7Rf pic.twitter.com/As637nu1f8

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori is back with new goldfish paintings made by layering resin. bit.ly/IdBOFX pic.twitter.com/WYDcHxiNln

Artist paints imaginary ecosystems bursting with colorful flora and fauna trib.al/EJf3gTL pic.twitter.com/nhvK3J2Kse

Colorful paper-cut sculpture captures the diversity of a coral reef trib.al/GFLTI5Q pic.twitter.com/iQISDIeifY

A 512-year-old Greenland shark may be the oldest living vertebrate on Earth

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations are finally reissued trib.al/CtONQFW pic.twitter.com/aYYxuU3ojp

A 90-year-old grandma in the Czech Republic passes time by artistically painting houses trib.al/gKGREso pic.twitter.com/6xIaWKLUpg

Photographer @jill_bliss captures colorful mushrooms in vibrant arrangements trib.al/15XRMGy pic.twitter.com/3tc57Zb8QL

Gustav Klimt’s famous paintings get recreated with live models trib.al/3EP5yot pic.twitter.com/5TMnkP7bZO

A cute and quirky Van Gogh action figure comes with tiny detachable ear

Woman sets up bird feeder photo booth to capture close-ups of feathered friends trib.al/NYZCBJY pic.twitter.com/XLB4uhtR55

A 1,400-year-old Gingko tree sheds a spectacular ocean of golden leaves bit.ly/2cYqliy pic.twitter.com/zsCAChKJ3O

A letter sent to Iceland with a hand-drawn map instead of address actually arrives bit.ly/2c8RSKa pic.twitter.com/vpTK0EZ6x7

Pristine ancient Greek mosaics have been uncovered in the Turkish city of Zeugma bit.ly/2bgUmJi pic.twitter.com/nOTDXZAde8

Breathtaking portraits by @omarzrobles capture ballet's finest dancing on the streets of NYC bit.ly/2aXnipY pic.twitter.com/IxEE1aFy26

100-year-old photos capture authentic daily life in Japan bit.ly/20As0rv pic.twitter.com/S7wtrsmIiH

Ballerina expresses raw emotions through portraits of delicate dance movements bit.ly/26SOrgk pic.twitter.com/czre9PDPoX

Fantastical rainbow clouds dust the skies at sunset in the UK, thanks to a rare phenomenon: mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/h1Vbv2yRBw

Phenomenal shots of Norway's fjords from the stunning perspective of a kayaker mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/lZ1nluyFnH

Great idea! Awesome vending machine sells random books for $2 bit.ly/1ySshts pic.twitter.com/kymAMdQGxn

Stunning Underwater Shipwreck Portraits Taken Off the Shores of Bali mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/sVh5V62o0z

Here are the 12 most surreal light installations at The Festival of Lights, Lyon. bit.ly/1cuqZdH pic.twitter.com/xF5rovkUlg

Artist illustrates his battle with depression as a mystical world of spirit animals. trib.al/dOwweHs pic.twitter.com/dSvDA1J42c

10,000 pounds of ocean plastic Is turned into a leaping 38-foot-tall whale.

Incredible kingfisher photo is the result of 6 months of hard work—no Photoshop necessary trib.al/dTe0QC9 pic.twitter.com/OFkcrD52sk

A giant lion carved from single tree trunk took 20 people 3 years to complete trib.al/AqgWrsb pic.twitter.com/eSwm9HWnGZ

Illustrator perfectly captures the overlooked joys of living alone trib.al/9YomjqT pic.twitter.com/BABS63MsWc

Surreal creatures from Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ come to life as festive piñatas trib.al/CWQCESe pic.twitter.com/tslK8VHDmG

An abandoned fishing village in china reclaimed by nature trib.al/6IodGv9 pic.twitter.com/plYF5WV15N

This artist paints realistically detailed animals on smooth stones trib.al/Gy1gFoL pic.twitter.com/MOFWf8zFAe

Dynamic photos of ballet dancers in motion on the streets of Puerto Rico by @omarzrobles trib.al/xUuCm1M pic.twitter.com/m74Kc5eZlR

100-year-old theatre in Buenos Aires is turned into a thriving bookstore trib.al/4k4zbaH pic.twitter.com/uV3IjYuTp4

Stunning photos of trains roaring through picturesque landscapes trib.al/6xevDBu pic.twitter.com/umLV5rcwlr

Portraits of cats dressed in royal attire. There's only one word to describe them: dashing! bit.ly/2gB6EgL pic.twitter.com/ARmgla1MHu

This incredible alarm clock manipulates magnetic fluids to tell the time mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/6pOP5BBHfo

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