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Call for Web Residencies #2 | Akademie Schloss Solitude: Schloss—Post / deadline May 26 → schloss-post.com/call-web-resid… pic.twitter.com/DDZUgjCDLb

Resonate 2016 / 12th – 16th of April, 2016 / Belgrade #res16 @resonate_io → ca-n.in/1q8vVzU pic.twitter.com/f97q8UreLe

When The Machine Made Art – Grant Taylor traces the origins of computer art → ca-n.in/1TlUiW4 pic.twitter.com/5fZYxvSOXt

Hybrid Forms: New Growth / Exploration Of Morphogenesis By Andy Lomas → ca-n.in/1oknRdK pic.twitter.com/FC7af9WQXX

Creative-coding on iOS with @C4Framework – Tutorial → ca-n.in/1XaDEaG pic.twitter.com/PHBqFPofAm

Bright Matter – A group show exploring light, space, and perception ift.tt/11hkJUB | pic.twitter.com/YykkaPgTOQ

Wake Up With the World - Collaborative, musical, waking experience / by @ericrieper ca-n.in/1jE26Pz #iOS » pic.twitter.com/cf6LgNr3NU

Power of One Point - Refracting laser light installation by Shohei Fujimoto ca-n.in/1kz7khK » pic.twitter.com/QxiE200v7H

10 Best and Most Memorable Projects of 2013 ca-n.in/1c7sQoS

Keyfleas - Interactive augmented projection by Miles Peyton (@mlsptn) ca-n.in/1hiF56z » pic.twitter.com/CApu9PwQ3j

20°C – Devices for tangible interaction with data / @ecal_ch @ecal_mid → ca-n.in/2mW1XSM pic.twitter.com/SwKWGtc88s

Wind of Boston : Data Paintings by Refik Anadol Studios / @refikanadol ca-n.in/2iHyQ2i pic.twitter.com/BWRLe9E7QC

Mojigen and Sujigen – Writing letters and numbers with servos using a time axis → ca-n.in/2hwACAb pic.twitter.com/WshLKdnbZ1

“More displacement” — @RavenKwok pic.twitter.com/uANWlfUaJL

(centiscript) – A tool for visual thinking by Satoshi HORII / @satcy → ca-n.in/2dwyuIb pic.twitter.com/o4vVAGpNIG

50 Animations by @sfpc's re-coded at @dayfornightfest → ca-n.in/293z7Za pic.twitter.com/SfjEottwpb

Lull – Between order and chaos → ca-n.in/20K3Sn2 pic.twitter.com/MA0V4KLrRL

t.d3fc.io, ‘A collection of tweet-sized #D3js creations pic.twitter.com/cNv4K8bJXO (via @maartenzam)

In the Eyes of the Animal / @marshmallowlf virtualise forest through the eyes of its creatures ca-n.in/1LODm2k pic.twitter.com/eLTiYHTRaM

To celebrate 5 fantastic years of @eyeofestival, the team made a book — pre-order: ow.ly/Lg07C | pic.twitter.com/OzNRGOcevp

App Art Wanted – the @zkmkarlsruhe AppArtAward 2015 (€10.000 award) ca-n.in/194sqRX pic.twitter.com/KPWMalasS1

Bright Matter: Afterglow – Joanie Lemercier on light, craft, and the sublime ift.tt/1yFGzAz | pic.twitter.com/ORSmPxySa1

Triangular Series – Tetrahedral light forms and the physiological rhythms beneath ift.tt/1vKLKfz | pic.twitter.com/TDZ5gY8P2z

Stalled at 2,147,483,647 views = the maximum number that can be held by a 32-bit integer slot youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7…

Specimen Box—Analyzing Botnet Activity ift.tt/1rotfYI | pic.twitter.com/2ejQ5OLmfL

OUT NOW: HOLO 1 - We are shipping! Get your order in today to get @HOLOmagazine next week! creativeapplications.net/shop/ pic.twitter.com/6QPRJu4GOX

Playing cards as a method for designing and developing games / @abstractmachine ca-n.in/NBAVcV » pic.twitter.com/Kzf6Ddiazs

Filament Sculptures by @liasomething - 3D printing by printhead movement ca-n.in/1cQOcUM » pic.twitter.com/oeEdWuOFyF

Left Field Labs (@LeftFieldLabs) interpret traditional music box using 3d printing and WebGL ca-n.in/1eHfRLx | pic.twitter.com/Et5vFZplGG

Unity now free for iOS and Android indie devs j.mp/13KNIh1

Twin Objects – Devices for long-distance relationships / @ecal_ch @ecal_mid → ca-n.in/2Af99i9 pic.twitter.com/W7C3rEyVL4

Not-so-random numbers: thank you for a great 2015! → ca-n.in/1NSNF9q pic.twitter.com/tDDsbVdTxx

HOLO 2 – The Grand Tour / @holomagazine → ca-n.in/21V92OI pic.twitter.com/XVGJa66FWe

BOSOZOKU - DUB-Russell x Yasuyuki Yoshida #maxmsp x #touchdesigner ca-n.in/1HdMWw0 | pic.twitter.com/cdpV8c7jSx

Metamorphabet - Animated alphabet for iOS by @Vectorpark ca-n.in/1zaxn29 | pic.twitter.com/slaKEnzecY

Longhand Publishers - Design workstations for collaborative mini publications / @gdfb ca-n.in/1kBVA9B » pic.twitter.com/vOC8pPrs8l

HELLO WORLD! @HOLOmagazine 1 is en route to our distributor and will ship late next week. kickstarter.com/projects/holo/… pic.twitter.com/i2pNBcGkls

May the Force be With You - Teo Park ca-n.in/1kcg0bJ » pic.twitter.com/sty45yIjEH

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