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Another Brief client / Budget client pic.twitter.com/fvwWHBBhVz

Star Wars Product Placement? pic.twitter.com/Iiynu34enz

Mexican food so authentic that Donald Trump would build a wall around it pic.twitter.com/DBD2U2eNAe

I will not be your father - Darth Vader condom pic.twitter.com/mxwTD2AZFC

Best tattoo cover up pic.twitter.com/RkCHqbZAs9

Sonos New Logo Pulses When You Scroll Made By Bruce Mau Design - theinspiration.com/2015/01/sonos-… pic.twitter.com/E8cdXrdaHQ

Alcohol Websites Should use this as Age Verification.... If you know the connection, you're old enough to enter pic.twitter.com/FK8yDsdGUY

And the winner is... By @TheFlippist pic.twitter.com/OHs43ENjXx

Winter in Kraków by Marcin Ryczek Fotografia pic.twitter.com/6KJod89imp

Adidas – Stan Smith Shoebox Pop-up Store theinspiration.com/2014/02/adidas… (image courtesy of innovate7) pic.twitter.com/BMts7ttzk5

Macaulay Culkin wearing a t-shirt with a pciture Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt that has a picture of Macaulay Culkin pic.twitter.com/Bm36hwE90f

Fiat public service ad against drunk driving that says, “Now you see it. Now you don’t”. pic.twitter.com/ZhPgKh0itg

The New York Times Magazine cover this week pic.twitter.com/Y3zDLa9rSb

Simpsons Wine Bottles By Constantin Bolimond pic.twitter.com/tHNxxpKHS0

The World Cup Logo VS. Captain Jean-Luc Picard pic.twitter.com/k4nk0NeGhO

Politicians discussing #globalwarming. A sculpture in Berlin by Issac Corda pic.twitter.com/GzYsIRVnLr

At least it's Friday. pic.twitter.com/Td17lmoVNX

IKEA Happy Valentine's Day (See you in 9 Months) pic.twitter.com/svnj90xM

Make love, not war! Apple replaces pistol with water gun in the upcoming emoji set. pic.twitter.com/1dD8AjMaKi

Animated Double Exposure of Animals By Said Dagdeviren theinspiration.com/2016/01/animat… pic.twitter.com/l7iwKRHC2C

Mona Lisa made from cups of coffee pic.twitter.com/gJw0DJpyHb

Is it me you're looking for? pic.twitter.com/1uwVb9DjnS

The New Instagram Logo pic.twitter.com/9NIPWbU39V

Another great wrapping pic.twitter.com/yx3h1Xeo6d

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