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I made a working camera that pops up out of a book. Video of how that works + purchase link: bit.ly/1SidQaq pic.twitter.com/HRIA5zh4rU

The original “sketch” for the Powers of 10: pic.twitter.com/mg8tLwg5gg

I made a tiny flip book film by remixing image search results. It remakes of the Powers of 10: kellianderson.com/remixed/ pic.twitter.com/Jv4uyfoLUR

An analysis of the worrying messages embedded Trump’s holiday card: pic.twitter.com/TAWSNsgwEg

Got a pinhole photo of the eclipse! #thisbookisacamera pic.twitter.com/qCMurT43A6

Posting this again. From the New Orleans Women's March pic.twitter.com/FJveWXqOpJ

I've been experimenting with new animation+website materials/techniques and wrote about it: bit.ly/2ax9HAh pic.twitter.com/bGDUyD7rnM

How to take a photo with a piece of paper (what I've learned thus far with this camera book) bit.ly/21HzpGX pic.twitter.com/6rWVqejLtG

.@Mmuseumm Braille Rubix Cube at @mmuseumm pic.twitter.com/5yUBEtKlyF

Whoa. I think I just became acquainted with the most pleasing thing on the internet alfredoborboa.com/oil/ pic.twitter.com/7wnfhQoJcO

Tiny paper diorama thing about having more human conversations within a chat box pic.twitter.com/MYwsSC7f8L

9 things I've done with my year of dream projects through the creative residency with @adobe bit.ly/23auWLI pic.twitter.com/kH2YOKkQls

All the iterations of @LoxPopuli 's menu. I re-watch this when I want to yell/cheer at a screen #totallygetsportsnow pic.twitter.com/OM6trzdyuC

This 1961 Jim Henson papercraft animation is pure joy. (via @illustratedamtr) youtube.com/watch?v=9RysUN…

Was researching hexaflexagons and came across this awesome hexaMEXagon by @vihartvihart pic.twitter.com/d1NP3v6fgY

Nailed-together / assemblage-y / mid-century-lines-n-shape-chunks street art, in Queens pic.twitter.com/AelhHVyX8z

Yesterday- installing paper planes on a forklift. #brooklynbeta pic.twitter.com/QDut0BYUyP

What a Japanese vision chart looks like. You find the gaps. (Exactly the weak spot in the US chart! like in Bs & R's) pic.twitter.com/NvLBAm9Otw

.@36daysoftype asked me to begin their 2018 season. Here's my A! instagram.com/36daysoftype/ pic.twitter.com/qWaW4au9pg

RISO+paper engineering= happiness pic.twitter.com/akqcdq5gLQ

Was asked where my ideas come from…so: made this slide of fav. lo-fi magic & think-through-it-with-your-hands things pic.twitter.com/kSuSQAsBA7

I animated a puddle this weekend! (Used Muybridge's horse as a test.) pic.twitter.com/pA0piCuwnl

Robyn Moody installation using fluorescent light tubes at #KIKK2017 pic.twitter.com/xLnnoHNkyN

Getting distracted by the cool things that stripes can do… pic.twitter.com/m0997JMxiW

Work. In-progress… trying to make paper and vector be friendly-like. pic.twitter.com/7uuJVVo82K

"If you don't take their money, they can't tell you what to do." From what may be the most endearing documentary: youtu.be/M8kINiFhplc

The only notebook you'll need for your next client meeting. bit.ly/23IBxTi pic.twitter.com/XsWUCfcP7X

Um…I'm an amateur. Preorder This Book is a Planetarium here: amzn.to/1LZN1ph I'm self-releasing the camera, so just check back here

A peek inside a paper camera inside a pop-up book. The design is lightproof and collapsible. Will share photos soon! pic.twitter.com/6zM23zHxKT

I worked with @NPR on a paper animation called "Talking While Female" Video + process here! bit.ly/1wCDqfE pic.twitter.com/BdjAJPi7vq

I built a paper forest, with tiny floppy animals. @TSiMH & I animated it and made this video: bit.ly/1tpczT9 pic.twitter.com/dOztsSX1AA

The new @russanddaughters opens TODAY! I wrote about designing for a 100-yr-old NYC icon: bit.ly/1fW12Z6 pic.twitter.com/EtMFtWqc0n

For sale! 8 women drawn-while-reading by @neutronsprotons letterpressed by me for @nplusonemag bit.ly/1pa2vib pic.twitter.com/L1sUB91m8q

Can't stop thinking about this and him. bit.ly/2hh9My0 pic.twitter.com/YBChVK6lJw

The sign-painting-y-est opening title sequence ever. (Robert Brownjohn, 1967) youtube.com/watch?v=zmckL0… pic.twitter.com/0Tktfzuwby

Austin, I know Obama is arriving tomorrow and all, but I have the only talk w/ paper deer sxsw.is/1RTz4fK pic.twitter.com/kWDJG7ZCQc

No one asked for this to exist Yet: they are gone! Giving away remaining few tom. at @aigany bit.ly/1OuEppo pic.twitter.com/T2lmql7zS7

Made a tiny flipbook film by remixing image search results. It is a remake of the Powers of 10 kellianderson.com/remixed/ pic.twitter.com/uaHkaybpwj

"Technology is the name we give to things that don’t work yet" How familiar objects came to be bit.ly/1LtRAtb pic.twitter.com/Ll8ePjphX8

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