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Western Flag – Installation by John Gerrard theinspiration.com/2017/07/wester… pic.twitter.com/jX7gsbeoJ9

Fairytale Heelflip By Rayssa Leal pic.twitter.com/sXVv4jUPew

CT Scan of 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue Reveals Mummified Monk Hidden Inside pic.twitter.com/bnnb9NtCmo

More Apple Watch Fun... pic.twitter.com/2838eXoeW2

Need this Han Solo Fridge! pic.twitter.com/OGppWlLisF

Nike’s Tinker Hatfield: Marty McFly's with automatically laces will be released in 2015 pic.twitter.com/TTgWeyPZto

*Stop Victim Blaming pic.twitter.com/ytdTShz6ol

Copenhagen Zoo: "Snake Bus" Won gold at Creative Circle Awards 2010 - theinspiration.com/2010/05/copenh… pic.twitter.com/g5OoAT4Cqq

Barcelona from the air pic.twitter.com/CLbdjQiyOA

We can't go on like this pic.twitter.com/Dsa6I3mCai

National Geographic Channel Ambient pic.twitter.com/vP3hnVzRLP

American Disability Association pic.twitter.com/e0Jj8MKSTJ

This Guitar Store In Southampton Has a Perfect Front pic.twitter.com/WaFQNi6Nq9

Great alternative cigarette warning labels. Would they be better? pic.twitter.com/WXiqfha4II

Pac-man created from light (long-exposure photography) pic.twitter.com/n2uj1sMYEs

banksy - I HATE THIS FONT pic.twitter.com/rPHfYeYeDi

Rotating Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head by David Cerny theinspiration.com/2016/05/rotati… pic.twitter.com/cnDg5WUaOC

Mexico City by Pablo Lopez Luz pic.twitter.com/JWIRpMgOMa

To celebrate the Mac’s 30th anniversary, Apple created an amazing font set made up of Macs. images.apple.com//v/30-years/a/… pic.twitter.com/7XyO7mRh79

Envelopes For Window Cleaner Done by Henk Oortwijn (2012) pic.twitter.com/4bR7o9Dep0

We have all been there pic.twitter.com/m4lUy0TyY7

I am not fat I am bold pic.twitter.com/62DSyolnu9

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