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Check out this summer's magical photos of Japan's annual flurry of fireflies in forests bit.ly/29AmCGo pic.twitter.com/Vp66omqjUv

Magical long-exposure shots of fireflies in the forests of Nagoya City, Japan bit.ly/1TsmNlo pic.twitter.com/tWUdDpGHdD

This grandiose baroque library in #Prague is a stunning kingdom for books: mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/ATrOBo6c63

These were the 10 most stunning art installations in 2013. Did you see any of them in-person? bit.ly/IUh05O pic.twitter.com/oJSntV9pUz

Tokyo has a festival to pay tribute to the art of Japanese manhole covers.

These incredible paintings capture the delicious details of fruit.

Pilot reveals how dramatic thunderstorms look from above the clouds.

Beautiful wintry photos of Tokyo blanketed in snow look like a frozen fairy tale trib.al/Yc1gTUk pic.twitter.com/HuJKCrsb7U

Young-sung Kim creates larger than life paintings of fish that look almost too real... trib.al/Rw4b7is pic.twitter.com/YJK6dHSwa4

This creative woman excels at baking art pies with avant-garde crust designs trib.al/4xNugTu pic.twitter.com/phfe1Mc05C

What was Mozart's day like? This infographic tracks the daily routines of famous creatives trib.al/2Hc3qpt pic.twitter.com/fkv02CzDF3

A creative mom dresses up in amazing cosplay to represent older women characters trib.al/5snhL0z pic.twitter.com/s8ocW2jNmX

Salavat Fidai carves the tip of a pencil into a detailed microsculpture of the Eiffel Tower trib.al/J0AXX1q pic.twitter.com/nmwvcJsluP

Designer transforms Arabic words into illustrations of their literal meanings trib.al/URtCkpc pic.twitter.com/5etQu4ennp

People are planting flowers in potholes their city’s neglecting to fix trib.al/P7Fo7nG pic.twitter.com/VlfYqmd49N

This illustrator offers shortcut to classic literature with hilariously brief summaries trib.al/FUxbjUy pic.twitter.com/eKqk5tVwPe

An abandoned fishing village in china reclaimed by nature trib.al/y0TLMlU pic.twitter.com/fCnYbvJcKM

Hypnotizing images of Budapest’s spiral staircases trib.al/eeu93ud pic.twitter.com/zfSAf0P7M8

One epic image captures lava, Moon, Milky Way, and meteor all in one photograph bit.ly/2ehs3eY pic.twitter.com/vlukEEv3fc

This grandiose baroque library in Prague Is a stunning kingdom for books bit.ly/1UsGfxH pic.twitter.com/XRLb90QHCb

Magnificent electric cloud formed out of 5,000 light bulbs mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… #art #sculpture pic.twitter.com/ZVskJrcABO

Japan's first female photojournalist is still taking pictures at 101 years old mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/ZFl1ZvHhHE

This artist creates the most amazing paper cranes with feathery details. trib.al/Q4ZSSWs pic.twitter.com/W89dtfnmho

The stunning winners of the Nature Conservancy 2018 Global Photo Contest have been announced. pic.twitter.com/pF6TlqpAd7

Brilliant new typeface combines touchable braille with visible letters

Wood artist carves fallen logs into adorable forest animals crawling out of trees

Daniel Han captures aerial footage of amazing wave forms on coasts around the world.

Photographer @jill_bliss captures colorful mushrooms in vibrant arrangements trib.al/eCFKBfj pic.twitter.com/3xcBBcVMtp

Illustrator amusingly “unmasks” the true identities of pop culture icons trib.al/BdXjpml pic.twitter.com/qkHYDfSxo2

Istanbul’s beloved street cat immortalized with his own bronze statue trib.al/3Q6B2rO pic.twitter.com/awnECOGEru

A mirrored house camouflages into the mountainous Californian desert trib.al/rHIVTIK pic.twitter.com/KbfioQX0d9

13 of the most beautiful opera houses around the world trib.al/hmW2NLj pic.twitter.com/qlZ5JAvbwP

Birds in flight emerge from the negative space of broken windows bit.ly/2ecuXPV pic.twitter.com/7M5hgf3HWp

These exquisite electric bikes made with vintage parts from the 1950s bit.ly/1SMnELr pic.twitter.com/8nwH6Jj7sP

This stylish Pac-Man suit has the classic 1980s arcade game printed all over it bit.ly/1NmwkDQ pic.twitter.com/JGeDgK1huX

Magical long-exposure shots of fireflies in the forests of Nagoya City, Japan bit.ly/1Q3kEdD pic.twitter.com/pHTGa48ovg

Full moon lamp by @LUNAYourMoon provides a mystical glow to set tranquil mood mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/nS02arDkBC

Special dogs help calm traumatized witnesses testifying in court mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/1Xf0AZqqBj

Delightfully expressive dog portraits by photographer Elke Vogelsang (@ElkeVogelsang) mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/uUl46gcblu

Beth Moon Returns to Photograph the World's Oldest Trees at Night mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/KAPNcD1rX7

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