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Branding done right: a collection of splendid corporate identity designs buff.ly/1PLlKuV

Cool lamps and chandeliers made of every day objects buff.ly/1OUY1sb pic.twitter.com/qS0JGXlcWk

Lucas Levitan draws monsters into photos buff.ly/1QjrOFU

Phoreus Cherokee, a typeface to modernize the Cherokee language buff.ly/1mI6a7w pic.twitter.com/MIpmSoQQY5

This artist turns stones into soft sculptures buff.ly/20UwjQn pic.twitter.com/gkZfv1DKNR

A collection of well-designed event tickets buff.ly/1WAVZ4K pic.twitter.com/rIGlzNHBbd

Simpsonized Game of Thrones characters bit.ly/12XmQpM

Pornographisme, a book about typographic porn posters (SFW) buff.ly/1SnI0bz

A collection of clever gadgets to do all kinds of things you don't need to do buff.ly/1NAKzoG

The Swiss National Bank unveils a new 50 francs bill buff.ly/20sWXhH

A Complete Guide to WordPress for Beginners @WPAllClub vcb.bz/1jv8 RT @sunita_rai7

The illustrations of Scott Martin, aka Burnt Toast Creative buff.ly/1XLhcWt

Street art at its best: a collection of 20 artworks you shouldn't miss buff.ly/20o3BpO pic.twitter.com/rOUcvYGPJJ

BLK LTR Series: typographic experiments by Mark Richardson buff.ly/1OE5d9F pic.twitter.com/4qCFZgi9LM

An illustrated alphabet inspired by nature buff.ly/1UghPoY pic.twitter.com/IrFJnqvfPT

Good agencies copy, great agencies steal and receive awards buff.ly/1SLb4Nz pic.twitter.com/DtrqHz309Y

It's now possible to 3D print lego heads with your face buff.ly/1SDZrrw pic.twitter.com/EoGh8Xk2ap

This wave city coffee cable was inspired by the movie Inception buff.ly/1Z7HmSA #interiordesign pic.twitter.com/lnn8OsQngR

10 creative and well-designed packaging designs buff.ly/1VEnTsv pic.twitter.com/zU56A4DxnH

Micro Matter: wonderful tiny houses built in glass tubes buff.ly/1R18nrP pic.twitter.com/YZgdVnbpU4

The best of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards buff.ly/1Pic0pv pic.twitter.com/PIQ8lx3kst

Powerful editorial illustrations about war by Gunduz Aghayev buff.ly/1lIjpV4 pic.twitter.com/WGeL9uoKnq

10 free templates & mockups for creating awesome logo designs buff.ly/1P55xRJ pic.twitter.com/ItyGSJcprA

Star Wars characters reimagined as ancient greek statues buff.ly/20TcTLQ pic.twitter.com/AQwuK7wn5X

Vertical wall terrariums by Kim Fisher buff.ly/1QaTGQN pic.twitter.com/3HvOYZKQ1t

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