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Le top des tweets de My Modern Met

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What would it look like if Superman was born in the 16th century?

This photographer uses UV light to capture shimmering shots of fluorescent flowers

Cats are tattooing other cats in surreal Japanese ink wash paintings

Aww: kids are practicing their reading skills to soothe shy shelter dogs

This stunning shot captures a man flinging a thermos of hot tea in subzero temperatures:…

Artist George Redhawk creates eerily beautiful gifs even though he's legally blind…

Incredible double exposures merge wondrous wild animals with stunning scenery…

Ordinary electrical tower transformed into dazzling art installation

Photographer swims out to sea to capture spectacular storm shot

Stunning sculptures reimagine women’s hair as surreal landscapes.

Extreme cold turns Niagara Falls into a fairy tale landscape frozen in time ❄️

A giant lion carved from single tree trunk took 20 people 3 years to complete

An Estonian artist uses a chainsaw to carve a fantastical dragon bench

This clever street artist paints fake shadows to playfully trick passersby

Portraits of cats dressed in royal attire. There's only one word to describe them: dashing!

10,000 books create a literary river on the streets of Toronto

The entire alphabet found on the wing patterns of butterflies

.@floraborsi shares an eye with various animals in her series of stunning self portraits…

Artist Uses Paint Swatches to Create a Colorfully Pixelated Space

Can you believe these amazing "antiques" are edible? They're made out of chocolate!

These hyperrealistic balloons are made entirely out of spray paint—no helium required!

A 391-year-old bonsai tree survived Hiroshima bombings and keeps growing

Piper Pottery + Crafts uses real leaves to create one-of-a-kind pottery.

Artist carves everyday foods into exquisitely patterned masterpieces

A gravity-defying sculpture of Mother Nature rotating Earth

Glowworms transform a New Zealand cave into an enchanting starry sky…

Beautiful Photos of Frozen Lighthouses on Lake Michigan

This Korean café makes visitors feel like they’ve stepped into a cartoon!

Giant flower bouquet takes over NYC street with over 40 feet of real blooms!

Japan releases a range of miniature furniture for cats

A sweet little pet owl uses mushroom as umbrella during sudden rainstorm

These artists recreate elaborate Baroque wigs entirely out of paper

Artists crochet giant sea urchin installations that interact with their surroundings

This artist tightly rolls newspaper to craft incredibly detailed animal sculptures

.@stevenfollen suspended 2,000 steel stars to pay a dazzling tribute to #Shakespeare:

These fantastic coffee-stained leaf paintings are created with remenents of a morning brew…

World's Smallest 3D-Printing Pen Lets You Doodle in the Air!…

These cool parents have recreated famous movie scenes with their 10-month-old son.

Artist’s hand-cut paper sculptures capture the vibrant energy of birds, bees, and beyond!

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