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Italian graffiti in Palermo pic.twitter.com/0Cb9M9cmEg

Adam & Eve - The first people to not read the apple terms & conditions pic.twitter.com/mGxGdfAivI

Unapproved Apple Designs From The ’80s By Hartmut Esslinger theinspiration.com/2014/05/unappr… pic.twitter.com/BtlINJOGpz

R.I.P H. R. Giger :-( pic.twitter.com/lrmMAUpoFz

Classic album covers in Google Street By The Guardian - theinspiration.com/2014/04/classi… pic.twitter.com/j9tfM1mGGk

ANTI-THEFT LUNCH BAGS pic.twitter.com/AZ3m581aoJ

Who needs these socks? pic.twitter.com/5nqnI5zCDA

Boy this is a long truck pic.twitter.com/YyYnl8v228

Reincarnation Gone Wrong pic.twitter.com/oWgOetnTE6

Egg Packaging by Otília Erdélyi pic.twitter.com/S8ydP6PLXs

IKEA - Happy Valentine's Day By BBH Singapore - theinspiration.com/2014/02/ikea-h… pic.twitter.com/nQ5U1gqyMg

Can you make the logo bigger? pic.twitter.com/Uqky3KiGAW

You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town pic.twitter.com/wWjFcoJpQI

HiperCentro - Newspaper Ad By Felipe Salazar - theinspiration.com/2014/03/hiperc… pic.twitter.com/SfeRuyZi6V

Wu-Tang Will Release Just One Copy Of Its Secret Album forbes.com/sites/zackomal… pic.twitter.com/BUIBPaeif1

The Moustaches Make A Difference By TBWA\Singapore, Singapore (2010) pic.twitter.com/pEkp5spqeT

Snow Sculpture Festival in Heilongjiang Province (China) - theinspiration.com/2013/12/snow-s… pic.twitter.com/BMFvkBxFE1

Everything is fixed in this video pic.twitter.com/2C6mEkznbe

Designer vs. Developer By Gal Shir pic.twitter.com/jM5HoXkQsK

I really hope this one is fake! pic.twitter.com/HGIewQ5weX

The Cheap (But Great) Version of Virtual reality pic.twitter.com/gr3YVYQPj7

Homer Kardashian Break The Internet #BreakTheInternet pic.twitter.com/9QiACwEkdW

BATMAN (via Ash Warner) pic.twitter.com/CzuK6BdlJY

I HATE THIS FONT by Banksy pic.twitter.com/8Bya3elyGl

Shikun & Binui Solaria: Sun light (2011) pic.twitter.com/O3zSfZeROe

Poster for the 20th Toronto Jewish Film Festival pic.twitter.com/4iG1ceaFD5

Motorola - Color-Changing Ad In January Issue of wired By Digitas - theinspiration.com/2013/12/motoro… pic.twitter.com/rga9JC24dn

And ending the confusion pic.twitter.com/OxyDBzQanG

Pirate CT Scanner at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital pic.twitter.com/WiOkX5AJkU

Millennium Falcon Auto Sun Shade pic.twitter.com/n8P1Hljp6B

Banksy artwork self-destructs after selling at auction for £1m - theinspiration.com/2018/10/banksy… pic.twitter.com/2ifnpEu1Uj

Western Flag – Installation by John Gerrard theinspiration.com/2017/07/wester… pic.twitter.com/jX7gsbeoJ9

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