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You are not your browser history. ift.tt/1s9IXvA | pic.twitter.com/A0RmtLcOHm

Future Unfolding - Procedurally generated world, both beautiful and dangerous / @spacesofplay ca-n.in/1lh4pWy pic.twitter.com/4AOAN4ImNA

Folding Patterns – Simulating folded paper structures #vvvv / @Frau_Krenz → ca-n.in/2cfc3W9 pic.twitter.com/LEXZIQjMlB

Light, Space, Rhythm – A conversation with Florence To (@FlorenceTo) → ca-n.in/21IVbrS pic.twitter.com/3MlYg64pnR

Walking City - Evolving video sculpture by Universal Everything (@universalevery) ca-n.in/1aOLMuf » pic.twitter.com/SBv5sLn0YG

Soft Sound – Textiles as electroacoustic transducers → ca-n.in/2v6DaiN pic.twitter.com/YFSNVIYLzA

Myths, Rumours, Legends – Machine Art in the Twentieth Century / @mitpress → ca-n.in/2nvoV1u pic.twitter.com/9rYKDcoGyZ

10 Most Memorable Projects of 2015 / selected by @creativeapps → ca-n.in/1NLVPOL pic.twitter.com/cBOUXP6ilX

PhonoPaper - Graphical sound generator and writer / by @Nightradio #android #ios ca-n.in/RIlbGM » pic.twitter.com/6EcNovEgil

Character Mirror - Be one of the characters from @davidoreilly's 'The External World' j.mp/1n3rfnQ » pic.twitter.com/p4VST2L6sa

Theometrica - Generative sound synthesis instrument inspired by acupuncture ca-n.in/1imJchR | pic.twitter.com/9bgCzODzeO

HOLO 2 – The Future is (Out) Now! // #holomagazine @holomagazine → ca-n.in/2g5fiRr

Generative Scarves - Procedural algorithm to wearable pattern / iOS oF ca-n.in/WRZCqu | pic.twitter.com/iMlOwk3Rk0

Play the World - Listening to the global soundscape that surrounds us / @zachlieberman ca-n.in/1k1Ks6z | pic.twitter.com/67YPaCI42C

Out Now: HOLO 1 (CAN’s very own magazine) - @holomagazine ca-n.in/1h3Vkhy » pic.twitter.com/so2F9XKBW0

Project Tango by @Google - Machine vision eyes and spatially aware brains - @elliotwoods ca-n.in/1c1uVWb » pic.twitter.com/nVeTyBlxw0

Electronic lace, Algae and Swarms using XRVG by Julien Léonard ca-n.in/1aDoPuh » pic.twitter.com/FhePmhZwk9

Balance from Within - 170-year-old robotic sofa balances on a single point ca-n.in/14wWHnx | pic.twitter.com/4vHLQwZcN6

'Spicule' by @yaxu – Album as a live coding device on Pi Zero → ca-n.in/29mfvQz pic.twitter.com/dRdLrfkHQ1

Junior Software Engineer /Coder /Programmer at Random International @rAndomHQ / London #Jobs ca-n.in/1TYiedR pic.twitter.com/bMXqhtIXxH

Stickup – Karma Fields & MORTEN / Video by Raven Kwok #processingca-n.in/1SuJSAj pic.twitter.com/ezK4pTUNLI

Light Kinetics - Interactive light using a physics simulator / by @espadasantacruz ca-n.in/1IjUkWo pic.twitter.com/4jD2srWl19

Geometry, Textures & Shaders with Processing - Tutorial by @AmnonOwed / (CAN Members) ca-n.in/10M2Aum | pic.twitter.com/8nhPj8g5JY

Muscle Plotter – Assistive interface for hand-drawn computation / @plopesresearch → ca-n.in/2dcXYHz pic.twitter.com/68MEJPGOB8

Automatic Orchestra - Algorithmic sound composition and networked music → ca-n.in/1nRmwvc pic.twitter.com/78YXNoPkxZ

Teenage Engineering and Cheap Monday launch a line of pocket operators ift.tt/1J8EgYf | pic.twitter.com/gKNrzPwaCc

Momentum – Interactive framework for creating visuals from body movement ift.tt/1xGed7P | pic.twitter.com/0afjunAUNF

Lost in Computation – Distorted communication in the digital landscape / @JonasEltes → ca-n.in/2mjbE8R pic.twitter.com/HhhzRXuvWi

AADRL – Behavioural Complexity; Mobile, Self-Aware and Self-Assemble / @AADRLab → ca-n.in/2aJ17TH pic.twitter.com/QhpQDk4mVi

Poetic Router – A tribute to the age of network awareness / by @dattasaurabh82 → ca-n.in/1TM443Z pic.twitter.com/T03e9VGDhI

A P P A R E L – Clothing in the age of data accumulation and machine learning @lab_normals → ca-n.in/1KFcUxH pic.twitter.com/miGCisQHRp

ca-n.in/1BEX94B :: EGO - Between the real and symbolic / Klaus Obermaier, Stefano D'Alessio, Martina Menegon pic.twitter.com/fpVDhEECZj

School for poetic computation (@sfpc_school) - Call for the Fall 2014 term / by @tchoi8 ca-n.in/1uzuU3Y | pic.twitter.com/kljYkPZfdY

Smile TV works only when you smile / by @_davidhedberg ca-n.in/1n8TA9q | pic.twitter.com/Jbd0qsYnzp

Nimbes - Solitary nature of perception and observation / @JoanieLemercier + @jamesginzburg ca-n.in/1lDy0xJ » pic.twitter.com/2db4mAlZWF

Sablo for iOS - Exploring the nebulous boundary between order and chaos (@disportium) ca-n.in/1giLRJZ » pic.twitter.com/1s9CECcd5Y

Morphogenetic Creations by Andy Lomas ca-n.in/1a0wRKU | photo: pic.twitter.com/dus3vTpkMA

'Full Turn' draws third dimension using flat screen rotating at high speed ca-n.in/1evuUck | pic.twitter.com/KdBm0Jryq0

CAN 2016 – Highlights and Favourites / @creativeapps → ca-n.in/2i1uKzh pic.twitter.com/yVgAepMHjX

Call for Web Residencies #2 | Akademie Schloss Solitude: Schloss—Post / deadline May 26 → schloss-post.com/call-web-resid… pic.twitter.com/DDZUgjCDLb

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