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10,000 pounds of ocean plastic Is turned into a leaping 38-foot-tall whale.

Portraits of cats dressed…

Portraits of cats dressed in royal attire. There's only one word to describe them: dashing! bit.ly/2gE2cdn pic.twitter.com/sZH4hVcJxY

Portraits of “most beautiful chickens on the planet” capture their underrated beauty

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms…

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms herself into mind-bending optical illusions trib.al/u2m7LA4 pic.twitter.com/yp7nXgnQ1Z

Artist’s hand-cut paper sculptures capture the vibrant energy of birds, bees, and beyond!

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms…

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms herself into mind-bending optical illusions trib.al/9EnaRQ3 pic.twitter.com/MQQrmRCzwx

Our book is now available…

Our book is now available worldwide! For Love: 25 Heartwarming Celebrations of Humanity bit.ly/1TO1hb7 pic.twitter.com/keXR3m5ffg

Traveling photographer captures a pastel world straight out of a Wes Anderson film. trib.al/bY01Irr pic.twitter.com/wloWxyLqG6

Woman sets up tiny photo booth to capture birds eating in her backyard.

20+ people who discovered…

20+ people who discovered their art history doppelgängers at museums trib.al/TLgt0eB pic.twitter.com/X0IhP24QU0

A man walks all day to create…

A man walks all day to create elegant (and massive) patterns in the snow. bit.ly/1jJh5YL pic.twitter.com/Mj3cdn97ow

Trees with “crown shyness”…

Trees with “crown shyness” mysteriously avoid touching each other trib.al/XERjmkX pic.twitter.com/NMlENNNpka

This mom uses an optical…

This mom uses an optical illusion to “dress” her daughter in fabulous food fashion trib.al/U8GZBS9 pic.twitter.com/EX74mA5Oxv

Humby Art creates watercolor illustrations that are out of this world!

Funny action figures imagine Bruce Lee playing pranks on Freddie Mercury trib.al/f7LTQp1 pic.twitter.com/uaGTLLl22N

Journalist spends 4 years…

Journalist spends 4 years documenting India's subterranean stepwells before they disappear mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/zHEK75Lw5Y

Behind the Lens: Surreal…

Behind the Lens: Surreal photographer Logan Zillmer explores the mysterious mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/cujBIkDC5R

May the 4th Be With You:…

May the 4th Be With You: 20+ magnificent artworks that celebrate Star Wars mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/XNJcTQph69

Artist Spends a Year in the…

Artist Spends a Year in the Woods Creating Mysterious, Nature-Inspired Sculptures mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/ncTqBFMpO9

Incredible optical illusion bookstore looks like a real-life M.C. Escher painting. trib.al/8bsLUWL pic.twitter.com/gJEuMilqkx

Yayoi Kusama’s latest installation “Obliterates” an entire apartment in red flowers

.@NASA has compiled a list…

.@NASA has compiled a list of the best air-cleaning plants for your home

Photographer breaks “crazy…

Photographer breaks “crazy cat lady” stereotype, features grown men with their adorable cats bit.ly/1MPigVe pic.twitter.com/PcBUOxENb5

With colorized x-ray images,…

With colorized x-ray images, a radiation physicist shows us the hidden beauty inside nature. bit.ly/18ZPWMK pic.twitter.com/oC8gasaXG7

A 3D zebra stripe crosswalk…

A 3D zebra stripe crosswalk in Iceland slows traffic with stunning optical illusion trib.al/LhlAPRv pic.twitter.com/HrjdgrFGsl

This florist quietly adorns…

This florist quietly adorns weathered public statues with elaborate flower bouquets trib.al/xIn36nW pic.twitter.com/qzcAKcxZ7h

Happy Chinese New Year! Xia…

Happy Chinese New Year! Xia Nan installed Lanterns of Terracotta Army at Edinburgh University. mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/xIsIs3fcYV

Yoda bookend uses the force to keep your shelf organized.

Watch this mesmerizing wall…

Watch this mesmerizing wall animation by Michael Fragstein of Büro Achter April trib.al/6HCioA5 pic.twitter.com/BTxe37xp8Y

The beautifully kaleidoscopic…

The beautifully kaleidoscopic ceilings of mosques in Iran bit.ly/1KK9nyJ pic.twitter.com/sQSfQWkpbr

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen…

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations are finally reissued trib.al/LgsfMb0 pic.twitter.com/LK64j4UOFS

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen…

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations are finally reissued trib.al/Fnw3N1i pic.twitter.com/J3yLePKKUz

This abandoned fishing village…

This abandoned fishing village in China has been beautifully reclaimed by nature bit.ly/2gJd0YS pic.twitter.com/UQYvZXNkOx

Visothkakvei turns hypnotizing…

Visothkakvei turns hypnotizing doodles into a 3D optical illusion of a "floral hole." trib.al/HcO2XXQ pic.twitter.com/rIGgeofXWy

This quirky couple travels…

This quirky couple travels around the world to playfully interact with architecture trib.al/Myl6Mzq pic.twitter.com/iXKMN0xhFZ

People are sharing photos…

People are sharing photos of real-life places that belong in a Wes Anderson film trib.al/VyCndG2 pic.twitter.com/ZbMYa2juHe

A mural is purposely painted…

A mural is purposely painted upside down to reflect right side up in the water trib.al/14f7UVS pic.twitter.com/NcAucU6igC

Guys are decorating their…

Guys are decorating their beards with flowers to celebrate spring's arrival bit.ly/1R48PD8 pic.twitter.com/mH7LTAIAzE

Remarkably pristine ancient…

Remarkably pristine ancient Greek mosaics uncovered in Turkish city of Zeugma bit.ly/1xN3aZn pic.twitter.com/XZKNg4n2Up

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