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As promised, discover and get inspired with our new Color Search: typographicposters.com/posters?r=0&g=… pic.twitter.com/4AoI7cTFof

New posters by @BraleyDesign, from United States - View more: typographicposters.com/michael-braley pic.twitter.com/OvDc6dLslK

striking posters from germany, by katja schloz buff.ly/1xaaIYq pic.twitter.com/e0fbGs0YEY

new posters from studio Burkhardthauke [Germany] t-g.me/burkhardthauke/ pic.twitter.com/BNc45ePdSh

New posters by @erichbrechbuhl [Mixer], from Switzerland typographicposters.com/erich-brechbuhl pic.twitter.com/6cvLzIxGl4

New posters by @sarahboris_LDN , from United Kingdom typographicposters.com/sarah-boris pic.twitter.com/fLgogBPxXp

Today we've searched with the word "Play" and take a look what we got: typographicposters.com/posters?q=play pic.twitter.com/7SpE3mebgs

Welcome new author Bureau Haider, from Germany

New posters by @QuimMarinStudio , from Spain

Welcome new author Patrik Ferrarelli, from Switzerland

Search by color

Baldinger Vu Huu, from France

More posters by Ali Emre Doğramaci, from Turkey

Welcome Stefan Hürlemann, from Switzerland — view all posters here: typographicposters.com/stefan-huerlem… pic.twitter.com/rTkX6CF57K

New posters from New York, by Simon Sok typographicposters.com/simon-sok/ @SokSimonsok161 #design #designposters pic.twitter.com/wLgbqfZ19d

Welcome new member Concept Machine, from Romania t-g.me/concept-machine pic.twitter.com/uU9vhVzOCB

Fifteen anti-apartheid posters, covering the years 1967-1994, as selected by the New York Times: fb.me/3dlqZvaVo

New posters from Hey studio, Barcelona, Spain fb.me/6whWjr9Af

New posters from Brasil, by Rodrigo Sommer fb.me/2Y1osFiGE

Welcome new member Yuan Guo, from San Francisco [USA] goo.gl/KDN1J6 #experimentalgraphic #colors pic.twitter.com/sffy5Xko6p

New series posters organized by the Media Design department at DHBW Ravensburg [Germany] typographicposters.com/klaus-birk/ pic.twitter.com/Zfr80nv03M

Welcome Marcos Faunner, from Brazil - great collages and noisy posters @mfaunner typographicposters.com/marcos-faunner/ pic.twitter.com/YzeCTzg84V

Enjoy CHK’s typo/graphic posters [from London] typographicposters.com/chk-design/ pic.twitter.com/V66EMYIUXK

Welcome new member from Poland, Nikodem Pręgowski typographicposters.com/nikodem-pregow… pic.twitter.com/6qp1FrEFgE

Google interactive design - "Focus on user and and all else will follow"google.com/design/ #google #design pic.twitter.com/7Rbohc9JQp

New posters by Benoît Bodhuin, from France fb.me/T73cUjDm

Welcome new author Ça ira, from Germany

New posters from @QuimMarinStudio

New posters by @faakpaat , from France

New posters by Sven Tillack, from Germany

Welcome new author @garbettdesign , from South Africa / Australia typographicposters.com/garbett pic.twitter.com/weTBeTThtL

Welcome new author Annik Troxler, from Switzerland - See her posters here: typographicposters.com/annik-troxler pic.twitter.com/zCagcNv9Er

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