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Brilliant Halloween cover @NewYorker art #cartergoodrich #trump pic.twitter.com/PHkAFCwg5n

Golden age of cover design: newest @TIME with artwork from Tim O'Brien pic.twitter.com/wrJBmwZgN4

Some great #Brexit #frontpages…

Some great #Brexit #frontpages out of brazil, France, UK, Netherlands @RevistaEpoca @ADnl @libe @Independent pic.twitter.com/BgHwA0WbAQ

Newest @MotherJones is crazy cool. Artwork @noma_bar creativedirector @ivylise

Ooof look at their logo :(…

Ooof look at their logo :( Its the last frontpage of The #Independent newspaper pic.twitter.com/mNYqwqrsq7

What a tribute; preview cover…

What a tribute; preview cover @NewYorker artwork #bobstaake #purpleforever pic.twitter.com/NjJIlVCl0p

Wow thats 3 Trump covers in 1 weekend by artist @edelstudio ♠️♠️♠️ pic.twitter.com/0zLD9TINuR

Trump & the USA on newest cover @TIME artwork @edelstudio #magazines pic.twitter.com/1eyewE6Tn6

Fab inside cover artwork…

Fab inside cover artwork by @noma_bar for @volkskrant : #johancruyff RIP / art editor @mevrouw_van_ek

“Is Google to poweful?” Strong cover @NYTmag by @GailBichler ♠️ pic.twitter.com/2vyYt82MqH

We love a good spoof cover #trumpontime pic.twitter.com/jtv96LHwyb


Ace "O" detail on this new cover @newyorkermag / artwork @abstractsunday #usopen pic.twitter.com/7qQkbpBMQr

Gotto see this @RollingStoneita…

Gotto see this @RollingStoneita from Italy as a tribute to Punk ✊

This #Merkel spread nails…

This #Merkel spread nails it #BloombergBusinessweek

Wow! Next mondays cover @NewYorker . Artwork #abigailgrayswartz

Wooha #Putin as NewYorkers mascotte #eustacetilley and a little Trump. Here next mondays @NewYorker pic.twitter.com/V5v8TpVJPO

Next weeks cover @NewYorker stars Nobel Prize winner #bobdylan Artwork @malikafavre pic.twitter.com/xg8h4tefeu

“Enough” The Parkland Florida students and #MarchForOurLives organizers on this new cover @TIME pic.twitter.com/r90QdnsVTF

New Trump cover @TheEconomist is hilarious pic.twitter.com/7691tBxH1R

"Incoming" New @TIME cover pic.twitter.com/7y5x7FRV92

Yes THAT time of the year; vote 3 (!) times on the acest creative cover coverjunkie.com/poll/vote-best… pic.twitter.com/z6sO3RJ2jk

The quotation marks. Funny cover @TheEconomist from the UK / artwork Jon Berkeley pic.twitter.com/FI04V3k2HH

Newest Trump cover @NewYorker , out monday pic.twitter.com/2nQRRg4rEN


"New Toys" by #AnitaKunz. Next mondays @NewYorker pic.twitter.com/YrqgPrRZGs

#trumpnamie New cover @DerSPIEGEL from Germany. Another ace one by @edelstudio pic.twitter.com/H4GppOXGjw

New Obama cover @NYMag is king! Photo #danwinters pic.twitter.com/5KGjeXkk9l

Ace new cover @NYTmag about…

Ace new cover @NYTmag about #edwardsnowden / designdirection @GailBichler pic.twitter.com/DEhb657nGV

#Trump (via @verge &…

#Trump (via @verge & Richard Turley) pic.twitter.com/8oZsXAUo4Y

#CoverOfTheYear? New @NYMag…

#CoverOfTheYear? New @NYMag with 35 woman (out of 46) who accused Cosby: instagram.com/p/5oORMHiFj0/ photo @AmandaDemme pic.twitter.com/2Yil1rKSFS

Spectaculair 150th anniversary cover @harpersbazaarus

Trump stars newest cover @DerSPIEGEL (Germany) artwork @edelstudio pic.twitter.com/2uImGjlPdv

Cover 1974 #muhammadali RIP…

Cover 1974 #muhammadali RIP . Cover New York Times Magazine @NYTmag pic.twitter.com/KWEZkH4DTD

sweet type cover Little White…

sweet type cover Little White Lies (@LWLies) 50ᵗʰ Anniversary Issue pic.twitter.com/kyTSsrBZwu via @ARTORICAL (meet up monday?)

Trumps #FireAndFury on newest cover @TIME artwork @edelstudio pic.twitter.com/JPAsF9NBi3

#trump on this new @TIME cover / creativedirector DW Pine pic.twitter.com/OaZ1IOr1HY

"Its the end of the world (as we know it)" new cover @DerSPIEGEL from Germany pic.twitter.com/U4WSgavkDE


"It’s a celebration of love,” artist #FrankViva says. “It’s just that simple.” New cover @NewYorker pic.twitter.com/vKdB4M4SP7

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