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Fascinating photos of reindeer people living in Mongolia bit.ly/199QimW pic.twitter.com/N2uzv2iiJq

Liz Climo is a popular artist on Tumblr who creates wonderfully witty animal comics. bit.ly/1gAb1lL pic.twitter.com/L9OKlGZ4x7

Artist uses recycled textile waste to handcraft ocean-inspired rugs and tapestries. trib.al/fuGYV0Q pic.twitter.com/a2r9r2tj07

Astrophotographer shoots 50,000 photos to create one stunning image of the moon. trib.al/ZXW02iu pic.twitter.com/HozqylYXwS

Watch how Isabelle Richard shares her relaxing oil painting process

Impossibly tiny doodles fill sketchbook pages with surreal optical illusions trib.al/kdriQU6 pic.twitter.com/BXDg44r1Y7

This NYC winter storm photo looks just like an Impressionist painting mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… #Jonas pic.twitter.com/xsSsQSCOp5

Artist Ramon Bruin creates optical illusion drawings that seem to pop off the page. bit.ly/JfwRN3 pic.twitter.com/IJ1sK5ncfr

Swirling Animal Illustrations Blend Reality With Abstraction su.pr/8OuYUQ

Russian fisherman continues to catch the weirdest deep sea creatures in the ocean

These 80-year-old wooden escalators repurposed as interlooping ceiling sculptures trib.al/ejBFqYd pic.twitter.com/QMnmwLY6ui

Mesmerizing translucent waves from 19th-century paintings

20+ people who discovered their art history doppelgängers at museums trib.al/rEGGf81 pic.twitter.com/fm7ArPYGe2

Spectacular “galaxy” flowers look like they hold the universe in their petals ✨ trib.al/jFQ3rs7 pic.twitter.com/DngmuhVyMn

This giant lion carved from single tree trunk took 20 people 3 years to complete trib.al/5g1HInZ pic.twitter.com/BTCbqn4gkp

This abandoned fishing village in China has been beautifully reclaimed by nature bit.ly/2gMX8EJ pic.twitter.com/tSRZAzthbZ

A traveling photographer captures world's most beautiful libraries around the globe bit.ly/2cSRGyK pic.twitter.com/GLqUG6wCnV

Artist celebrates women in science with whimsical drawings bit.ly/1F9t7pk pic.twitter.com/GKiPCaiVH6

First photos and video from Dubai's world record breaking fireworks show. bit.ly/1lAynp2 pic.twitter.com/G3eRONtIlL

Frida Kahlo’s colorful wardrobe finally revealed after being hidden for 50 years trib.al/N0ef82v pic.twitter.com/tUqAamkPAJ

The captivating beauty of libraries around the world bit.ly/16KxQkd pic.twitter.com/cHlJbFb6tj

Spectacular Spring Photos of Cherry Blossoms in Japan bit.ly/OyK1Hf pic.twitter.com/GseVKBPb94

Young-sung Kim creates larger than life paintings of fish that look almost too real... trib.al/7RaaI7k pic.twitter.com/wqIDok3U8R

What if iconic art history subjects were young modern people in the city? trib.al/p8127Hf pic.twitter.com/A2KXw1kNfA

A French bookstore seamlessly blends people’s faces with book covers trib.al/J6rRvPZ pic.twitter.com/mb4AG7ZvPF

Magical photos of the world’s oldest lake frozen over trib.al/Q4NoLm1 pic.twitter.com/y9WmvRl8xT

Photographer beautifully captures the unlikely friendship between a gray wolf and brown bear mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/jpdxdtgr6y

Incredibly Majestic Lion Made of 4,000 Metal Scraps mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/bGCvGLV1M4

Street artist Pejac is making trees sprout from the bricks of New York buildings

Ben Young's new layered glass sculptures capture the depth and beauty of the ocean

A designer perfectly matches @pantone color swatches with real-life landscapes trib.al/LkK7wLc pic.twitter.com/LLlz38Dk2q

What would it look like if Superman was born in the 16th century? trib.al/Fj2PyyO pic.twitter.com/BEZ2FbXAGn

This photographer uses UV light to capture shimmering shots of fluorescent flowers trib.al/ulZlaIF pic.twitter.com/4aCBTp5fUF

Cats are tattooing other cats in surreal Japanese ink wash paintings trib.al/5EQs2lM pic.twitter.com/WN2avHwPrm

Aww: kids are practicing their reading skills to soothe shy shelter dogs bit.ly/21jntOS pic.twitter.com/tuPjYj2VIJ

This stunning shot captures a man flinging a thermos of hot tea in subzero temperatures: mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/qBv7IvbHL8

Artist George Redhawk creates eerily beautiful gifs even though he's legally blind mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/iYq64ZMUVT

Incredible double exposures merge wondrous wild animals with stunning scenery mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/OT9PAOF1nT

Ordinary electrical tower transformed into dazzling art installation bit.ly/1qsMClC pic.twitter.com/NcyQaJVSwF

Photographer swims out to sea to capture spectacular storm shot bit.ly/1k2TkMb pic.twitter.com/U5voOqM0mh

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