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John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes - An interactive Album App by @design_io ca-n.in/1fGJ5JN » pic.twitter.com/7V53S4nnn9

Drei - Game about logic, skill and collaboration for the iPad by @etterstudio ca-n.in/16OLpbR » pic.twitter.com/hUTthJENxN

Google Faces - Searching Earth using facial detection / project by @onformative ca-n.in/118PjrQ | pic.twitter.com/KBnfAH3Jqp

Tunetrace - iOS app by Ed Burton (@edburton) converts drawings to music ca-n.in/11zmk7V | pic.twitter.com/5JE585Ccsa

Atlås – Guided, generative and conversational music experience for iOS / @_stc → ca-n.in/2x5zF8U pic.twitter.com/n5oZ2F3EyA

Prismverse – Spatialising paths of light inside a diamond → ca-n.in/2wMWRMh pic.twitter.com/2TRVdCk9uh

Selected Network Studies – Network data and infrastructure as an A/V medium / @dmstfctn → ca-n.in/2robu2J pic.twitter.com/zYSJNGQDcJ

The Punishment – Speculating on robot's punishment for disobedience / @filiperies → ca-n.in/2nvbvRo pic.twitter.com/sQE2MYyT0J

Flippaper – Player-sketched pinball → ca-n.in/1PRp9mK pic.twitter.com/4ILR358HIF

++ circle packing + eulerian path by @quasimondo pic.twitter.com/7a00gsAkRo

Behind the scenes of 'Unique Flow' by @FIELD_io for Toyota C-HR #toyotachrca-n.in/1QIJmvQ pic.twitter.com/LiP3wXYcoQ

HEXPIXELS – "C++ Punks", a unit for realtime visual expression / @tokyomax → ca-n.in/1ngiKeK pic.twitter.com/8r8UV09akS

#actfestival at @act_center – Nov. 25-28 in Gwangju, South Korea → actcenter.kr pic.twitter.com/FZ67VvvkgP

Camera Restricta - A disobedient tool for taking unique photographs / by @philippschmitt → ca-n.in/1K70aNY pic.twitter.com/GGSiJc9hKC

Artificial Killing Machine – Visualizing U.S. military drone strikes / by @polygonfuture ca-n.in/1RuZAPt pic.twitter.com/cxEhuBGmYc

Weaving generative patterns using traditional textile techniques / @PIXTIL ca-n.in/1HjqXqb | pic.twitter.com/EGLao5uVP2

Processing Paris 2015 – 3 Workshops / 17-19 April 2015 ca-n.in/1AX1heD pic.twitter.com/Zm8H5mXTK5

NODE Forum for Digital Arts 2015 ift.tt/1tyBDdD | pic.twitter.com/bOLibHX7YQ

GAD – RC4 / Computational design methodologies for large-scale 3D printing ift.tt/1xvDttC | pic.twitter.com/3WS7PnTlmV

Visual Sound Experiments – Transforming suburbia with light and sound ift.tt/1uVIrkx | pic.twitter.com/CzCxKAr1oW

Cloud Piano (2014) by David Bowen ca-n.in/1oedTD5 | pic.twitter.com/0pQFESjyeK

Patch of Sky - Lamps that share, in real-time, the sky above us / @fabrica ca-n.in/1miZUiX » pic.twitter.com/qhw3nPw3l1

Aerosol - Transferring virtual particle system into physical / by @BornFlo ca-n.in/1lHTNlS » pic.twitter.com/YRtrm8B4uc

Radiohead: Polyfauna - An immersive, expansive world of primitive life.. / @universalevery @radiohead #ios #android ca-n.in/1fX4tcQ

The Color Project at IFP Media Center by MPC New York ca-n.in/1dYOHzz » pic.twitter.com/w3EAcoHgjd

Paper Electronics by Coralie Gourguechon (@_____coralie) ca-n.in/19hg32f » pic.twitter.com/4nA4Rjx20f

What if letters could move? - Animate letters using code with Anitype / by @jonobr1 ca-n.in/1bVXfIb

Sadly by your side - A music album and a processing/remixing tool by @angelo_seme / @fabrica ca-n.in/1fwWTZC » pic.twitter.com/OpJ5XRO96R

HALO – Sculpting the sunlight into (im)material form / @elliotwoods @mimi_son → ca-n.in/2ynQvoK pic.twitter.com/OVb1p91wb0

Synthetic Pollenizer – Robotic interventions in the real-world ecological systems → ca-n.in/2EJzUdq pic.twitter.com/Uo62QxnxIk

Tangibles Worlds – Adding a sense of material and touch to VR / @ecal_ch @ecal_mid → ca-n.in/2yYJrdo pic.twitter.com/jgVvF8LKcn

microscale – Hackable music album generated from random Wikipedia articles → ca-n.in/2rZBzEU pic.twitter.com/j5AlFEuz9h

Palimpsest – Collective memory through Virtual Reality / @ialab → ca-n.in/2exS21J pic.twitter.com/8rWAoKrLUv

Laser Letters – Typography x media interaction at The Basel School of Design @ffd8 @FHNW → ca-n.in/2cejW0P pic.twitter.com/T0iXI7taXL

The Reality Gap – robotics, artificial life + empathy / @riccardolardi → ca-n.in/2bikdw9 pic.twitter.com/ORoq8qUK1M

Perception, Data Collection and Memory – @ishacbertran → ca-n.in/29wXtLR pic.twitter.com/xBxYXJUQxh

Weaved. Programmable Textile – Modelling fabrics into three-dimensional structures → ca-n.in/1KuXFr8 pic.twitter.com/9Iq0zEAYxq

Teaching and learning at @SFPC, Conversation with Allison Parrish and Surya Mattu / by @tchoi8 ca-n.in/1IkXLNk pic.twitter.com/UhjeITzMLB

483 Lines – Projecting analogue video picture on 483 nylon threads / @elliotwoods @mimi_son ca-n.in/1eTWHpS | pic.twitter.com/xHLECmdsh8

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