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Deserve - Interactive visual experiment for Bruzed by Nick Hardeman (@NickHardeman) ca-n.in/1c3nw9b pic.twitter.com/9G5NOhLAFe

Making 'Moon Phases' tangible and poetic / by @Brady_Bei + Yifan Hu ca-n.in/19H4WCR pic.twitter.com/MrraGJQr9k

Plug & Play – “Nothing less than love” ift.tt/1CRJrdd | pic.twitter.com/aknKvUOdC6

Type/Dynamics - @LUSTnl and the work of Jurriaan Schrofer at the Stedelijk Museum ca-n.in/18CIXLH » pic.twitter.com/WxQDrbBdoM

Darwin, Generative Flowers by Daniel Brown (@play_create) for D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum ca-n.in/18SYVuR » pic.twitter.com/BBuSgV4BHu

The Well–Sequenced Synthesizer by Luisa Pereira (@luisa_ph) ca-n.in/15l39uO » pic.twitter.com/gmmBoxFquN

Polybius by James Houston (@1030) - Dead media played as a musical instrument ca-n.in/1d4x3vQ | pic.twitter.com/xOjxNKSDbu

10 Most Exciting New Experiments with Leap Motion (@LeapMotion) ca-n.in/15zWsXO

Design I/O’s Mimic – Putting emotional machines within arm’s reach / @design_io @TIFF_NET → ca-n.in/2mfGErf pic.twitter.com/GTO2EmhdBR

Objectifier – Device to train domestic objects / @BjoernKarmann ca-n.in/2kkfygu pic.twitter.com/eBZYoRchEd

Tense Relations: human vs. machine art and aesthetics at #BIAN2016 @Elektrafestival → ca-n.in/24WdsUn pic.twitter.com/4R7kUVC8Ft

Art after Silicon Valley – A conversation with the @GrayAreaorg team → ca-n.in/1N97Fb4 pic.twitter.com/HeguHSra4i

Bits And Pieces – An organic wave of Hoberman Spheres → ca-n.in/25LHA7S pic.twitter.com/Re6Bahk3au

A sneak peek of the new project by @field_io for #toyotachr. Full ‘making of’ on CAN next week! → pic.twitter.com/IVGGBdMKmW

Codex Anima Mundi – Interview with fuse* / @fuse_works → ca-n.in/1QYY44y pic.twitter.com/DmiRunuPkx

uniMorph - Rapid digital fabrication of film shape-changing interfaces / @medialab → ca-n.in/1FSAkxm pic.twitter.com/Invkm6ykEj

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Denso robotic arm and the sensibility of human movement ca-n.in/1SOpnxa pic.twitter.com/7prgtczl7j

OpenSurgery: DIY surgical robots as a critical alt to costly healthcare / @RCAeducation DI ca-n.in/1IFMrsN pic.twitter.com/B9fb8oTMpK

CLOUDS – Code, Creativity, and Immersion ca-n.in/1FTIqSS pic.twitter.com/22qUBudYzi

Marshmallow Laser Feast & Imaginarium for new VW Passat / @marshmallowlf ca-n.in/18nEvkz pic.twitter.com/QVfKKJMb3s

[BRDG020] Lilium – Kenichi Yoneda (Kynd) in collaboration with BRDG ift.tt/1y2x2wB | pic.twitter.com/JOLfCsEfh2

Betabook: The Portable Whiteboard for the Digital Age ift.tt/1yNPFsE | pic.twitter.com/e3At5ZUIV8

12 – Sound sequencer comprised of 12 digitally controlled music boxes ca-n.in/1j7LjD7 » pic.twitter.com/1JHCSgpkiC

Fractal Film - Exploring concepts of generative art with the language of cinema j.mp/1euCJyP » pic.twitter.com/btNN9x92gu

Swarm Synthesizer by Cyrill Studer and Lazar Jeremic / cc @shiffman ca-n.in/1m3m4aB » pic.twitter.com/wRakhnxEBH

++ “this has to be the best reel for a studio i’ve ever seen youtube.com/watch?v=mnX6xU… @rhizomatiks #notamusicvideo” (via @kcimc)

Tesseract / HyperCube - An ever-evolving state of shape and space by @1024official ca-n.in/1hXaR9u » pic.twitter.com/S8gSg98iw1

Aireal - Interactive tactile experiences in free air by Disney Research ca-n.in/15PnPf3 | pic.twitter.com/xMJu8jjNhY

Tutorial on Geometry, Textures & Shaders with Processing by @AmnonOwed now open to non-members ca-n.in/10M2Aum

Light Leaks - Filling a room with projected light / by @kcimc + @halfdanj ca-n.in/12S7R3N | pic.twitter.com/Cl9K1dr7oU

Who Wants to be a Self-Driving Car? – Empathising with self-driving vehicle systems → ca-n.in/2hB5K27 pic.twitter.com/kan62Onoqt

A/B – Experimental AR livestream with audience participation / @9to5_tv → ca-n.in/2yhRoub pic.twitter.com/p2DB36NOUv

TraiNNing Cards – Flash cards to train your machines / @automato_farm → ca-n.in/2kU21gP pic.twitter.com/S8VIpmz5ZP

Feedback Machines – (Mis-)using technology + non-linear behavioural systems / @amuxel → ca-n.in/2fwN9og pic.twitter.com/wLr91LNGMM

Constructive Interference – Hypersonic & Plebian Design → ca-n.in/2e4oTab pic.twitter.com/m5TtCOkq4S

alt-AI / exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and art –– Videos → ca-n.in/2ci4Hzu pic.twitter.com/hj78riaZbR

Too Much Information – @keiichiban’s vision for augmented and mixed reality → ca-n.in/25KjywG pic.twitter.com/CS5xDXnmlM

Pairing genetics and code, the _blueprint_s of artificial and natural systems @UVA_Studio → ca-n.in/24Toyia pic.twitter.com/NS2rWkyZEl

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