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In case you ever wondered how to open a new book properly

This #baubauwerk price list…

This #baubauwerk price list via @wearemucho

Reviewed: The Visual History of Type by @PMcNeil3 @LaurenceKingPub → formfiftyfive.com/showcase/the-v… pic.twitter.com/FwMzzfeb4t

Check out this gorgeous new book by @malikafavre published by @Counterprint

All bridge pillars should be as colourful as these by @ellenrutt in Cleveland, Ohio for th… ift.tt/1YvSSKI pic.twitter.com/xgmAtI1vWD

Can’t get enough of these transitions by graphic designer @Burgess_John

Walking to work this Monday like @universalevery

We love this concept for a blacklight reactive Hungarian Euro by Barbara Bernát. — formfiftyfive.com/2015/02/barbar… pic.twitter.com/IKJxdDtK6r

Reviewed: the biggest logo book of the year, Logo Modernism by @TASCHENBooks → formfiftyfive.com/2015/10/review… pic.twitter.com/kZxTmMmJmz

Nice businesscards designed by @peopleofprint printed by @letterpress_manufaktur In Hambu… ift.tt/1Tay0rG pic.twitter.com/H50ybc0w2C

GTA V with all the textures removed by Kim Laughton — monaddigital.net/espaceexpo/7th… via @howells pic.twitter.com/Vs1EFvwyfw

A timelapse of @MWM_Graphics painting one of his signature murals for @wistia - mwmgraphics.blogspot.ca/2014/12/tropic… pic.twitter.com/Efd06j6qJE

FFFeatured: Q&A with @MrMattWilley about a special issue of the @NYTmag → formfiftyfive.com/2016/08/nytmag… pic.twitter.com/hONgykQbnC

Beyonce illustrated by @malikafavre for this week's @newyorkermag

Dutch illustrator @rikoostenbroek makes great se of colour and texture in his work. … ift.tt/1WPvfdl pic.twitter.com/NovI67Qrsg

50 Designers x 50 Posters. Check out the @Nifty50Project project in aid of @CMHCharity – buff.ly/1MYDE73 pic.twitter.com/knQnYreXGR

Some beautiful spaced-out illustration and animation work from Minji Moon. formfiftyfive.com/showcase/minji… pic.twitter.com/lU8zXV0Feq

Love these beautiful illustrations from Lola Dupré @loladupre: behance.net/gallery/331606… … found via @JamesF_B pic.twitter.com/p0GobvlU9f

FFFeatured: The International Flag of Planet Earth by Oskar Pernefeldt → formfiftyfive.com/2015/05/the-in… pic.twitter.com/wWy1MzE8yg

FFFeatured: We review @uniteditions latest, Graphic Stamps. → formfiftyfive.com/2016/03/unit-e… #philately pic.twitter.com/Y4vxV3JDic

Unit Edition's @AJWShaughnessy gives five tips to help you publish your own books. — creativebloq.com/print-design/h… pic.twitter.com/MSSBzmjuPS

FFFeatured: Jan, the new release by @_Face37 for @hypefortype → formfiftyfive.com/2016/11/f37-ja… pic.twitter.com/M0HswpxHBE

Who's hooked on #strangerthings? Kyle Lambert was commissioned to create the poster artwor… ift.tt/2aIczij pic.twitter.com/XRsCujMSea

Cracking poster design by @wearebuild for Transport for London's celebrating the centenary of the Johnston typeface. pic.twitter.com/oDBGyvhfLN

Detail of two mint stamps designed by Ivan Chermayeff which you can find in the limited ed… ift.tt/1o5GcuQ pic.twitter.com/HUAmQhewPl

We're fans of Kenjiro Sano's official Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic logos → designboom.com/design/tokyo-2… ..are you? pic.twitter.com/VZtx6U2FIv

For the price of an image credit, it’s now free to embed Getty Images on your website. — mtdlph.in/GettyFree via @MatDolphin

We asked some talented folks what they are excited about for the future of branding? — formfiftyfive.com/features/what-… pic.twitter.com/8b8YN7x27F

Japanese instagramer is @abu888 is a master of black & white photography. Go and follow hi… ift.tt/1SKFTy6 pic.twitter.com/Kuauy0dJev

Stop what you are doing and help Leonardo Dicaprio get that Oscar or die trying! — redcarpetrampage.com pic.twitter.com/dKJ2DK9nGW

It's starting... Decent list of Christmas Gift Guide for Designers — buff.ly/1O1RIBY pic.twitter.com/aqfGXQtuO6

Blake Little's 'Preservation' series covers models in honey. elitedaily.com/envision/photo… pic.twitter.com/OSVt0GPAdK

Lovely "gender-neutral packaging" concept by Saana Hellsten - saanahellsten.com/212645/5247963… pic.twitter.com/y9Jhkt7xXJ

We're loving these (100) gifs by Min Liu → bloody-dairy.com pic.twitter.com/DJmsNCvCeY

George Clooney x Yayoi Kusama for W Magazine ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ #photography #portrait #polkadots #Fift.tt/1VveSo5 pic.twitter.com/RXYdxnig8s

FFFeatured: Excellent packaging design for Fort Point Beer Company by @manualcreative – buff.ly/1JcOvPC pic.twitter.com/5TUH92ZybF

Find out more about @Thomas_Danthony's latest illustration for the new @Medium site. goo.gl/OIcFTP pic.twitter.com/UI4U75SAT4

Nobody Tells This To Beginners - youtu.be/E1oZhEIrer4 via @EchoAndRepeat pic.twitter.com/f2aB3sE4f7

Jawdropper! RGB Colorspace Atlas by Tauba Auerbach — taubaauerbach.com/view.php?id=28… via @raylupton pic.twitter.com/Fq5hmQiOqX

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