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Pathfinder – Generative geometry as a creative impulse ift.tt/1EpF8Uf | pic.twitter.com/PTBTdimrup

Attachment by David Colombini – Poetic machine to send messages to someone, somewhere ift.tt/1rFIoXF | pic.twitter.com/b4hrrPsKw5

Jihoon Byun at The Distortion Field – Earth as a display device ift.tt/1r9tds2 | pic.twitter.com/n68VTVqTNf

Rising Colorspace - Drawing robot and an evolving system that overwrites itself / @SoniceDev ca-n.in/1pgHTlF | pic.twitter.com/3xvAWyUX6Q

ReactionDiffusion, one of the code examples in @AmnonOwed’s tutorial (ca-n.in/1lqfnKc) posted on CAN y-day pic.twitter.com/mH5Re72wsl

Acoustic botany, genetically engineered plants that produce sound fields #TDF14 James Auger @DI__RCA pic.twitter.com/ea4t8q2x34

4010 Facebook Tree by @Onformative ca-n.in/1bJQJEj » pic.twitter.com/kWcAXzXRYl

Onion Skin by @AntiVJ - Re-composition of time and space using perspective ca-n.in/17coD3v » pic.twitter.com/IcTQSav3QT

MirrorMoon EP - Mystery, discovery and exploration in outer space ca-n.in/1aO1YLX | pic.twitter.com/Ovh6lv9yfb

Sound of Honda - Ayrton Senna's Fastest F1 Lap (1989) in Light and Sound / @rhizomatiks ca-n.in/17IGxEJ | pic.twitter.com/tZ2Py9eOuO

Augenblick – Wearable that catches moments when we blink → ca-n.in/2Kf3aeU pic.twitter.com/KjgnpsiheB

Ad Infinitum – A machine parasite that harvests human energy / @plopesresearch → ca-n.in/2xSs4h4 pic.twitter.com/A9747eHA4Z

Modern Map Art – Deconstructing, filling and restitching maps → ca-n.in/2wnnxRb pic.twitter.com/l6ECPEwMn1

interference [dac] – Cross medium light wave distortions / @mhzareei → ca-n.in/2rvk7b8 pic.twitter.com/uGwEtGXWpn

Block Bills – 64 banknotes generated from the Bitcoin Blockchain / @mokafolio → ca-n.in/2rePxFC pic.twitter.com/FpVasJwCy0

Seaquence – Growin’ groove in a Petri dish / @seaquence → ca-n.in/2npquMt pic.twitter.com/HsnwyHt45x

Random Access Memory – Materialising mathematical process (algorithm) / @rlfbckr → ca-n.in/2hk10w2 pic.twitter.com/dtWvXPpd7w

Incontroller – Dynamic arrow keys, consistent gameplay, inverted difficulty / @mylenedrei → ca-n.in/2fTHYA1 pic.twitter.com/A6RQxYYBaq

#MTFBerlin / @MusicTechFest discounts for CAN readers! Get your tickets using “CAN” code → ticketbase.com/events/mtfberl… pic.twitter.com/E3tp2VaDHR

MIMPI – Mobile interactive multiparametric image / by Stain → ca-n.in/2463BQI pic.twitter.com/AGCuVS9fER

Hortus machina, B – Speculative urban cyber-gardener by @ialab → ca-n.in/1qBGX0j pic.twitter.com/ZVw6ISnYWD

“Topological Visualisation of a Convolutional Neural Network” by @Terrybroad terencebroad.com/convnetvis/vis… pic.twitter.com/Gn4xNODcUR ht @refikanadol

‘Big Browser 2016 Test’ by Akihiko Taniguchi → ca-n.in/1Ry5jBM pic.twitter.com/ei0vm0Aenq

The Reality Editor - Networking functional relationships between physical objects @medialab ca-n.in/1XZVWLi pic.twitter.com/9wNLFWzDxV

Rec All - A puzzling universe of (multitouch) creatures / by @romaincazier → ca-n.in/1YBNxkq #cinder pic.twitter.com/rjIA0f1inb

HTTPrint – Turn your browsing habits into a newspaper → ca-n.in/1OpUdi1 pic.twitter.com/YzKIWkOMYr

Nelson - Tiny device that helps push a switch on everyday objects / @ecal_ch → ca-n.in/1KoxPOY pic.twitter.com/CzZ2tMuO5y

À la recherche - Points of reflected light at the club Les Bains / by @artcom → ca-n.in/1FsQW9t pic.twitter.com/vdKJakle89

GLASS (G3DP) - 3d printing of optically transparent glass / Mediated Matter @medialab ca-n.in/1MAeEXq pic.twitter.com/YX5pavxDr7

Sound Revival - Visual identity and objectification of digital sound effects / by @jamesboock5 ca-n.in/1HrjJLg pic.twitter.com/xnsLxD2Odj

Creative Coder / Developer at @onformative / Berlin #Jobs ca-n.in/1IFKBIt

The Network Ensemble - Device to sonically uncover the invisible territory of networks ca-n.in/1QOAvi9 pic.twitter.com/CyQroWA5oJ

.@MUTEK_Montreal – Celebrating 16 Years of Digital Creativity ca-n.in/1AWOvtp pic.twitter.com/rxo5MZFzWV

Darkball - Learning about brain functions that predict the future / @sayway #ios ca-n.in/1G44A6C | pic.twitter.com/ChWfQ9uLtw

Last call for ‘app artists’: only 3 days left to enter this year’s #AppArtAward and win 10,000 EUR! More info here: app-art-award.org

Only 24hrs left to order the @eyeofestival Book! ow.ly/MeSCJ | pic.twitter.com/Ys0X3g6poI

A Wilderness Most Luminous – The Making of @scanlime’s Forest ca-n.in/1FWKYAf pic.twitter.com/i4CscMgRie

→ @FiberFestival 2015 / The Subterranean: Exploring Networked Tools and Matter ca-n.in/1IqMURq pic.twitter.com/alDHftTzIf

Submission deadline extended! (March 15) Submit your project for the Prix @ArsElectronica 2015 aec.at/prix/en/einrei… pic.twitter.com/BUpx05NAjM

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