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Japanese grandmother chronicles the adorable antics of 1-year-old girl and giant poodle trib.al/dPDyrJm pic.twitter.com/rLXjuws435

Watch artist extraordinaire Victor Montaghini turn his brushwork into body art.

For his latest exhibition,…

For his latest exhibition, artist @DanielArsham excavated a giant 300-foot tunnel bit.ly/1QcCYNR pic.twitter.com/4qVomkLMAx

Artist’s hand-cut paper sculptures capture the vibrant energy of birds, bees, and beyond!

This artist turns discarded trash into fantastical animal sculptures bit.ly/2dhXfHn pic.twitter.com/gdHPn5cVKd

Artist draws fantastical creatures interacting with commuters on the @NYCTSubway bit.ly/2cAshNp pic.twitter.com/W9dWTMIfeV

Jess Lambert turns an ordinary wall into a beautiful mandala through artistic repetition. trib.al/5ddH6w0 pic.twitter.com/EBiExet0Da

200+ posters from the Golden Age of graphic design are now free to download trib.al/pZtRb4b pic.twitter.com/GCIKafQpdG

Jeep leaves incredible ice…

Jeep leaves incredible ice sculpture perfectly frozen in place bit.ly/1ApB2NL pic.twitter.com/lSyeyHbdvm

Artist paints imaginary ecosystems bursting with colorful flora and fauna trib.al/mNoml9H pic.twitter.com/zMISn8zl0Y

Unwind with these calming manga watercolors by @heikala_art!

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms herself into mind-bending optical illusions trib.al/s1Axr43 pic.twitter.com/l2yKhtjTit

1,000 lines of colorful paint pool into mesmerizing puddles at the Venice Biennale trib.al/VSaUQOg pic.twitter.com/SVJ3ekBN0F

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms herself into mind-bending optical illusions trib.al/mwOz1cz pic.twitter.com/xS2RB0on0z

David Bowie tribute installation takes over NYC subway station trib.al/BXZGiej pic.twitter.com/mZD0e395kM

Artistic dad continues to transform his sons’ drawings into expert-level anime trib.al/zwuC48H pic.twitter.com/HCCu9bqI4Q

Daniel Han captures aerial footage of amazing wave forms on coasts around the world.

Superheroes reimagined as 16th century paintings by @sachabada trib.al/KQNoYiv pic.twitter.com/WE4LFYC0dd

Artist @ianberry84 uses denim jeans to create realistic scenes of everyday life bit.ly/2gFFRzO pic.twitter.com/KCPQQt2SQJ

Architect-turned-baker designs beautiful, bold cakes inspired by art and math trib.al/d9JRmFd pic.twitter.com/D1HAy516Zt

These artistic maps of Pakistan and India show embroidery techniques of each region trib.al/GFkw8Bt pic.twitter.com/ZR7WzT00ow

These spectacular tiny sculptures made of recycled watches trib.al/nQx3mMk pic.twitter.com/qNQuSeWIrW

Compassionate villagers knit giant sweaters to keep rescue elephants warm ❤️ trib.al/byWzg8E pic.twitter.com/RLl6iqp2fr

Incredibly detailed paper sculptures resemble natural microorganisms mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/1l0OQ9a6SW

Daniel Han captures aerial footage of amazing wave forms on coasts around the world.

Well, this is a bizarre sight—43 crumbling presidential heads sitting in a field in Virginia bit.ly/21dLW4J pic.twitter.com/Jo27jrT9F9

Is this art or photography? Either way, it's adorable. bit.ly/1dfV15a pic.twitter.com/DBkUNOX5Rm

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms herself into mind-bending optical illusions trib.al/3NSGTkr pic.twitter.com/ZUWhJQvJ3a

A sweet little pet owl uses mushroom as umbrella during sudden rainstorm

19 stunning staircases transformed by artists around the world trib.al/gmXUnSp pic.twitter.com/lqPtvUlQb6

Here’s what it looks like inside the handmade sketchbooks of a well-traveled artist ✏️

Lifelike ‘succulent cakes’ turn prickly plants into delicious desserts trib.al/CyUxfD2 pic.twitter.com/oJNvwTqLcR

This Nigerian artist spends up to 200 hours creating hyperrealistic pencil portraits trib.al/VXdb3Mu pic.twitter.com/2RovbV4Nyl

Bridges for animals to safely cross freeways are popping up around the world trib.al/kFtObOh pic.twitter.com/K1uhslGU1C

Ceramic Cups Melt Into Puddles of Patterned Porcelain mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/6mhpPQFJkB

Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma opens new mirrored infinity rooms in New York. bit.ly/1hSJld5 pic.twitter.com/86zWuLaCCh

Young-sung Kim creates larger than life paintings of fish that look almost too real... trib.al/InIxi73 pic.twitter.com/ncUXIPontg

A mural is purposely painted upside down to reflect right side up in the water trib.al/Ra1G8Vk pic.twitter.com/ume3yI5eOU

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