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I'm so proud to finally share…

I'm so proud to finally share this project with you all. The 2015 Target Brand Campaign: cargocollective.com/peters/Target-… pic.twitter.com/F0ASpll8rk

The most liked post in Target's…

The most liked post in Target's Instagram history #equalrights #equality pic.twitter.com/YbH8vi3o9k

This is an idea I had a few weeks ago to simplify and strengthen the @Gatorade logo: dribbble.com/shots/6160008-… pic.twitter.com/77wo5MCCrA

Hey designers. Do any of…

Hey designers. Do any of you want to come design packaging at Target? We need a few talented people. allan.peters at target.com

16000 likes in 3 hours -…

16000 likes in 3 hours - wow pic.twitter.com/OkzDXbOnGk

Imagine if @Gatorade let me redesign their brand? dribbble.com/shots/6160008-… pic.twitter.com/QaodJK2nQx

I'm giving away 10 XOXO sticker…

I'm giving away 10 XOXO sticker sheets this week. Go here for the details: instagram.com/p/9qeQy9h-gF/ pic.twitter.com/cKAQF6Hr4B

I wrote an article on poster…

I wrote an article on poster design for @HOWbrand - check it: howdesign.com/design-creativ… pic.twitter.com/xuZoBEn4BC

New work: Firecraft Artisan…

New work: Firecraft Artisan Pizza on Dribbble drbl.in/paAs pic.twitter.com/w72Aya2GB4

Houston #badgehunting Club…

Houston #badgehunting Club #wip cc @aigahouston pic.twitter.com/2eTZeD3UlB


! "@jonathanlawrnce: K-mart strikes again. #thisisnotgettingold youtube.com/watch?feature=…"

#badgehunting in a nutshell (a designer from the UofM was writing a paper on the subject and asked me to sum it up. pic.twitter.com/VDeOoRJiKG

Pretty cool to see a logo I designed on the Ellen show today. It's for a great cause: thanksabillion.target.com pic.twitter.com/esfJrrZlgY

I drew this bike today. There's no deep concept. It just looks pretty. pic.twitter.com/TNckTXKtOK

New Blog Post: Dan Cassaro for Levi’s // allanpeters.com/blog/2015/02/2… cc @Dan_Cassaro So good. #badgehunting pic.twitter.com/MCV9VIvByE

Today was my last day at @target. Tomorrow @mariapeters and I start Peters Design Co full time. pic.twitter.com/RRxMusmj39

I designed myself a new desktop today and decided to share it with you guys. dribbble.com/shots/2344484-… pic.twitter.com/ie6tC9vTgD

The coolest Poster display ever by @theapparatus pic.twitter.com/felS8opLXP

Pro-Tip: How to collect for output from illustrator - youtube.com/watch?v=N2-ZDx… - so rad!

Make sure you check out the new studiompls.com - Not only is the site new but there's loads of new work.

“@brainpicker: Gorgeous vintage posters from the golden age of travel j.mp/10H85uo

I just dribbbled a new badge using Liquorstore inline from @chankfonts - Check it out here: dribbble.com/shots/3548523-… pic.twitter.com/bjfQRACpbP

Help raise money for kids' art supplies at Target House by buying a print or two from heartworkart.com today. pic.twitter.com/cID7nyLWyo

More pencils? Yep. Pencil Pattern on @dribbble drbl.in/pOVX Posting on a Saturday? Yep. I just don't care pic.twitter.com/YEh1i8FtXJ

Not only is it his BDay, but Mr @SamSoulek dropped his new site: sam-soulek.squarespace.com RT as a BDay gift! pic.twitter.com/yJWI0VMuqt

7 clubs done. What city/state should I do next? #badgehunting pic.twitter.com/YehPPvkCiR

"Makers spend their time making" (whether they're paid or not) - Ben Jenkins @ONEFASTBUFFALO pic.twitter.com/zxJM7dYkyt

New Blog Post // Badge Hunting in Hastings // allanpeters.com/blog/2014/05/1… #badgehunting pic.twitter.com/XhEgh96gTm

Here's a pic of the poster I designed for the Disney talk: pic.twitter.com/QBZ5qMTw9n

More tweaks. Customized the type, added some more tiny deets. #badgesonthebus pic.twitter.com/6cOo0NIYNg

I posted a new project to celebrate Easter over on insta: instagram.com/p/BwSGbWFBq6F/… pic.twitter.com/jm3gFuXM22

My 2016 @artcrank print just became available online: artcrank.com/home/ap-color-… pic.twitter.com/GstueA6vtc

What an honor having my badges featured on the home page of @behance today! behance.net/search pic.twitter.com/B8UHROcXXo

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