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The Grand Budapest Hotel in LEGO By Ryan Ziegelbauer - theinspiration.com/2014/06/grand-… pic.twitter.com/Tn9aZpSSID

So You Need a Typeface By Julian Hansen pic.twitter.com/wHYaqnMfSk

Galloping Horses Made from Driftwood pic.twitter.com/iLUQm7Ixx8

Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker By Andrew Lewicki theinspiration.com/2012/08/louis-… (2012) pic.twitter.com/1n5Zyaar8m

Windmills in the fog pic.twitter.com/IpEpcXL3tu

The New York Times Magazine Cover This Week - theinspiration.com/2017/01/new-yo… pic.twitter.com/vCowlXDMGw

It's not a good deal if you don't need it. Greenpeace on #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/ZjK3niHik5

Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice Posters - theinspiration.com/2015/04/batman… pic.twitter.com/cK4R2D3DvJ

2014 Pictures of the Year by Agence France Presse - theinspiration.com/2014/12/2014-p… pic.twitter.com/ONb295Ins7

ORIGINAL vs. FAKE (Wait Until You See It) pic.twitter.com/b8J3yYDOX9

Chemo Superhero Covers pic.twitter.com/3VfOkdEqFR

Best Use of Robotics pic.twitter.com/4zJCHNZZs5

Sketching with Two Point Perspective pic.twitter.com/uTAYKHwGKp

Dental Implants - Jung Von Matt, Germany (2006) pic.twitter.com/QtfYJgXRhH

Fiat "You either see the letter or you see the girl" By Leo Burnett pic.twitter.com/25zzGTbUgf

Another Bridge Billboard pic.twitter.com/dFYvwAy2yW

Is the grass always greener on the other side? pic.twitter.com/KfTSoSH7Vg

Graffiti that combines with its environment pic.twitter.com/X5K4Xa5pXl

Pancake Floor Pillows by Todd von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy pic.twitter.com/mMZbKcw4m2

Cool Panasonic Earphones Note Packaging. pic.twitter.com/apWWMUPTYF

Am I wearing this watch properly? pic.twitter.com/9WiccSdoB5

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